Mage Tower Management Volume 3 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Evelyn’s Submission

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

After defeating the invaders led by the director of the Magic Ministry, Evelyn, who is now being held captive, I began my preparations for her depraving.

“Belle! I need you to move the other girls into a secure place”

But first, we need to transfer the still-fainted female staff of the Ministry of Magic before they recover.

We’ve already discussed in advance on how we’ll deal with the captives, so Carol and the others should have made their preparations at the top.

“Arent ya treating me as an errand girl too much? For goodness sake, I’m the Demon Lord you know! Geez!”

Belle was furious, but I got no other choice. She’s the only one who can use teleport magic here.

I know how to use it too, but for some reason I can’t use it inside this dungeon. There is some kind of strong interference blocking my spell.

“Okay, okay. I’ll love you lots and lots later”
“L-lots and lots……!”

You better not take back what you said or else! Belle warned me of the dire consequences, then began teleporting the women one after another.

“Once you’re done, I’ll have you take us to the top, but before that I have to finish the preliminary arrangements first”

I turned towards Evelyn’s direction.


The effects of the aphrodisiac had already begun appearing on the ministry director.

Since I had experience copulating with Evelyn before, I knew that she’s a league of her own in bed.

My goal is not just to deprave her. I want to make her submit. With this, I have to seize and maintain the lead or else she will be a hindrance to us in the future.

“You really look so dry right now, I guess I have to moisturize you first”

I went behind the already wobbly Evelyn, then make her body lean to me.

Then, I stooped a bit and scooped a bit of the swamp of aphrodisiac.

This aphrodisiac was the undiluted solution that was gathered from the tentacle trap, and has a viscous characteristic into it.

I applied the liquid to Evelyn’s skin, treating it as some kind of massage oil.

“You have a really nice body as expected. It’s irresistible”

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Evelyn’s body belongs to the slender category, but her breasts and buttocks are a bit on the ampler side. However, it was just right for her figure.

And to savor that lovely and slender figure, I inserted my hand in the gap of her clothes first. I reached out to her breasts then plastered them with the viscous liquid in my hand.

“Haaahaaa……Nn, nuh”

Evelyn raised an amorous moan afterwards.

I intensified my massages even more.

“Ah, there……aaaaah!”

I stimulated her perky nipples that have been poking out of her clothes since earlier, making her do a series of attractive moans.

I wasn’t contented with that, so I continued groping and rolling them with my palms, making our director’s breaths even worse.

Then, I reached out to her precious place.

Evelyn’s pussy was so wet her underwear is already dripping with love juices, but I didn’t put it in yet. Instead, I started the caress with my fingers.

“W-wait! I-if you do it there……hyaaaa!”

As soon as I inserted my finger, her tight vaginal flesh greeted me as usual.

But because her excitement was even enhanced by the effects of the aphrodisiac, she was on another level of tightness, more than when we did it before.

“That was close. If it were my dick, then I might have come right away”

Today I have done quite a number of times in the orgy with the female staff, but if I were to put my meat stick here, I could only imagine my junior being painfully stretched out.

Thanking myself in my heart, I resumed my inner massages. Soon, I hear Evelyn’s panting, telling me she couldn’t endure this anymore.

“Nnn, nnnnnn……Aaah, ahhh!”

I ignored it and churned her insides, looking for more weaknesses.

“Now then, where does she feel good the most?”

I searched for every nook and cranny, and eventually, I found the spot I was looking for.

“Nnn……Ah, ahiii!”
“I see, over here huh”
“N-no, not there!”

Concentrating my assaults on it, Evelyn began to pant harder, as if she’s letting out all the feelings she’s been bottling in until now.

“Aaaahm Iiiiih! So fierce! Cum, I’m cumming, aaaaaaah!”

The ministry director shook vibratingly, then she leaned over as if power was cut off from her body.

Preparation complete.

When I just thought of that, Belle came over, having finished transferring all the women.

“Everyone has been transported! Wow, what a mess. She’s all slimy and gooey and wet all over……”
“I have to do this much, this is Evelyn we are dealing with after all. Sorry to bother you once again, Belle”
“Yes yes. Leave it to me”

We were then teleported to the top.

Our destination is the bedroom in which I used with Dahlia.

After another second, we have arrived.

“We’re good here. Leave the rest to me”
“Okay. Good luck”

Belle walks out of the room.

I thought she will get jealous and angry again, but oddly she didn’t. Having loved her yesterday might have proven effective.

Either way, it’s good.

I turned around to Evelyn who obediently laid herself on the bed.

“Now, Evelyn. As I have said earlier, there is something I want to do in this dungeon. The same reason I am teaming up with the Demon Lord right now. Don’t worry, we aren’t planning for the extermination of humankind or something like that”
“Yes, that I know. You weren’t the type for that, as you think with your lower part all the time”
“Now that’s harsh. Even then, you’ll still try to seal the Demon Lord?
“It’s part of my job”

Not even a quiver. Nor a blink.

But I don’t dislike such woman.

“That’s still okay. I’m not in a rush. Instead, we’re gonna enjoy it bit by bit, until you accept my request eventually”
“Fufufu, so you’ll be indulging on my body now? You know that cuts both ways, don’t you?”
“Then let’s see who the larger cut will belong”

I also went on the bed.

After taking each and every piece of clothing in our body, we fell down tangling each other’s way.

“Now, come. My pussy is sopping wet. It. Wants. Your. Dick~.”

Evelyn spreads her legs, tempting me.

