Mage Tower Management Volume 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Obscenity Trap

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“Now that Dahlia’s testimony gave us a general idea of Evelyn’s strength, we only have to prepare on how to counter them. Still, Evelyn is quite strong.”

Thanks to the intel I got from Dahlia, we had figured out the incoming enemy’s war potential and are now having a strategy meeting for our defense.

The elite members of the Ministry of Magic will be attacking in this tower.

Although the number of people were less, it’s no exaggeration to say that each person has equivalent power of a single division.

Even I who is confident of my skills still thought that preparation is necessary. Belle on the other hand, thinks otherwise.

“And what of them? They will only end up being toyed in the end”

She’s not even bothered with it.

Well, she’s the demon lord after all.

That much strength is not even a threat for her.

I’m not sure if this Demon Lord has blasted away some country in the past, that she calls this war potential small and weak.

“Still, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. The troops consist of the staff from the Ministry of Magic. All of them are female, but all their equipment is powerful. They seem to be carrying the heirlooms left by their ancestors”
“Ugh, annoying…… I can fend them off if I want! Skip the details already”

I repeated myself for assurance, but it seems my overlord has got impatient.

My ancestors must have been given quite the headache by this girl.

“O-okay then. In this plan, you are our final card. That means we won’t get to use you unless we got no other choice. However, I have yet to prepare the other cards”

I was taught magic by my mother who was also renowned as the strongest archmage of the whole Bain lineage. Moreover, our family is one of the oldest and most prestigious clans, meaning I have one of those relics of the past too. That said, it still feels insufficient.

I have to settle the game before using the relic and Belle.

“Let’s see ……those equips might be powerful, but the staffs using them are still ordinary people, so that can still be used……That’s right! I can use that!”

As I worked out my ideas, one thing came up to mind.

“Gilles, you’re really making a terrible face right now……”
“Well, after all, I have thought of something, something that will make everyone feel happy. Come with me”

I grabbed Belle to collect the materials that I need, then headed further to the dungeon right away. We began preparations immediately.

“You’re really treating me as a personal elevator……and, what are you going to do? Wait, isn’t this the place where the tentacle trap is? Do you intend to use these?”

Belle pointed to the tentacles that had humiliated Dahlia from earlier. They wiggled out from the tips of Belle’s fingers, as if a pet greeting its master.
“Not that. It’s the aphrodisiac of these feelers.”

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I grabbed one of the tentacles and squeezed it out.

The aphrodisiac dripped from the tip.

“But when you were using it for Dahlia, it didn’t work very well.”
“Dahlia is a thief, a professional with special training and is resistant to various drugs. However, our next customers here don’t have that immunity.”

If it is a woman without resistance, she would have fallen with only tentacles and aphrodisiacs even before I arrive.

“I see! However, isn’t that hard to use for them? They for sure have enough firepower, more so that there are several of them. Plus, it’s not like the effects will occur instantly, so they have greater chances to escape”

Certainly, it’s hard if we’ll use this as it is.

“That’s where we’ll need to process this a little bit. If we make Elsie help us, we will have a more concentrated and more effective solution of it. That should be enough”

I’m quite skilled in processing these. Its sex related after all.

Moreover, with Elsie as my assistant, we’ll progress even faster.

“And, what will you process this into?”
“That will be what we’re enjoying later on”
“Booo, stingy!”

I gathered a large amount of aphrodisiac while having a fun talk with Belle.

Several hours later, as soon as I finished the preparations of the improved aphrodisiac, I gathered everyone.

Carol declined, saying she was still preparing for our dinner.

It can’t be helped though. It was important that our meals are delicious, or else a certain demon will riot all over the place. I still wonder where they get the supplies though.

“Somehow, I managed to prepare it on time”

I put the pouch containing the improved aphrodisiac on the table.

Although the quantity was small enough to fit in my both hands, it should have a strong effect for I have spent several buckets of raw material just to make this.

In addition to that, I reinforced it with my very own enchantments.

“This Elsie also did her best!”

Elsie pushed up her big breasts.

“Yes, you were a lot of help. Thank you”

Though she was blinded by love, her skills with magic was still undeniably great, so great that I would not be able to make this on time without her help.

Elsie’s powers will continue to be useful from now on.

Then, I turned towards Dahlia.

“From here on, I’m going to set the trap. Dahlia, how is it, can I borrow your wisdom?”

Despite being caught by us, Dahlia’s power as a thief who made it through more than thirty floors of this dungeon, and what’s more all alone, can be said to be a super first-class.

I had heard in my former world about hiring talented hackers to be in charge of security, and using that example, I want to officially make her as our comrade here.

“What are you still hesitating for, you have sold out the secretary of Magic Ministry already. You’re already a part of us here.”

Yes, because Dahlia betrayed Evelyn, who is one of the major powerhouses in the country, her chances for a peaceful life outside was already no more.

