Mage Tower Management Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Demon Lord, Premonition of Liberation

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“By the seal, does that mean that the Demon Lord’s seal has been released?”

When I spoke in the most earnest voice I have, the minister waved his neck from side to side, as if tired of this.

“Not yet……is more accurate. But there are already signs that the seal will be broken soon. Probably the demon lord will be released in the next three days”
“tch……what a pain in the ass”

Stopping me in the middle of having a good time, moreover saying that I’m going to seal the Demon Lord……

This is nothing but a pain in the ass.

However, these words seem to touch the nerves of the said minister.

“You piece of……! You’re loafing around almost every day! Why do you think we are keeping you alive for?”
“I can’t go out of town, and you guys are the one who put a leash on me. You all dare to slander me with such names like “Cursed Child” and so on, but you rely on me when things go wrong.”
“Do you intend to abandon your mission?”
“I can do it, but not now. It’s my style to work when I’m ready”
“Aren’t you too full of yourself?”
“Then ask my sister to do it. That fellow is the legitimate heir of the Bain House. Even though she’s still 16, she could already use all sorts of magic”
“Eliza-sama is currently on a business trip to the foreign countries.”


Out of luck, am I.

Also, why is my sister treated with more respect?

Even though I am the one being put into work? Shouldn’t you try flattering me instead?

“Now, get it done already”
“Like I said, it’s a pain in the ass”
“We are getting in circles here you-”

The moment the minister is about to yell at me, a series of claps resounded.

“Now, now, Gilles-kun”

Appearing in the middle while clapping her hands, was the Director of the Royal Palace’s Magic Ministry—Evelyn.

Though the person had a gender-neutral features, she looked intelligent while also having a well-groomed face.

It was the first time in history that the director was a woman, and she is an excellent one at that.

Whenever how many mischiefs I made, I had her to help me out.

However, with the mage roes and the monocle she’s wearing right now, it gave her quite a mysterious vibe as she stands there.

“Would you listen to me for a moment?”
“……what is it now?”
“Sealing the Demon Lord is not only for the interest of the country, but the human race itself. One hundred and twenty years ago, when the Demon Lord appeared, in just a day half of our territory was erased from existence. That thing has a power beyond the norm. This is why it is important to keep the seal intact, you know”
“And I think it’s pretty much okay for this country to vanish”
“And your favorite women to go along with it? Don’t forget that it’s the peace that kept these shops open”

……she may have a point.

But still, if this country is gone, that means I would be free, and I think it would also be nice.

“Also, I’ll give you information about the Demon Lord”
“Is it ridiculously strong?”
“That’s not all. The Demon Lord―― she’s peerless in beauty.”
“What……did you say?”

She’s a beautiful woman!? I love beautiful women.

Oops, I have to be calm.

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“Is that true?”
“I don’t know because I’ve never seen it, but it is recorded in our history. It is probably true because it was Cecile Bain who wrote the document.”
“As for the contents?”
“To summarize, when the Demon Lord appeared, it was so beautiful that she mistakenly took it for a neutral being at first. But that mistake resulted to many lives lost”
“oh really?”

It would be true if it was written by granny.

The fact that it is judged beautiful from the eyes of that old woman, it’s highly likely to be a beautiful woman.

So that is what was sealed inside?

“Has it piqued your interest?”
“Yep, more than what you thought”
“Ufufu, I don’t hate that simple-mindedness of yours. So, what do you think? Would you like to take a peek at its state?”
“to take a peek, huh……”

She had a really good way of phrasing things.

If I were t agree and take a peek, no matter the situation is, it will be difficult to refuse, and if the seal is released, I will have no choice but to deal with it with something.

If it is as beautiful as Evelyn described, I make it my woman, and if not, I’ll deal with it so the country will retain its peace, so there’s no problem at all.

I have a lot of choices and I can move as I like.

“Not bad for a deal”
“Now, will you go?”
“Yeah, I’ll go out as soon as I get ready.”

The Demon Lord who was considered to be a peerless beauty……I want to see it for myself.

And if the circumstances permit it, I’ll ravish her on the spot.


“You, you have no intention to seal it, aren’t you? Your face is grinning”
“I-I’m just thinking of a strategy. I’ll take care of it, so you can wait at the castle.”
“I’ll tell you just in case, but if you don’t come back after three days, you’ll be considered as dead.”

