Mage Tower Management Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Enjoying the Demon Lord’s Ass

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“And, what is the deal?”

The Demon Lord dyed her cheeks in redness, as if she had a hunch because of my suspicious smile.

“You already know that, don’t you? Also, you have a cute ass. Let me do it”

“I-it’s not funny. Wh-why would I do such thing……!”

“Well, are you fine to be like this for the rest of your life…?”


Bell, lost in thought for a moment, bit her lower lip, as if having imagined the situation.

“I will violate you early if you don’t make the deal quickly”

“Having sex is already decided!?”

“Of course. I’ve been starving for women for three days straight”

“……Your patience is really warped”

“I don’t really know what to say to a virgin like you.”

As if I said the right thing, Bell shut up.

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No way, this gal……?

“You, you don’t have any experience?”

“Kuh…… No, it’s not like that!”

“Then I’ll put it in, no mercy!”

“Waaaaaaa! Lies, that is a lie!”

Bell struggled desperately.

“Uuuuh……I, I haven’t had any experience yet……”


“Well, sorry about that!”

When I laughed, Belle immediately got angry.

“I’m sorry. I’m not making fun of you, It’s just that you are a Demon Lord after all, yet you care about that”

“But I really care! A lot!”

“If you care that much, then shall I take it for you then?”


“Well said”

When I was laughing excitedly, Bell sighed as if he had given up.

“Since there is no one here that will help me here……fine. I’ll accept the deal”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle”

”So, instead, could I ask you one condition?”

“Isn’t that supposed to be my line?”

“You are taking my virginity here. You’re taking something that wouldn’t ever exist the second time!”

“Well, fine, you have a point. Then, what is it?”

Bell took a deep breath when I asked.

“I don’t want my first experience to be here. After releasing me, I would like you to have my first experience in another place.”


“Because of my condition being stuck to the wall as my first experience……it’s not romantic at all!”

Is this really a demon lord? The one feared by humans and all?

Well, I bet humanity might have been so out of sight of her for a long time that it twisted the logic of her existence.

I mean she’s really a girl from how she looks right now.

“Sorry, but I can’t help it anymore. I am already pushing myself here, mind you”

Besides, I don’t know whether I can have sex with her if I free her here right away.

So, there is no reason not to reject her.

“Now then……”

I turned around and looked at the ass of the devil.

“I’m going to do it with your nice ass”

It has a good shape and firmness.

And even more, it looks fun to slap it moderately, because it was really plump.

“I can’t endure it any longer”

I undid my pants and took off my meat stick.

In this situation where Bell’s butt is bared completely, it stood completely erect, ready to nail any foe.

“Still, why are you in such a position?”

“Why do you care about that?”

“I don’t think this was intended as a trap originally.”

If it was a trap, everyone will just pass through it as the wall was located at the center of the passage.

When I pointed it out that way, Bell was kind of embarrassed.


“No way, are you saying you really got caught in it?”

“Yes, got a problem with that!?”


“I like to make traps, so I……”

“So you thought about trying to get onto one? What an idiot”

“Guh……Shut up!”

Moreover, it was an erotic trap where it takes off your underwear and flips your skirt over……

What a fool to bother making such a thing and trapping yourself in it.

Well, thanks to that, I got the Demon Lord’s virginity.

Heavens be praised by this!

“Now then……”

I pointed my erect meat stick in the crack of the demon lord’s hole.

“H-hot……! Wh-what are you doing?”

“Hmm? I’m just aiming my dick to your butt?”

“Wait, waaait…… I thought it was a sword that has just been forged…… so hot…….and so big……no, not that”

“Well, my size has always been complemented by many”

“I wonder if it will fit……”

The demon lord spoke with unease.

“It’s okay. I don’t want to make you feel hurt so much, so I’ll make it wet plenty first of all”

I squeezed my meat stick between her peaches.

“Ahhn, Wh-what are you doing……!? H-hey—Hard, it’s too hard…… and hot!”

“Wow, what an insanely soft ass you got here”

“Haa, hiii……Khuiiinnn! N-no way……I-it’s hitting it, it’s hitting iiiit……!”