I went over her, then pushed my erect cock to her vaginal opening.

“it’s really hot, and throbbing hard too”
“That just means you’re just too erotic, this whore!”

I said so and pushed my meat stick all at once.

“Nnn, Aaaaaah! It’s inside! It’s deep inside!”
“Ugh, this is!?”

The moment I put it in, Evelyn’s insides tightened over mine all at once.

And even though I haven’t moved yet, it pulsated so naturally it pushed my meat stick even further inside it.

The shivering of her waist did not stop in the pleasure that is different from the time I embraced her.

“Haahaaa, amazing! I just put it in but it felt this good already!”

My feelings of desire were boosted even more, must be because Evelyn is getting more and more erotic.

I was hesitant to move my hips with so much pleasure, but I resolved myself and began descending my waist.

“Uu, Uhiyaaa! Its hard, it’s hard and it’s reaching deep into my insides! Goodness, it’s like your dick is specially made to please a woman!”

The ministry director bent her body backwards as I was getting better with my piston swaying.

“As if yours aren’t as good too. Just look on how stiff my dick is”
“Haaahaaa, then are you gonna cum soon? Its fine to let it out inside, you know?”

Being enticed with such an alluring voice, my mind stopped thinking, and before I knew it, I was already doing a violent and hardcore play.

Every time my hips hit Evelyn, clopping sounds of copulation followed in good rhythm.

Each pound of mine made her splatter love juices in hers, mixing with those she secreted earlier along with the aphrodisiac and staining the bedsheets even more.

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“Aaaah, Aaaaaah! If you hit me that much, I’m gonna cum agaaaain!”
“Guh, I’m gonna cum too!”

As our climax approaches, the insides of Evelyn tightened even more.

I put on a last spurt and pierced her all the way through.

A series of pistons no longer thinking on how to endure, but only to ejaculate.

“Cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming from Gilles-kun’s peniiiiiS!!”

My seed spurted at last.

In a momentum comparable to taking a piss, I filled the insides of Evelyn in an instant.

“Uuuu, I can feel your semen flowing in”

The ministry director grasps for breath as she said so.

“Haaahaaa……it’s still too soon for this to be over, you know”

I also said while taking rough breaths.

Then, despite trembling a little, Evelyn made her signature smile.

“Fufufu, yep, it’s too soon to be over. Before that happens, I’ll make you regret having pickled me with your aphrodisiac”

The next moment, Evelyn raises her body and wraps her arm around me, fixing me in place.

“This time I’m not letting you escape~”

She said in a melting hot and charming tone.

I also smiled and in turn, locked my arms around Evelyn’s waist.

With this, I cant run away from her, and she cant run away from me.

In appearance like a lotus-sex position, we stared at each other’s eyes.

“I’ll start now.”

Evelyn began to move, using her entire body.

“Aaaaaaah! Ahn, my hips, I can’t stop!”

Her figure moving her waist up and down violently from myself and being devoured by lust is so erotic that anyone wouldn’t imagine it came from her usually dignified appearance, igniting my desires further.

Of course, I couldn’t allow myself to be the receiving end forever, so using the rebound of the bed I pushed up a series of pistons from the bottom.

“Nghiii! Nno, if you move that much, I’ll, aHyaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Evelyn screams, but doesn’t stop moving her hips.

Seeing it, I squeezed all the little strength I have left, then shove my meat stick to her deepest point.

Whether extracting or retracting, every time my meat stick moves her vaginal pleats strongly squeezed me tight.

“Aaaah, Evelyn, you’re amazing, my cock feels like it’s melting away!”

In fact, it was already beginning to get numb from receiving too much pleasure.

However, we didn’t stop moving. No, more like we couldn’t stop it anymore.

Our waists were already broken from the perpetual motion of lust with each other’s flesh.

The end is coming for us.

“Gille……cough, cough. Gilles-kun! I, I’m already-!”

Was her throat withered too much? Evelyn reported her near climax with a coughing fit.

“I’m cumming too, Evelyn! You just feel so good!”

Maybe because I’ve already losing my composure, I answered honestly and pushed her body with my remaining energy.

My dick pierced through and upon reaching her very depths, it found its way to Evelyn’s womb that was seeking for sperm.

“Aghiiiiiiiii! Cummmiiing! Nhooooooooo!!”

After a series of piercing through her womb, the lovely ministry director is now nothing but a beast of pleasure.

I pulled my cock one last time, and aiming for her uterus, I plunged it deep inside to the very limit.


――byururururu!! Byurun, byurun!

The ejaculation’s momentum saw so intense that you could hear it jazzing her uterus, as it continues to pump more semen to the already full baby batter.

We exchanged a kiss, all while enjoying the aftertaste and not paying attention to our overflowed secretions dripping from our junction.

“Nnn, chuuu! No more. Ah, I think you have broken me”
“Then I’ll make you a new one, a new Evelyn. An Evelyn that will only belong to me.”
“Nnn, not…bad……I ……and you……”
“Hmm? Can you repeat that again? Ah, she fainted”

After taking a breather, I laid the fainted Evelyn down to rest.

“Fuuuu, that was a close one. However, this solves the problem, for now.”

After all, I was able to acquire the director of the Magic Ministry, whom has the jurisdiction over this dungeon.

At the very least, the chances of the country interfering with the dungeon management should have lowered significantly.

Having got a sense of security, sleepiness attacked me.

It was sex in the literal sense that used up all my physical strength until the very end, so it couldn’t be helped.

Thinking such, I closed my eyelids flat.

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