Mage Tower Management Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Maid-san’s Specialty: Reverse Cowgirl Play (2/2)

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.


Damn……She’s just too hot!

Carol, who was almost good as naked right now is waving her butt in front of me.
By sticking her knees together, making her ass shaped into a heart, she was able to constrict her insides even more.

That big butt with a nice fleshy texture, together with that waist with a nice beautiful curve.

They are undoubtedly top-of-the-class goods, and you’ll certainly ejaculate just by seeing these right before your eyes.

“Gilles-san, how is it?”
“……Not good, you’re too good!”

The alluringness possessed by that ultra-miniskirt also played a big factor.

Her back is also fine and smooth, but more than anything else, this beautiful woman moving her ass on top of me got me excited the most.


Tch, I’m already feeling it.

My meat stick getting harder that is, which also mean my semen is about to erupt.

It was already difficult for me to endure being attacked by a tight pussy, but together with this superb view? It was a miracle I hadn’t cum at this moment yet.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

“Gilles-san, closing your eyes is forbidden”
“This is training, tra-i-ning♪ I know you’re getting aroused seeing this onee-san’s body, however, you must endure. By doing so, you will have an even stronger penis!”

There was a lot of questions I want to ask with that statement, however, if this was the normal doggy style, I can adjust my movements accordingly. The problem is, we are in a reverse cowgirl position……

Which means Carol is in control, and unless she stops moving, the pleasure will still go on.

“H-hey, your movements, can you-”
“No~pe! You have to endure this, Gilles-san”

Her peach-like ass continued nailing itself between my groins.

She’s lifting her hips until it was about to come off, then slamming it as hard as she can.

That wasn’t a problem if it’s the usual, but she’s doing it at a speed of a handjob!”

“haaahaaa…..N-no more……!”

It was mortifying, but I already reached my limit.

I came.

――dokudoku, byururururu, dobyururururu!

“Nfuu!? Gi-Gilles-san……Gilles-san came……ufufufu……”

Did my seed go to her baby room directly? Carol lost her calm for a moment there, and was sweating a lot in her forehead too.

“But it still far from over. You won’t be able to satisfy a woman a lot if your base stat is like this”

Despite the recent ejaculation, this maid had no intention of stopping yet.

As she had a tight pussy, moreover it was just after I came, it felt a little painful for me because I was sensitive. However, my thing quickly revived its hardness, and thus it became Carol’s prey once again.

I feel like I’ve become a dildo myself.

A dildo for a masturbating slut named Carol.

Thus, I continued for a couple of times until the slut was satisfied.

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“Ahn, This onee-san is feeling it now too! I’m cumming soon!”
“Haahaaa…… what the hell is your waist made of? You aren’t tired yet?”

Seriously……Wait, isn’t she getting even faster?

It was fun at first, but now it’s getting scary.

But contrary to my thoughts, my meat stick still seemed lively.

“Gilles-san, your cock is getting bigger again”
“You are an incarnation of lust after all”

Carol has a great personalitits.

Even her reverse cowgirl play couldn’t hide the awe it possessed. Also, her butt too, its shape was too divine, so divine it could have its own religion already.

Still, her breasts were just too big, as if they were protruding from her body.

Just what kind of chest it was when you could see her side boobs from the back! From the back, I say!

“Ahn, Gilles-san’s penis……its wonderful”
“Thank you”
“I really wish this penis would belong to this onee-san”

I wonder what would happen if I were to become Carol’s?

I think my lifespan would shorten by a wide margin.

Still, a life full of banging with such a wonderful woman might not be bad at all……

Damn. It felt too good that I’m starting to think of strange things.

“Not again!”

My sense for ejaculation has increased once more.

Damn, I felt like a virgin boy, ejaculating so many times.

Still, pairing with her was the best situation that has happened to me in these recent months.

Being a sex toy for a beautiful pervert of a woman.

If I told my previous life about this, he would cry from happiness.

Well, what is there to complain about, feeling super good and all?

“Come on! Gilles-san, let it out!”

Slam! Slam! Slam! Her ass pounded me like a wrecking ball.