“It’s hitting what?”

“T-there……I can’t say something so embarrassing!”

“Then I’ll stop here”


After that, Bell as if earning momentum, said it in one go.

“Th-there’s……M-my precious ……it’s hitting my pussy……i-it’s hot……Hyann!”

“Good speech”

I patted her buttocks for her reward.

Bell’s body pose right now is standing still but with her butt sticking out.

If I could make an example of it, she would be like a horse, with her legs and hands stretched down.

Added to that fact, is that the wall where the Demon Lord has stuck is not that thick to begin with.

Therefore, you can see properly her waist from her butt angle.

The curvature of the constriction, and her toned back muscles.

Pure white and well-defined soft skin.

Gazing at her bod feels so great that I could ejaculate just by looking.

“You sure have an erotic body here……are you really the Demon Lord and not a kind of succubus?”

“Ahhn, all while touching my body like this……I don’t need your praise”

I grabbed her butt with both hands and rubbed them hard.

The soft meat overflowed from the gaps between my fingers, changing the shape of it indecently.

I spread it out a little, and I could already see her anus.

These places are also human-like… no, maybe they are more beautiful than humans.

“My ass……rubbing it so much……Ahn, Nnnnn, Aaaaahhn!

“I can’t stop……your ass is really a great fap material”

Haaaaaaann! What is a fap materiallll……Nnnnn!

Looks like the virgin lady heard something interesting.

Shall I teach her more about it?

“You see, when aroused, a man usually deals with his own desires by his own hands. And when that happens, he usually imagines it doing with a fine woman.”

“Huuuh? What is that? Isn’t that the worst!”

“Well, that is because you still don’t know anything”

“That’s because I have no experience yet”

“But aren’t you still curious about it? You asked, didn’t you?”

“Th-then, are you going to make my body a fap material?”

“Well, there is one here right before my eyes, so why hold back?”

If I was alive, I would have masturbated onto her every day for half a year as a fap material, but it’s better for a direct contact after all.

I rubbed her ass further.

Yaaah……Hnnnnnnn, ahnnn……!”

“You’re completely drenched, I see”

Love juices started leaking out threads from her pussy.

If it is this, it will not hurt to put it inside immediately.

“Good grief, it has already become this flooded just by talking about fap materials. Getting excited here, aren’t you the worst one?”
“I-Idiot……! Wh-why……you’re looking at it so close?”

“Your womb is aching and it’s painful, isn’t that right?”

“Ahnnn……You, why do you know so much about a girl’s body…! My stomach is crunching!”

“Then tell me, tell me what you want me to do”

“Uuh, Uuuugh……”

As expected, Bell is confused.

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Her legs to her inner thighs, it was trembling with impatience already.

“I’m going to let it out in your ass. If a man lets it out once, he will be satisfied”

After coming this far, it’s impossible not to put it in.

And all of this started from a mere trap.

“U, Uuuugh……! Iy, Iih……”


“Put it in already! For a human like you, it’s already a miracle to put it in the pussy of the Demon Lord!”

“Heh……is that so?”

“That’s why……put it in……put it in already! If you don’t put it in, I’ll roast you whole!”

Upon hearing it, I was satisfied.

“Okay then, I’ll put it in for you. I’m going to make you so happy you were born as a woman……!”

I hit my meat stick into her precious place, and pushed it slowly all the way to the inside.

With this, I have taken the Demon Lord’s virginity.

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4 thoughts on “Mage Tower Management Volume 1 Chapter 8

  1. Although scumy he nicely tease her there. And he asserted his domination. I wonder why he always go almost straight to fucking before playing with his women more. No breast playing with demon lord on other things only rubbing ass with his hands and dick. Impatient isn’t he?

    Thanks for chapter


  2. Wasnt she supposed to be sealed? Why can she walk around like this inside of the tower and even make some weird traps like this? And she even spoke to him like he was an aquaintance , “Oh, youre here already? Good timing, help me out here will ya?” or something like that. ^^”

    Also, she changed her mind pretty fast there at the end. For a moment i thought that he would save her virginity till later and go for anal but in the end, he popped the cherry after all..

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


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