Mage Tower Management Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Fucking Her Asshole

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

When I called out to her offer, Dahlia jolted in surprise.

“R-right here!?”
“Yep. Right here.”
“Kuh. It can’t be helped then. But before that, can you do something about these tentacles? It’s strangling me here”

After agreeing to my offer with a bitter face, the sexy thief urged me to get rid of the slimy feelers.

However, pitiful girl is still yet to know everything.

“Nay, that won’t be necessary”
“What? That’s not what you had promised!”
“No, it’s different”

I sent an order to the slimy feelers.

I’ll just say this first, this tentacle trap was created by Belle, not me. I was only able of controlling them with her help, so don’t get any strange ideas. I’m interested in this tentacle play, but not to the extent that I’ll make one to try it out.

“Wh-what is this!? The tentacles……they moved again! Hey, do something! I’ll get fucked again if this continues!”

Dahlia panicked once again, screaming her begging for a rescue. The other party, which means me, just enjoyed the magnificent view unique only to this world.

Yep, seeing a tentacle rape play around a beautiful woman like her is a really good scene. As expected of a fantasy world.

It was a development I could only see in adult games of my previous life after all. However, seeing it in 3D with all the feelers biting and binding that meaty goodness is really amazing in its own way.

Of course, my peepee erected instinctively from the sight.

“I don’t have to. In the first place, the one moving them was me”
“Wh-what did you say!? No, no way. Don’t tell me, you had such power……!?”

No you fuck! Do I look like a tentacle alien to you, you sow!? Though I was retorting her in my mind, I didn’t let it break my composure.

“Not quite. This power was from the Demon Lord. I was merely managing it”

Though Belle’s skills were first class in creating traps, I still doubt whether she could manage a dungeon by herself or not. She’s just too prideful. Moreover, she lacks wits.

“Damn you! Then the deal we made earlier was a lie!”

Hey hey, I didn’t lie one bit you know? I just said I would get you off meaning make you cum, not get you off the bindings. It’s your fault for misunderstanding it!

Also, this is for my experiment too, to increase my points to be gained. It’s all for efficiency, woman.

Well, there’s the other reason too.

“I’m still the type who follows the deal. I’ll release you properly, but not after I taste your butthole first!”
“Wha-! My butthole!? So you were watching me for a while now!”
“Yeah, and I have seen it all. You were quite lively back there, aren’t ya? Thanks to that, I became pretty interested in this part too”
“You asshole!”
“No, it’s your asshole. Haha. Get it? You don’t have to be so angry. I’ll make you feel pleasure, more than what these tentacles gave you even.”

Yes, the other reason is that I have taken interest in her doing anal with the tentacle rape play that I’ve watched earlier.

I have held many women in my arms, but I have no interest in doing it in the anus.

However, when I saw Dahlia getting buried in those tentacles and convulsing right and left, my desires of it began to grow.

Plus, I think it would be better to do many variations from now on, in order to get as many points as possible.

“Gulp. A pleasure more than those tentacles gave, you say……”

Dahlia gulped in, unintentionally recalling her climax just before. All the screaming and panting and insulting over those humiliating tentacles reverberated again in her mind.

While she’s still in the midst of her recollection, I commanded the tentacles to move according to my orders.

I sat down on one tentacle, then I made them bring Dahlia in front of me, prying her legs open and then exposing her asshole.

“You have quite a wonderful hole back here. It looked like it has never been used at all”
“D-don’t look at it so much! Ahh, this is embarrassing……”
“You’re pretty much in an embarrassing state already. Also, I have seen you flapping your ass since earlier, so what is still remaining to get embarrassed about?

Dahlia tried to look away, but I still commenced nonetheless.

First step, I kneaded her tight ass.

Hers was of a considerable quality among those I have ever held until now.

And looking at her gait, she’s undoubtedly skilled. Unlike those prostitutes, she’s a woman who has been in life-threatening situations as a profession after all.

Now that I thought about it, where is her party? Wait, she came here all alone? Is she testing her skills? Or is it a special request from someone?

Well, let’s hear it from her later. For now, let’s do this.

“Hey, you’re fond of doing it in the ass, aren’t ya?”

I traced my fingers over her asshole. Dahlia’s body quivered.

“Hyaah! Damn it, to think I’m doing this with an unknown man-“

The cute little bandit gave quite a cute scream to my caress, but immediately replaced it with a scowl to rile me up.

Nice, I don’t like women that are easy to surrender. This will be a good development later.

“One finger.”
“What are yo- hyaaaah!”

I inserted my index finger inside her bum.

Contrary to her scream, the hole swallowed it smoothly.

You have been fucked by that large tentacle once, so this should be a pinch for you. What the hell was that yelp for?

“Still, the way it sucks my finger in so fast is amazing in itself”

Upon hearing my exclamation, Dahlia’s gaze became sharper, but at the same time her breathing became rougher. It was evident that she’s already feeling it early.

I then increased the number of fingers to two.

By the time I reached the third, it became harder to push in. Dahlia’s lust however seems to be increasing. She’s panting like a dog right now.

“Ahhn, no, don’t move your fingers! Nhaaaaa!”