It was still unknown why she accepted such a dangerous task all alone. She must have run something like a plea-bargain. After all, this lady is a skilled thief.

However, once she become part of this crew, all what she’s done in the past won’t be necessary anymore.

We are inside the Tower of Death after all. Pasts have no meaning here.

“I understand. I’ll cooperate with you”

Dahlia looked down for a while, but she raised her face and agreed.

Was it as a result of her calculations? Or was it for her desire for pleasure? Either way, I now have obtained a useful companion.

“That’s good. With this, Bell, I’ll ask of you once more”
“Yeah yeah”

After that, we teleported to set a trap with our new comrade.

The next thing I saw was an open space as wide as a basketball field.

“What floor is this place?”
“You are currently in the grand hall of the second floor. You need pass through this floor to get up from the first floor to the third floor”

I answered Dahlia’s question.

“I have noticed several similar to this. What kind of room is this anyway?”

As expected of an excellent thief. She’s got great mapping skills.
Like she said, the dungeon has several identical rooms like this one. And where we are on now is the one nearest to the lowermost floor.

After all, it would be bad in many ways to push those guys too far inside.

One single mistake, or even a poor move and the other party would steal the opportunity. It’s better to have them neutralized this early.

“Wait, from the way this was constructed, it’s like you’re intending to round them all up here. Surely, that would be less of a hassle to worry about.”

With just a glance, she immediately realized my purpose. It’s no wonder she reached up to the 34th floor even she’s all alone.

“Now then, here in my hands are the aphrodisiac capsules we will use. These capsules are processed to evaporate as soon as they come in contact with air”
“Well, that will be able to neutralize the staff, but is that all? That’s not all, isn’t it?”

Belle took the capsule I showed her, then asked me as she played with the item with dissatisfaction.

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“Of course, that ain’t all. But with this, we’ll be able to milk them the points necessary to open the 101st floor. It’s like their admission tax for being here”

Belle glared at me with eyes upturned. Looks like I really soured her mood right there.

“Don’t be so jealous. I’ll embrace you properly after. However, we need to set a big orgy party with the women of the Ministry of Magic first”

“G-Gilles, you really are a pervert after all! Idiot! Lust demon! Horny monkey!”

Belle was so angry she walked out of the room.

It’s all my fault though. The number of women has increased and I didn’t notice her feelings.

“I’ve done it now. How will we get back there, I wonder……”
“Don’t you need to set the trap here first?”
“You’re right. I’ve already cleared this area, so lead the way”
“Okay then. First of all, we need to install a decoy trap here, then the real trap here……”

We left Belle for the time being and started setting out the traps one by one.

After a while……

“Fuuu, it’s done. Will it really work?”
“There is no one in this world that can rival me in my line of work, so I guarantee it’s going to be successful”

Dahlia spoke as she wiped her sweat away. Her skills in setting up traps were nothing but splendid.

Inviting her here was the correct answer.

Belle also have a good set of skills when it comes to traps. I wonder what could they make if they combined their skills together? That’s one hell of a trap for sure.

“All finished. Let’s go find Belle”
“Haaaa, what a pain in the ass”

We then split and started looking for Belle.

And, after looking for a while, I heard something like a moaning sound somewhere.

“Uuu, UUuuuuuu, ghuuuuuuuu”
“Belle, so there you are! What’s wrong? Please tell me!”

I went towards the sound hastily, finding Belle crouching down in a small room.

“Uuuu……Nn? G-Gilles?”
“What is it? Oh, you”

Under Belle was a broken capsule.

“T, this is…… I slipped and fell down earlier, it probably broke that time……”
“What kind of demon lord slips and falls in his own house? Ah. Right, this is Belle we’re talking about”

I quickly put up a barrier to resist the aphrodisiac from entering my body, then approached Belle.

“Ehehe. Gilles, you smell good”
“Oh dear. Did I strengthen it too much?”

Belle embraced me and rubbed her body.

I’ve done a lot of work to make it easier to absorb the aphrodisiac, but I didn’t think it would be this effective, even for a Demon Lord.

“Nnnー, chuu! I like you Gilles, I like you very much~”
“I guess I have no choice but to help her release once”

I sighed at the sight of the Demon Lord with no hints of calming down.

“Ah, we’re going to do it? Yey!”

Belle rejoiced as if a wife that hasn’t done it with her husband in the recent months.

“Good grief, what a hopeless demon lord you are…. Wow, what the hell, it’s already a flood in here!”

I made Belle stand at the wall.

There’s no place to lay down in this room, so we got no choice but to lean on something instead.

I raised one of Belle’s legs over my shoulders, and from there, love juices were already flowing through her thighs down to her feet. Her surroundings were already damp as it is.

I guess I should get the appetizer first from this horny demon lord before eating the main dish which is Evelyn.

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