Mage Tower Management Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Obscene Lips of the Magic Ministry Director

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

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Uooooh……this is bad……! She feels so good!

Evelyn, who was stuffing my meat stick up to the roots, sucked viciously while firmly holding it with her lips.

And although I was making a serious face and all, she’s still grinning as she watch me.

It’s different from the nasty smile that a prostitute shows, that the area around my back is tingling.

“Jubu …! Fufu, looks like someone is feeling better”

“Haahaa…… yeah, that was so-so.”

I made a tough front not to hurt my pride.

After graduating from virginity at twelve, I’ve been playing with a considerable number of women, and sometimes I would encounter ridiculous ones like this too once in a while.

And when I said considerable number, that meant a lot of women.

A prostitute handles sexual intercourse as a job up to the end.

High class establishments I have gone to give great services, and town girls in the neighborhood give you the feeling of comfort.

Of course, there are times where a town girl is too passive to ride on.

There are also times where it is more fun riding on the other side as well. 

Well, it’s pretty exciting to see a town girl’s first time-ish reactions too.

I don’t really know if it’s a coincidence or not, but my strike zone is quite similar to those I had in my previous life.

I was only watching eroge and reading ero mangas after all….

But right now, I don’t have the luxury to think of it or I will end up succumbing to Evelyn’s blowjob.

Although she’s not moving at high speeds, the tip of her tongue kept pinpointing the frenulum of my dick.

Any man will be able to ejaculate easily if that part is intensively attacked.

And while doing a handjob with one hand, as if to match it, she rolled my balls with her other hand.

There’s no way one should do this unless she’s an experienced whore.

“You’re pretty good…”

“Coming from a player like you, that’s a compliment.”

“Where did you learn this?”

“I forgot because it was a long time ago.”

Feigning ignorance eh? I hate that.

“Don’t stare so much. I too, was playing around like you when I was young”

“Rolling out with men, huh”

“I’m confident in my number of experiences, but I was worried about whether it was sufficient to work for you.”

“Why is it?”

Chhupon~, Evelyn, who pulled out her lips, brandished my meat stick and squeezed it up and down.

I thought I could take a break, but her fapping is pretty good.

She made full swings up to the head of my penis.

I knew it, this girl really knows the places where a man feels great.

“After all, I was only dealing with men that have little to no experience. I at that time wasn’t that confident in myself”

“Then, are you now?”

“Ahaha. As expected, you will reply back like that. Well……”

Then, she placed her finger on her chin, thinking for a moment.

“Rather than being confident, I think it’s my shyness that has disappeared. Oh, I think it’s a bit too early for you to hear my story, isn’t it?”



As a person who reincarnated, I can fully understand it well.

When I came to this world, my personality has changed a lot.

In the previous life, I was the quiet and introverted type. Therefore, I did not have any friends, not even a lover.

But thanks to magic and this decent face, I was literally reborn.

Somehow, I feel like I’m playing a character called Gilles Bane.

I heard a few things, that there is a method in psychology to prevent a child from undergoing mental strain.

One of those is, to create another “self” who will become the center of attention of the stage you are stepping on to. 

By doing so, they will think that a different “someone” is playing and not their own self, disappearing their nervousness as a result.[1]

Evelyn’s circumstances may be different from this, but……that’s what it comes to becoming an adult.

“Fufu, to be honest, I’m interested in you.”

“To me?” You’re just messing me around, aren’t you?”

“Keeping aside your behavior, you’re may be close to what I wanted to be”

“Do you want to play around too?”

“No, not like that. You’re like a bird, living such a free life. Though you might deny that you don’t have such freedom.”

Surely I’m a free person if they look from the side. I’m playing from morning till night after all.

“Now I am the director of the Ministry. And it’s tough as heck”

“……Fuu. Then don’t sneak your venting in this room”

“I’m relieved. Though you are pretty aloof from worldly matters, you are pretty smart. I like it”

I don’t know what she meant by that, but I don’t feel bad. 

Well, if I believed all of Evelyn’s words, it will someday wring me by the neck, so I have to be careful.

“……Good grief. Still, your cock is pretty big. I’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s like a club.”

“I’m often told about that. Aren’t you just flattering me?”

“No, I really mean it. Girls can lie without batting an eyelid, but I don’t say anything I don’t think”

“Is it because you are changing indirectly the words from what you think?”

“That’s right ♪”

“I have to be careful then”

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After that, Evelyn opened her lips and held my cock in her mouth again.

I was surprised because I was caught off guard.

“Nnn……Nohh! Hey, I haven’t started talking yet!”

“Ch……we were just getting on the good part”

“There’s no time. Let’s end this soon”

“Are you serious……”

Evelyn inhaled deeply and shook her face violently up and down.

Nbu, nbu, nbu, the sounds of her throat caressing everything from the root to the tip was gradually getting louder.