My world shook a little for every pound she made. And it would always reach her depths whenever her ass moved down.

“T-too intense, Carol! Too intense! Stop for a bit!”
“This onee-san too……Nmmmmm! It’s hitting all the way to the back hard……Ahu! C-cumming!”
“If that’s the case, then stop!”
“D-Don’t wanna! Aaaah, I’m sorry. This onee-san will cum now!”
“Hey! Don’t just cum ahead of me!”

Along with a series of twitching, Carol finally reached her climax.

And due to that climax, her vagina contracted even more, further squeezing my meat stick inside.

Kuh, This is……!”

C-can’t! The moment I tried shouting; I was already ejaculating.

Despite having already let out several times, the amount of semen didn’t diminish at all.

Rather, it even seemed that the amount has increased since Carol put it in.

“Gilles-san, haahaaa……you still have more!?”
“Haaahaaa……Shit, my erection is still not coming down!”
“I can still go on, you know?”

Despite cumming just earlier, Carol has already initiated with her hips once again.

The sounds of slamming two wet flesh gradually increased, and the interval between them gradually shortened too.

“Ahhhnn, this onee-san is feeling it again!”

I could already see the part where we’re joining whenever she lifted her hips up.

Semen and love juices mixed around them, drawing white foams and sticky threads everywhere it made contact.

“Haaahaaa……I’m going to cum once more……!”

Because she’s in a position where she emphasizes her butt, I could also see her anus.

And when I saw that chrysanthemum opening and closing repeatedly, I got excited once again.

Well, even a beautiful girl like Carol has this kind of hole in the butt after all.

“Haaannmm! Gilles-san! Gilles-san! This onee-san is feeling it now!”
Mee too!”
“Nhaaa! Gilles-san, we are sooo compatible with each other, aren’t we? Nobody has ever stood against this onee-san up to here”
“You are saying that, but I’m already holding onto my limits over here”

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It was almost I could see her eyes twinkle and her head sparkle. Was she that delighted in being my partner?

Or maybe it was from I keeping my consciousness barely?

I grasped my fist tight to focus my mind. I came so much I couldn’t feel anything underneath.

“Nuh, this onee-san is……already at her limits too”
“Me too……”
“Then, for the last spurt……let’s bring it all!”

Carol tried slamming me down once more.

She leaned forward and adjusted her fulcrum, making it easier to wave her hips more.

“Now Gilles-san. Witness the excellence of this onee-san’s pussy! AAaah, Nkuh, Aaah!”

Fast, too fast! She was already at the level of leaving afterimages in each and every swing.

I was being targeted with a Super Speed Butt Piston!

“Aaaaah! This onee-san’s babymaker is being pried opeeen!”
“It’s clamping too much!”
“Cum, cum inside! Cum inside anytime you want!”
Ahh, guhh, I-It’s coming out!”
“CUmmm! Let it all out in my womb! Make this onee-san pregnaaaant!”

I pushed my waist up at the end, coming all inside Carol’s womb.

White cloudy liquid was discharged in large quantities, filling her uterus in an instant, causing it to overflow outside.

“Ah, Aaaaah!”

Carol, being overwhelmed by the pleasure arched her back forward, still with her butt in place.

She twitched and convulsed from time to time, but she hardly moved.

“Ah, hiii……this onee-san……came…… This onee-san……haven’t felt so much……until now!”

Looks like the lewd maid was pleased.

“Haaahaaa……I don’t know if I can do another anymore”

Although there was still hardness remaining, I should act as already satisfied at this time.

This lewdness incarnate attacked so violently I felt I spent two lives resisting it.

Slutty Maid Carol……what a frightening existence.

“Ufufufu, Gilles-san……with this we have completed a bit of your training”
“Ah, y-yeah”
“However, you still have a long way to go. Also, we are still far from over. So brace yourself for another, okay~”

Wait, seriously?”

“This time let’s intensify it even more! After all, this onee-san really like your penis now!”
“Y-you’ve got to be kidding me!”

In the end, we rolled on top of each other until we both passed out.

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