Mage Tower Management Volume 3 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Evelyn and Morning Bath

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

I wake up because of a dazzling light.

As if prying open my heavy eyelids, the brilliant illumination made me get myself up and rubbed my eyes in irritation.

“Gilles-san, it’s already morning. Don’t try to sleep anymore”

I see. I wax exhausted from having sex with Evelyn and fell asleep.

“Oh, good morning, Carol. Where’s Evelyn?”

I looked over my side and discovering there’s no Evelyn, I immediately asked Carol.

“Evelyn-san has already woken up and went to the bath. Why don’t you go too, Gilles-san? In the meantime, I’ll prepare for your breakfast, so please wait till then”
“Is that so? Very well, I’ll do that. I’ll leave the rest to you”

I put on my clothes then headed towards the bathroom.

Upon entering the changing room, I heard the sounds of water coming out of the shower of the bathroom.

Unlike the baths common in this world, the bath here is similar to my previous world; it has a huge bathtub and shower, and both have access to hot water too, with its construction similar to what you see in common Japanese households.

This was not something I have remodeled; it was there from the very beginning.

It wasn’t the only thing Japanese here. There were many household items here that employed the ideas of my previous world.

The only difference is that everything was reproduced with magic, but given the Japanese labels and characters, it became increasingly apparent that my previous countrymen were involved in this dungeon.

I took all my clothes off and went into the bathroom.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

Evelyn was sitting in a stool and washing her hair.

Her wet limbs were so sexy that I want to bite them in instinct, but we have to talk abut important things from hereon.

I’m in no time to live like a hungry beast now.

Even so, she’s still wearing that monocle even while taking a bath. Was it really necessary?

“You were too intense last night. My waist is still hurting”
“Wow, to think a person like Evelyn could say that kind of thing”

I spoke, recalling Evelyn’s sultriness yesterday.

“It can’t be helped. Here, show it to me”

I squat down behind Evelyn and applied healing magic around her waist.

“Thank you. It feels a lot better now”
“Is that so? Alright, lend me the shower for a moment.”

After finishing the treatment, I took a light wash then plopped my body inside the bath tub.

Then I spoke to Evelyn who came back to wash her hair.

“You remember the promise you made yesterday, right?”
“Of course”
“So that I may remain here, I want you to do what you can using your position.”

You can say that this is the most important thing I want do for this dungeon.

I have to have a legitimate reason for my sudden actions, and a really tough backer to “convince” this country well, or they’ll want my head on a pike for rebellion.

If that happens, what’s behind the door on the 101st floor would be lost to our imaginations.

I told her the current state of this dungeon, all except for the fact that I was a reincarnated person, as well as the traces of the Japanese existence inside the dungeon.

“I want to hear a concrete answer from you. Can you do it?”

I looked straight at Evelyn as I said so.

Evelyn stopped her hands, then looked back at me, then she said.

“Just who do you think I am? Of course, I’ll do it”

She said with a confident grin.

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“Let’s see here……How about this story: Although the Demon Lord’s seal was already breached, you strengthened the sealing magic what was set up over the entire dungeon, and somehow preventing the Demon Lord from going out. As for your cover……you play the role of the warden to prevent the Demon Lord from escaping. How about it, it’s a good cover, isn’t it?”
“I see, that also reduces the risk of me being targeted as well”

If I “die”, the seal of the Demon Lord will be unleashed.

This will become the deterrent for being attacked by the countrymen. More like, they’ll be thankful too in a way, because I won’t go back there anymore.

Though there’s also my younger sister, they wont definitely send her as she was the formal heir to the house.

The higher-ups of the country will get rid of a nuisance like me, all while immobilizing the demon lord as well. It’s two birds in one stone deal.

“With this, the dungeon problem is settled, albeit temporarily. But what about your staff members?”
“I’ll tell them that you have no will to rebel, the reason is……you are head-over-the-heels crazy about me. They’ll believe it, I guess.”

In the meantime, after Evelyn finishes washing, I moved to her place to wash my own.

“Would you like me to wash it?”

Evelyn offered.
Her face is a bit red. Wait, she’s not joking?

This is far from the usual director who always messes with me.

“Is that so? Then I’ll trouble you for a bit”

I sat down the stool like the usual.

“Well then, I’ll start from your back”

The slender director whipped a sponge and began washing my back.

Or so that’s what I thought initially.

There’s no reason that Evelyn, who has a considerable skill in bed, does not know “bathroom service”, right?

Or is she still teasing me?

“You’re a cheeky one aren’t you, director? Even though you were too much of a mess yesterday”

However, in spite of what I said, Evelyn brought her body even closer.

The sensation of her perky tits crushing my back felt great.

“As if I am the only one being made to a mess yesterday”

She said close to my ear in return.

Since that, every time she washed with her sponge, she takes advantage of it by sticking her body even closer to mine, making me feel excited even more.

Doing it in this way and turning completely passive, it’s not bad. While I thought about it, most of the places have already finished being washed.

Evelyn then went to the front and sat on the floor.

“Now, the only spot left is here……Amazing, it has already grown so big”

My cock, which has gotten excited from her full-body washing, is now standing erect.

“Fufufu, little boy, why don’t you have a good time with these hands of mine?”

She reached out for my cock.

With her right hand, he grasped it then starts to fap it up and down.

“Seeing it again from this close, it’s so big. It’s so hard too”

She stroked it while changing the strength of her grip to check its hardness.

Then with her left, she stimulated the area around the tip.

“Added to that, it’s amazing here too. Being stirred up by this thing, no matter what kind of woman she is, she will be cumming in no time, definitely”

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Evelyn sped up her hands.

“Ah, it’s trembling. Looks like it’s feeling good”

As she said so, the hand that has been playing with the tip switched over to my balls.

It was a gentle move, as Evelyn also understood how vital that area is to a man. However, it doesn’t tingle like this when touched by others.

“So, the sperm is being made here. This thing put so much load inside me yesterday. Even today is not an exception. I’ll make you let it out here too~”

Evelyn moved her hands faster, trying to make me ejaculate.

“The throbbing is getting faster and faster. It appears it’s already near?”

The hands that were massaging my dick her gotten wet, making sloppy noises on each and every stroke.

Though I want to enjoy Evelyn’s handjob more, from the bottom of my waist, the tingling sensation of wanting to come is rising.

“It’s fine you know? Cum! Spray them all over my hands!”

With those words, I released all my pent-up desires.

Semen splattered with intense vigor and sticks to Evelyn’s face and body.

“Nnnn……Chuu. Ah, so much……”

Licking the semen in her hand, the ministry director looked up to me.

Her appearance in which the semen clinging around her face like some kind of facial pack showed surprise at the strength of my boundless energy.

Despite that, I can already see from that similar face that she’s getting red, and she was already making rough breaths while at it.

“I, to think I was getting this much of it inside me……ah, my womb is tingling”

Just with those words, the reasoning I struggled to keep in flew out of the window, and I assaulted Evelyn.

After that, it took us an hour more before getting out of the bath, which made Carol, who had prepared breakfast for us, to get angry.

But with this, nothing will interfere us in our operations in this dungeon anymore. The only thing left is to think about how we are going to get more women hereafter.

Aiming at the next stage, I began to refine a new strategy.

Our current points ――930/10000

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