Even a ultra-high end prostitute can only do the same occasionally……

Good grief, I presented myself because I was confident that I was able to make it through her easily.

“Shall I teach you my hobby?”

“What’s with that all of a sudden?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay♪, You see, I love doing research. Same goes for both magic and people”

While having a lewd look on her face, Evelyn continued her obscene mouth.

“A man feels sex with all five senses. Though the senses of taste and smell have nothing to do in this time, and the sense of touch is obvious……”

“Don’t beat around the bush. Explain it to me already”
“Sorry. For example, sound…….. when you hear a sound like this from this mouth, it stimulates a man’s arousal.”

To be honest, in adult games of my previous life, there were more times I came in the fellatio scenes than the sex scenes itself.

No doubt I was really stimulated by that chupa-sound making techniques that I was able to come easily.

Therefore, I could really relate to what Evelyn is saying.

“And then, there is visual. Being stared with upturned eyes, as if begging for mercy, it is somewhat weakening, am I right?”

Ah … that’s exactly right.

the faces they make as they look at me upwards while giving a blowjob…… especially as it distorts their beautiful faces while they suck on mine……the contrast was exhilarating.

Yes, just like the situation I am having today.

“Don’t tell me you planned up to this far?”

“Your imagination is really enthusiastic”

“Geez, it’s like I was the one getting fucked”

“Fufu, I guess ♪”

Getting a beautiful chick to blow me♪ it was so good I’m feeling dumb.

On the other hand, if I think about it, it was a small compensation for the great pleasure I am having right now.

“Nnn!? I-it’s getting bigger?”

“Aa, Yeah……Looks like it’s time for me to come”

“Can I put it in my mouth?”

“Is it alright to you?”

“Well, it would be bad if it gets on my clothes”

“Yeah!- I mean, I don’t mind”

I feel like my meat stick is getting numb fast.

Evelyn sped up the movements of her hands and mouth as if putting out my last spurt.

Her expression, which was lost some of her composure, made me excited even more.

“N-not good……! I’m……cumming!”

“You can put it out! Now, here in my mouth!”

Kuh, kuuh……! C-cumming!”


I lifted my waist and ejaculated as much as I could.

My semen was fired profusely, shooting all the way until the depths of her throat.

Evelyn’s cheeks were puffed out so much it looked painful, but she never let go of my meat stick to avoid it from spilling.

“It’s a great amount……If I don’t swallow……”

“Are you going to drink it all?”

Gokkoo, gokkun…..! Well, I cannot afford to spit it out. I don’t dislike the taste of your thick semen though♪”

Evelyn then began swallowing my semen in large gulps.

After a while, she swallowed everything.

“Haahaa…… Feeling refreshed?”

She expressed a confident expression, as if just completing a job successfully.

Then she fixed her appearance and stood up.

“Will you do the job now with this?”

“Yeah, it’s a promise.”

“Thank you. Then, I’ll take my leave”

But when Evelyn tried to get out of the room……

“Evelyn-san, it’s finally just the two of us. Did you really come just to wrung me out once?”

When I ask that question, her body shook with excitement.

Then, the neutral face of the director of the Ministry of Magic, who then turned to me, had become very feminine.

With this―― looks like I’m having a taste with her mouth below.

Translator Notes:

[1] This is the infamous Japanese “Fake Nice”, and also the reason why you can never truly befriend a native Japanese, especially if you are a foreigner like me. Aside from their extremely xenophobic tendencies, they really like to put masks on their faces whenever they interact with you or any other people that I wouldn’t be surprised that they have a “mask” in every person they meet, and they wear it even to fellow Japanese like them. And this is from my personal experience working with them too (I worked in a Japanese company one time). Yes, they are polite in everything, and that’s not a bad thing, for the people you interact that is. Maybe that’s why they are often stressed out and shit. Sometimes I pity them. I mean, yes, this is part of their culture,so you can’t remove this part from them, but I think it’s kinda sad that you can’t express your true feelings, mask and all, to someone, not even your family? Isn’t that what the mask is for? What is the quote “give a man a mask and he will show his true face” for? Please due note that I’m not talking about the entire native Japanese people in general. Still, most of them are, unless they were born in the U.S. or any other countries. Also, please don’t mistreat them if you encounter one. They are already having enough shit to deal with, so please don’t add yourself to them. Just…..don’t expect too much from them like I did.

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  1. Isn’t he afraid that after burdening the “second” self with all problems, he will develop a split personality? Yeah normaly it is trauma induced but those are initial steps for it. And ih he do then the “other” him will enjoy the women not him

    Well, well a slut is a Minister of Magic. Did she slept her way to the top?

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  2. This author has done his homework, i could only nod in agreement every time they explained the facts. ^^”

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    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


  3. Ah so thats why your translation us so good, yeah now that you said that it reminds me of youtube video about suicide forest and lonely death in japan


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