Mage Tower Management Volume 3 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Sex Showdown with Dahlia

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In order to break the intel I want from Dahlia, I decided to break body at first.

However, no matter how much tentacle support I had on her, she still won’t budge. What a tough woman she is.

“Belle! Take me and Dahlia to the top”

Leaving me with no other choice, I asked Belle who was hiding nearby, then we were both teleported to the bedroom.

I then used magic to wash away all the dirt.

I was so excited a while ago that didn’t notice it, but our smell was really rancid right now.

First, I cleaned each of our bodies.

Dahlia was like a limp vegetable, so I received no resistance from her during washing.

I guess the anal sex just before has taken too much toll on her.

I’ll take good care of you from here on, so don’t worry.

Look forward to it.

After we have done washing, I resumed the talks with the female thief.

“Hey Dahlia”

I spoke out to her who’s currently lying on the bed.

“What now”

She gave a scowl in return.

“Wow, still strong-willed as ever. Good, good”

Otherwise this will not be as fun anymore.

“Let’s have a showdown”
“A showdown……?”

Dahlia frowned at my proposal.

Well, her reaction is not unreasonable, as she was bound in tentacles and fucked anally and by the same man who said that will help her.

“Yes, a showdown. I want you to confess. You want to escape from here. Winner gets what they want”
“……And what how can I guarantee that you will keep your promise?”
“Well, you have no choice but to believe. After all, I kept my part of the deal of getting you off earlier”
“Yeah right. In exchange I’ve been deprived of my anal virginity in such a place. You know what? Fuck off”

Quite a grudge you got there, woman.

Still she’s got no other choice but to accept my proposal.

She’s not stupid enough to use force in a situation where she doesn’t have any weapon, let alone a single clothing.

“Don’t look at me like that. I have no hobbies of forcing myself to a woman who hates to do it”
“Really, huh……and so, what are the details of this showdown?”
“Ooh, now you’re interested. That’s good, that’s good”

All within expectations.

Now that the iron is hot, I have to strike it carefully and accordingly. I don’t want to make a mistake and break the sword here.

After all, I didn’t bring her here without any preparations.

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For starters, this room is different from the bedroom I use all the time. It has tools and devices hidden in plain sight, waiting to be used in various ways.

“Well, all we had to do is have sex. Pretty easy, right? The first one to admit defeat will abide the wants of the winner. That’s it.”

Dahlia was a little surprised by the simplicity of the rules, but she quickly regained her composure.

Well, it was also what I demanded as a price to help her get off from the tentacles, so to some extent, it was pretty much predictable.

No, I think she’s confident she could win.

“Now then, ladies first. You have the first attempt, Dahlia my dear”

I lid down on the bed and provoked the sexy thief.

Up to this point, she was tortured and violated by those tentacles, so she wasn’t able to show off any of her techniques.

I’m looking forward to it.

“Hmph, don’t cry later”

Dahlia then got up and approached me. After that, she began touching my meat stick that has deflated with time.

Looks like her strength has recovered a bit.

“Wakey wakey~ rise and shine little fella. Haamph”

After the cute greeting, she put my cock inside her mouth. Her fellatio has begun.

“Nnn, lero……nguu! How is it, feels good amirite?”
“Yeah, surprisingly. You’re pretty good at this”

Dahlia’s fellatio was out of my expectations.

Though it wasn’t as intense as Carol’s, if I hadn’t experienced doing it with that maid…… Thankfully, I did, or else I’ll be groaning here for sure.

Dahlia’s tongue continued her service by carefully licking my meat stick from root to tip.

“fufu, it has gotten hard so quick. It’s like an iron rod now.”

My meat stick now stood erect in that pleasure.

“hamu……guchucughu, jururururu”

Next, Dahlia waved her head, along with the whole thing in her mouth.

My member also shook violently from the stimulus, and I could feel the Cowper fluids already leaking from the tip.

“That’s a lot of precum for someone who has embraced a lot of women”
“Well, I’m surprised too, And i thought I was the only veteran in this room.”
“You’re not the only veteran here in this room. You never were alone right from the start””
“Yeah, I noticed it from the way you moved. In fact, your techniques won’t lose from a whore in a high-class brothel. I can assure that.”

I answered while giving judgement to the pleasure she’s giving.

Oh, did she like my praise for her? Dahlia upscaled her approach.

She spat out my meat stick, then swallowed it once more, but this time, only up to my glans.

As for the rest of the stalk, she stimulated it with a handjob.

“Nhaaa……how about now? Is my twitting on your other head effective?”

Though the way she sucks is very pleasing, the way she licked it all over is amazing too in its own way.

I can’t help but to retract my waist instinctively.

Ngungungungu, I guess it’s about time? I know that you’re coming. I can see it from the way it quivers.”

The alluring thief gave a grin on me before continuing her torture once more.

“Oh, no comment, huh. Well, then. Let’s see on how will you react after this.”