Will they start an all-out attack three days later?

Although it will still depend on the situation, I don’t want to be in something so dangerous.

“Well, why don’t you get yourself ready? It won’t change the fact that you have to hurry”

Even if you tell me that, I am still engaged in a battle, with these girls that is.

Even though my head has settled down, my body is still not.

“Evelyn-san, do you know where we are?”
“In a brothel”
“And though I just finished one shot, unfortunately I am not the type to be satisfied with just that. And you just came at the exact time when I was about to give her another shot.”
“Hmmm, so what are you trying to say?”
“The reason why I’ll go to that dungeon is to see that beautiful Demon Lord. However, the hurrying part is nothing but for your convenience, correct?”
“Well, that’s right in a way. So, do you want to negotiate about that?”
“You got my point that easily. As expected of our smart director”
“Enough of the flattery. Tell me your terms already”
“Your face really look beautiful…… so beautiful I might get sucked in……to the extent that I might not get myself to be satisfied anymore……”

The minister stepped in the middle of us.

However, Evelyn stopped him by her hand.

“My bad, my lower half is just that stupid. It runs on libido after all”
“Fine. I’ll do it”

She said so easily.

“Wait, Director!?”
“Minister, from hereon is my fight. As long as it helps the country, this is but a cheap price”
“But still……”
“Don’t worry about me. It’s on us that he is in a bad mood now. And even here is the limit of what I can do”

When Evelyn said that, the minister couldn’t do anything but nod helplessly.

“Now then, Minister and the prostitute-san over there, could you please exit the room? Even for me, it’s still embarrassing to be watched by people”

Evelyn said with a sweet smile. Everyone other than myself left.

Only the two of us remained in the room.

“Will you put it out early? I’m quite in a hurry”
“So courageous, I’m quite surprised”
“This is for the sake of this country. That’s why……”

Although I also expect to get harassed quite a bit, being approved quickly in this way is quite not bad at all.

However, this is the director after all. In spite of her appearance, she might have hidden some tricks behind her back.

Accepting such a thing requires resolution, and because I am this immoral, she might urge me to give her an appropriate reward for this.

Perhaps even this is also in her calculations.

If this is correct, then it’s understandable that this director went all the way to my place.

However, even though I’m vigilant in receiving a service by this serious director, my lower mind is stronger in thinking.

I took off my pants and exposed my thing.

“You are standing up already……Good grief, you really like playing with women, don’t you?”
“So the director isn’t just a researcher. I’m not surprised”
“Fufu, even I have some experience. Well, it’s just that it has been a long time I’ve done this”

Evelyn approached me who was sitting on the bed.

Then without stepping on the robe, she sat down and headed for my crotch.

“However, this is…… isn’t this a bit big? This might be the first time I’m doing it for this size……”
“Do you dislike big things?”
“I’ve never tried it, so I don’t know. This will be the first experience for me……Fufufu, looks like I’m about to get some interesting results”
“You’re treating this as an experiment? How can I even enjoy this girl……”
“So can I please this already? This big thing of yours? hey”

After she asked that, Evelyn slid her hair across her ears, then she opened her mouth wide.

“I really need to finish this quickly……Haaaamuuu!”
“Kuh……this is great……”

The sensation of her sticky mouth enveloped my meat stick.

This haughty research director……I wonder how she’ll taste like?

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7 thoughts on “Mage Tower Management Volume 1 Chapter 2

  1. After I read the title of this chapter I thought that MC was smart enough to give a condition that after he seals the Demon Lord he can finally leave town and his house arrest is over. But aparently not. Pity he only thinks with his dick and he is so easy to manipulate. Interesting that he is aware of it and is cyniacal about it.

    Thanks for chapter


  2. “Why do you think we are keeping you alive for?” I can only hear them say things like “The moment you’re done with the seal you’re dead.”
    The same thing with the humanity etc, he has been treated as a curse his entire life and been looked down upon and having everyone despise him except for some that are good at manipulating people for their own gain.
    He has actually no reason at all to help the humanity considering the rejection he’s facing every day, and if his sole reason to be kept alive disappears.. Yeah, i cant see him go free nor going back into town arrest again. He splunder money and drags his “glorious” family honor in the mud, Once the seal is up i think that almost everyone among the noble families will join hands and just murder him on the spot.
    Ive read the summary of this story and i am not surprised in the least that he made that choise. 😛
    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


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