I waved my fingers inside, scraping all the walls I touched, and interestingly, she gave a series of moans unique for every move I get.

Looks like it’s about time to get good.

I sent an order to the tentacles once again. They then brought Dahlia who is resting above me slightly higher and turned her over into a pose that was resembling the doggy style.

Then, they slowly dropped her ass over my dick.

As soon as her asshole touched my meat stick, a firm resistance kept me from penetrating.

“Ah, Hot! Something hot is coming!”

I received another desperate resistance from above as it is below, but she’s just too weak for me now.

Inversely, because Dahlia is shaking her body all over, the tip of my meat stick kept touching her hole, giving me quite the pleasure in the process.

“Hey hey, can you tone it down a little? You have no other choice anyways, so stop screaming with every touch. It’s annoying”
“Fuck you! If you put such a big a hot thing inside me, then my ass will get broken!”
“I don’t fucking care. We had our fucking deal remember? So get fucked with it!”

Dahlia screamed at me with her sharp tongue, in which I screamed back, making her tone down a little. Traces of despair could be seen in her face.

Unfortunate for her, that reaction aroused my twisted mind instead, so I started dropping her waist down to my dick immediately.

“Nooo, please stoop! Aaah, a hot thing is coming iiiiiin!?”

Dahlia’s anus refused me with its intense clamping at first, but once I entered, her meat walls which seemed to continue forever gladly received my penis at once.

“Ugh……Finally, I have managed to put the whole thing……that aside, what an amazing butt you have”
“Aaaah, aaah, it’s in, the whole dick, a man’s dick is now inside me……Uuuu”

Hey now, we have just started. Stop crying and get over it. It’s not like this was your first experience! Ah, she’s not responding. No choice then.

I grabbed Dahlia’s waist which still refrains to move then started my pistons, indulging myself in the anal sensation that was completely new in my sex book.

“Nhiiiiii!? Noo, my ass, stop twisting it in my ass!”
“Why though? Aren’t you enjoying this since earlier? Come on, tell me, tell me what you’re feeling or else-”

Without stopping, I lifted her waist.

It was pretty difficult to lift a struggling woman, but with the tentacles’ support it has become much easier.

“Ahhn, Noo! Stop it, please! I’ll feel it more if this continues……”
“That’s fine for me. Let’s make it even faster”
“……!? Ahiii, ahiyaaaaaaaaaaa!”

When I speed up my movements, Dahlia raised a cute scream.

Looks like the cute bandit has lightly cummed.

Well, with all the struggles and movements stimulating me, I’m almost at my limit too.

So I hastened my movements more than ever to prepare a grand ejaculation.

Dahlia’s butt made loud sounds every time I slammed my waist towards my crotch. It was pleasant to my ears.

“Ahh, noo! Waaait! Coming, something big is cooomiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”
“Come on, Cum! I’ll fill your bowels with all my cum, so receive it all!”
“Cumming, cummingcummingcuming! My intestines are going to get filled with semeeeeen!”

I made a final hard slam against her butt, then injected all of my load to her insides.

A tremendous amount of semen was poured into the intestines of Dahlia.

“Ah, so hot, something hot is pouting iiiin…… I’m getting semen in the same hole where I shiiiiit……”

The sexy thief blurted out in delirium, then as if out of power, she weakly leaned to me.

I caught her body and embraced her, all while pumping my load up to the last drop. After that I stroked the trembling body of Dahlia.

“So, how is it? Feels good, right?”
“Ah, for the first time in my life, I went crazy with my ass……”

I’m happy to hear that.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the intentions of ending it here yet.

“Hey Dahlia, why did you come to this dungeon?”

I turned her face towards me.

If it’s the usual, there would be a lot of conflicts in this interrogation, but this is right after our climax, so there should be no room for it now.
After all, this method is my prized truth serum.

Still, its effects are still limited, so I have to know her purpose before it’s too late.

I have already heard from Elsie that the Ministry of Magic is already looking for me.

Though I have Evelyn in that post, I still can’t let my guard down.

She’s clever as a fox, so if she’s the one moving the pieces, I have to counter it as quickly as possible.

“What’s wrong? Tentacle got your tongue?”
“Okay then, tentacle in your tongue it is. Nah let’s do your breasts instead”
“No! Ugh, please, no more, I already had enough”
“Then answer my question already”
“Okay, okay. I came here to try to test my skills. There is someone among my companions that look down on me because I was a woman, so I want to prove it to him that-”

Just I was about to mess up with her still erect nipples, she immediately gave a story out of the blue.

Still, do you think I’m an idiot!? Your pause right there shows enough that you’ve came with this bullshit from that moment!

“You’re lying”
“It’s not a lie! It’s true!”
“No, I understand. I have been embracing women all my life. I could see though the entirety of you”

Realizing I have seen through her lies, Dahlia made a bitter face.

“I see, I see. Then it can’t be helped……I assume it would be better if I hear it in this direction instead!”

I immediately pinched the still-hard tips of her tits and played them around.

“Ngiiii!? Noo, no more, any further than this is-“

The fun times are not over yet, my sweet Dahlia.

Now, let’s expose what you are hiding.

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