Dahlia decided to end the fight early.
“I’ll give you the greatest ejaculation you’ll ever have. Prepare yourself”

She let out her tongue and dripped a mouthful of saliva on my meat stick, then swallowed it once again.

“Uooo, what in the world!?”
“Jururururu, jupahjupahjupah!!”

With every twist of her head, Dahlia left nasty water sounds as she entangled her tongue to my dick, all while simultaneously taking it deep to the root.

Aside from the vacuum-like sensation, I felt like massaged tightly in lukewarm water. Before I knew it, I was already at my limit.

“Kuh, Coming!”

I sprayed large amounts of my load in her mouth.

Despite that, Dahlia continued to blow until I was finally out, carrying my ejaculation to exhilarating heights until the end.

“Nbuh! Ngulp, lero……Nhaaa, amazing. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone cum this much”

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The perverted thief couldn’t help but measure the amount of the semen I’ve let out, but after that, she swallowed my member once again.

“Nchyurururur, gulp!”

Honestly, seeing her gulp down all that I had let out so obediently, it gave a nice and unique feeling, as she had completely submitted herself to me, even though our match is not over yet.

“Wow, I didn’t expect for you to be this skilled. Sadly, it’s not enough to make me surrender”

I pushed down Dahlia who’s still catching up her breath.

“Its my turn now, Dahlia. I wonder how long you would last?”

The female thief made a bitter expression to my words.

After all, she has now realized that her fellatio wasn’t enough to defeat me.

“Oh really? So you were still warming up back then huh”
“Yep, this time is the real match”
“Ooh, quite daunting. I’ll tell you this. Every man who had put it in there lasted for only a few minutes. Though that anal sex earlier was an exception, how long can you last?”
“Don’t worry. You’ll know right away. Here I go!”

I inserted my meat stick inside Dahlia’s pussy.

“Nnmm, as expected, you really have quite the size!”
“Dahlia’s cunt is great too. It really clamps me tight”

The way she tightened is really high class, probably because she’s training her body every day.

I began to shake my waist to this good sensation.

“Of course it is great. Wouldn’t I get this proud if it isn’t? Better than the other hole earlier, am I right?”
“Too early to say. Let me taste more before we judge first!”

After all, I have to completely overwhelm her to get the necessary intel.

I struck my cock inside Dahlia’ womb further.

“Hahiiii! Wh-what did you do!?”
“Oh, just my specialty. Don’t worry, it will be over in a few minutes.”

After I assured her that, I started digging. Violently digging.

“Ah, Wait, stop! No way, it’s too strong, too stroooooooong!”

Dahlia couldn’t endure the digging and began to tremble in no time.

“Nice scream you got there. Scream some more!”
“Ahn, Ahhhn, ahi! Aaaaaah~!?”

As I shook my hips and scrape it the walls of her womb in a rapid motion, the flower-named girl did something amusing.

So here is her weak point.

I hit the walls of her uterus once more.

Then, Dahlia’s hips floated up in spite of in the middle of her struggle.

“No more, please stop! I’ll cum, I’m gonna cum!”
“Then cum.”
“Nnmmmmhaaaaaa! S-so gooood! Cum, I’m cumming agaiiiin!”

Whether it was from the caresses of the tentacles or whether it was from anal sex, I have found out that Dahlia’s body has become quite sensitive.

She has now the appearance of a woman before succumbing into pleasure.

I immediately understood it from all the plays I have done with them.

“Cumming, I’m cumming now, I’m cumming! Nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Dahlia squirted out a lot of love juice, which made each and every piston of mine create a loud squishing sound.

“Ah, I’m cumming again! No more! Please no more! I’m going crazyyyyy!”

Dahlia cried and begged after.

“Fuuu, looks like you lost the deal. Now tell me what you’re hiding. All of them”
“I’ll speak, I’ll speak! So please, stop it already……”

The female bandit fell at last.

It seemed pretty early at the first glance, but this was after the tentacle and anal sex, so its not unnatural.

“Stop? But I haven’t even cum yet”

I resumed my piston. This time, with movements that prioritize her pleasure points.

“Hiii! Aaaaaaah! My head, my head is going blaaaaank!!”
“I’m cumming, Dahlia! Receive it all!”

Semen that doesn’t lose its density even though it’s its third time flowed into the womb of my partner.

“Haaahaaa……now that’s all settled, I’ll have you confess everything.”
“Y-yesh. Thank hyuu”

Dahlia thanked me while being dead tired.

After that, I have found out from her that she infiltrated the dungeon by the request of the Director of the Magic Ministry – Evelyn.

And also one more thing.

Though Evelyn said she would assume I would have died if I didn’t come back in three days, she seemed to have given up from the very first day and has already prepared for her dungeon capture strategy.

Perhaps that woman will even come inside as a commander. She’s not an opponent I could just swing halfheartedly.

Now, what to do……

I began to work out strategies to protect my dungeon.

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