Mage Tower Management Volume 3 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Belle in Estrus

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Aaah~! Gilles, I’m really wet right now. Put it in, come on, put it in already!”

Because of the aphrodisiac, Bell’s breeding mode is now switched on.

I want to laugh at her way of breaking the aphrodisiac, but seeing her red-dyed cheeks and teary eyes, I held myself back.

Belle is hugging me in a way where her plump bust is pushing to my chest.

A deep valley was reflected in my view.

Now then, what am I going to do?

“Seeing you like this makes me forget that you are a demon lord and not a succubus, Belle. You really look slutty right now”
“Ahn, no, I don’t want to hear it, don’t say such things!”

Though her usual coolness, this aggressive Belle is another league in itself.

“Are you sure you want it in?”
“Isn’t it obvious!? If you don’t put it in, I’ll get angry!”
“Geez, can’t be helped then”

I took out my meat stick and hit her precious part with its tip.

Because of my custom stimulant, hers is already flooding, indicating it’s all ready and no need for foreplays.

I slowly went inside Belle.

“It’s in, it’s finally in! Gilles’ hard dick is going innnn!”
“Wow, you are flooding more than usual.”

As soon as I inserted my meat stick, I was greeted immediately by her soft flesh, sopping wet with plenty of love juices.

The fleshy insides that was loosened by the aphrodisiac swallowed my entire member soon after.

My waist began shaking naturally to the never-experienced comfort.

“Ahn, Ahyaan! More, do it more!”
“Don’t faint okay?”

I answered with a warning to Belle who is asking for an intense piston.

“Nhyaaaaaaaaa! That, that spot, hit it moreeee! Ah, yes, mooooore!”
“Fine then. Brace yourself, cause I’m gonna bang you hard”

Belle’s body is sandwiched between me and the wall, leaving her with no escape.

Therefore, panting was all she could do while shaking all over in pleasure.

“Ahiii! Ahnnnn!”
Haaahaaa, you’re great, Belle”

I switched her body to face my front, then behaved my waist in a violent manner.

It looked like I was taking the lead at first, but little by little Bell stirs her waist too.

It’s obvious that she’s really aroused right now, shaking like this even though it’s not a cowgirl position.

“Ahnn, nnnn! Moore, fuck me moooore!”

While screaming, Belle shakes herself.

Before I knew it, I was already grabbing her butt not to slip myself.

Her ass feels good, as the degree of fleshiness is about right, more so it made Bell happy.

Soft meat seemed to fill my fingers, and like grabbing a balloon, it swallows it deeper and deeper in proportion to my grip.

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“Haaa, nn! Nhuuuuu!”
“How are you eeling?”
“The best! Still, I want more, go deep, deeper!”
“Roger that, Ma’am”

With a request like that, it would be a shame if I could do nothing but respond.

I pushed my waist in a momentum as if wanting to pierce her uterus.


A sound not sure if a voice or a gasp came out from her mouth, as if she’s taken a blow to the stomach.

Hearing a pretty woman gasping and screeching like a beast like this is pretty nice too.

If you feel good this much, then let me give you more.

“Belle, do you really want me to do it harder?”
“Don’t ask for permission! Violate my rear already!”
“Fuuu, is it because of that aphrodisiac……or is it her original desire? Either way, you really like me fucking you hard”
“It’s because I love you, Gilles”
“Say it once more”
“I love you, Gilles. I love you, I love you, I love you!”
“Well said. Now then, let me give you your reward”

I could only say until here. If I don’t do her even better, she would be miserable.

I grabbed Belle’s waist and accelerated my pistons further.

Sounds of copulation were heard as her vaginal secretions scatter.

I attacked so hard, not caring whether Belle’s body could take it or not.

“Aaaaaaah! Hiiiiii! Nooo, Nkuuuu, aaaah!”
“Let your voice out more”
“Me too, your insides were embracing my member really tight.”

As might be expected, I want to come soon.

My penis, I could feel it already becoming hard and prepared for ejaculation.

“W, WoooooW, the place where Gilles is hitting is protruding from my stomach!”
“It feels good scraping your walls after all”
“Haaahaaa……no, no more……more than this, and I’m going to get crazyyy……but, it feels so good I can’t help iiit……! Aaaaaah!”

I already understood from Belle’s small convulsions inside.

“Ah, aaaah! Auuuu”
“Kuh, are you going to come soon?”
“Unn! Cum, Gilles.I want both of us to cum together!”

What a cute little thing.

I quickened my pace to make Belle cum, then sealed her mouth with a kiss.

“Cumming! I’m cumming Gilles……Ngugugu!?”

Belle was surprised at the sudden contact, but after a while, she twined it with her tongue.

Inside each other’s mouths, our tongues stirred the other’s.

I bullied the tip of Belle’s tongue, sucking and flipping it many times, repeated this process over and over.

“Noo, shtopp, it feelsh thoo gooodh!”
“coil your tongue even more”
“Ah, nnn. Lerolerolerolero……”

While caressing her tongue, I also massaged her tits.

I rolled her nipples with my fingers, and try to pull it out.

“Kuhh! Nhuuu! My breasts , nooooo”
“Ah, you tightened just now……ugh”

Looks like I’m on my limit too.

“I’m gonna cum”
“U, un. Fill me up! I want you to put a lot in my pussy!”

Finally, our pleasant feelings reached the climax.

“Nnn, Nnnnnnnn!!”

I poured my semen into Belle, who in then about to raise a scream but I closed her mouth with a kiss.

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Belle in turn wrapped her shivering legs around my waist, then clamped them hard around it.

I also continued stimulating her womb with my meat stick by lifting my penis at the end.

After that, we remained in close contact until we finally calmed down.

“Puhaaa, hey, how is it?”
“Nhaaa, un, it was really great, Gilles”

Freed from the long kiss, Belle gave a yes.

Apparently, the aphrodisiac seems to have lost its effect.

Or did she acquire a tolerance of it in this short period?

“Hey, Gilles! Belle! Where are you two!?”

We had a bit of a loose vibe, but Dahlia’s voice returned us to our sanity.

“This is bad, we have left Dahlia alone”
“Hey, Gilles”
“What is it?”
“Can we make this a secret to the others……please?”

Well, even if I told Elsie that the Demon Lord slipped, ell and got intoxicated by the aphrodisiac, she’ll believe I’m making it up instead.

I should let this through for now.

“Haah. I guess I can’t help it”

I said that to my exhaustion, then pat Belle’s head.

Well, I was supposed to have a human body to test the aphrodisiac, but if it’s effective even on the Demon Lord, then I could guarantee its effects.

Come, Evelyn. No matter what you bring, I’ll take it down with my strongest trap.

Now, I wonder how will it turn out?

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