Mage Tower Management Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Now, to the Tower Dungeon

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.


“You haven’t done anything, so don’t even try talking big yet”

When I got out of the room, the minister suddenly blurted out while waiting for us, even though I haven’t said anything yet.

“and the director?”

“Don’t worry, she will come out soon”

When I turned around, I saw Evelyn.

She had her usual composed smile as always.

“It took a while, but it seems he will participate without problems”

“I apologize for this, Director. For you to overwork yourself like this-“

“I was the one who went to his provocation. Also, it’s for the good of the country, so this is not a big deal”

Evelyn said it wasn’t a big deal, bit after our copulation she was already in a terrible state.

I don’t know whether it was due to the long-time inactivity, or if I was too intense, but she wasn’t in a situation where she could even stand up straight just earlier.

I thought it would be bad if I went out of the room and leave her there, and really in a bad state she was, so I hurriedly applied healing magic and restored her physical strength.

Then I fixed her stained and wrinkled clothes with magic, so that when she comes out, no one will find out.

That aside, my magic is restricted.

The reason that it is restricted is of course ―― because I am a cursed child.

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On the day my mother vowed to raise me as a great archmage, she thought about something and forbade me the use of the hidden magic system.

The hidden magic system, to sum up, are memory manipulation, physical remodeling, and brainwashing.

Simply put, it’s something that can adversely affect people.

Also, it’s forbidden for me to kill people.

If I violate these prohibitions, I will die, or so that was “programmed” in that restriction, so I can’t do anything about it.

Because it was what my mother applied personally, I was unable to break it even until today.

But don’t be mistaken. I would like to say that my mother did not put restrictions on hurting people unless I killed them.

This is for my defense, but this also has a deterrent effect.

Because healing magic can be used, you can hurt and heal as long as the person won’t die, so I can do things like pain and torture.

I haven’t done that because I don’t have such a hobby, and everyone hasn’t done anything that bad enough to deserve that.

“Well, Gilles. As promised, will you head for the Demon Lord’s seal?

“You’re right. I’ll go get ready”

“Before that, let’s talk about the Demon Lord’s seal first. Maybe you’re not studying properly.”

Evelyn gave me an explanation, in which I replied.

“The demon king is sealed by an intricate art formation that your grandmother made. It’s been a hundred years, and it was nearing its limit soon.”

“but it’s already enough to apply a seal that can last for five years. Also, what the hell. You already have a full set of monsters here – my family line up so to speak, so why bother me?”

“The art formation is not called intricate for no reason. It was so complicated that only one from the Bain lineage can decipher it”

“You can just say you don’t their abilities unless it’s from my lineage. Seriously, this girl”

“It can’t be helped. The power of the Demon Lord can be misused to rule the world after all”

World domination, huh.

If you’re a man, it’s something you have dreamed of at least once.

“Your job is easy. Restore the seal, and we’re done”

“What if the Demon Lord has already been resurrected?”

“Then we want you to defeat it……well, just stay alive if you can”

She smiled, and I in turn, smiled back. It’s as if it’s not that difficult from the way she sounded it to me. 

However, it is hard to escape from an enemy you can’t defeat.

“Next is the tower where the Demon Lord is sealed”

“The Lavabelle tower?”


Tower Dungeon “Lavabelle Tower”.

The tower is said to have existed before humans had a civilization, and it was all a mystery about who made it and what it was for.

It consists of 100 floors, and the upper part of it is even higher than the clouds.

That’s why it can be seen from anywhere in the world.

I’ve never been out of town. Of course, I can’t be so sure about that.

“It seems like you know it already. Well, it’s common sense.”

“Wow, I’m thankful for that compliment. Very helpful indeed”

“However, there is one problem with this dungeon.”

“What is that?”

“For some reason, only women can enter”


I made a sudden indignant voice without thinking.

“Then what should I do then if women are the only ones allowed to enter!?”

“Let me finish at the end. I may be mistaken here, but you should be an exception. It’s because of the blood of the Bain lineage flowing on you”

“So, the thing that only women can enter, did it come from my grandmother?”


Evelyn slid her hair over her ears.

“It’s probably because she took a safety measure against the demon lord’s seal. The defensive mechanism is more probably effective if only women can enter. Well, the Entire Bain lineage are girls, and you’re the first boy in their history, so I can’t be sure now”

“Well, I wonder about that. Still, you should have left it to the Bain house instead of me”

“What if the Bain family was destroyed? What if we were unable to repair the demon lord’s seal?”

“That problem has got nothing to do with me”

There are some parts where I feel uneasy, but I guess the details are fine.

The bottom line is that there is a tower dungeon that only women can enter.

“Also, the Lavabelle Tower is basically off limits.”

“Because it’s dangerous?”


“There seems to be a lot of treasure sleeping in the tower, and until several hundred years ago, adventurers were exploring the dungeon every day. However, because it is a tower of death that once entered one is not always sure to come back alive, countries have decided not to enter except for the purpose of investigation in the treaty.”

“”Therefore, the public were unable to come closer?”

“If there is, it would be a thief with considerable skills”

I see.

So that’s why the seal and the treasures of the Demon Lord has remained until now.


This chapter came from Support the translator by reading it from the site itself. Thank you.

What is with the “Tower of Death” that “once entered one is not always sure to come back alive”!? I’m going there now!?

“It’s alright, don’t worry♪ It’s just a legend. Also, your grandmother went and came back several times”

“That’s messed up, you guys”

So that’s why you want me to go, not my sister.

No matter what happens to me, it’s not that big of a deal for them.

Tsk……though there are contents that make me grind my gears, it doesn’t change the fact that a beautiful demon lord is sleeping there.

It’s not bad to go to see her face-to-face.

“I understand the story. I’ll get to work.”

“We’re counting on you, Gilles-kun”

When I nodded, a minister stepped forward.

“Gilles Bain, let me tell you this, but don’t even think of wandering around once you’re out of town. Is that clear?”


“Just in case, let me give you a spell that you will suffer if you are out of the shortest distance from the city to the tower.”

“……You really don’t trust me that much, aren’t ya”

“Ahahaha, Gilles-kun is Gilles-kun after all”

Even Evelyn could only laugh in discontent.

It’s okay. Afar all, my purpose is the beautiful demon lord!

Let’s escape appropriately and do it with her later.

It would be easy to dispel this after all.

“Well then, Gilles-kun, I’ll leave the rest to you”

“Yeah, I’m going to do a great one for you”

Now then, to the Tower Dungeon!”

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    1. Well they are creating their own self fulfilling profecy…
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  1. What a stupid dick this male minister is. Self propeling prophecy. Very greek. Good thing that his mother put those restrictions on him with how he was and is treated it wouldn’t be odd for him to turn into sadistic monster that abuses his restrictions.

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    1. Also almost forgot to mention it. MC said that this Tower is visible from all places in the world SO is this world flat like Terry Pratchet Discworld? There is no planet curvature? Also if it is visible from everywhere why he can’t see it inside town? There shouldn’t be anything that obstruct it unless city walls are VERY tall. Also such big thing should cast a big shadow.

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  2. I would’ve punched that guy’s teeth in if i was in the MC’s shoes, and apologized while healing him of course, its so slippery in here. 😛

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