Reversed Parallel World‘s Messiah

Reversed Parallel World‘s Messiah

~Thanks to the Beautiful Women I met in my Trip to Another World, I’m now having the time of my Life~

The story is about the adventures of an ordinary college student, Yoshima Tomoaki, who got transferred over to another world by an unknown accident. He gathered information about the world he had gotten himself into, only to discover that this world is weird in a lot of ways, particularly in their aesthetics of women’s’ beauty, chastity, and libido – in which all of them are completely reversed in this strange world. 

Those who were regarded as beautiful in our world were treated with disgust for being ‘ugly’.

Those who were acting prim and proper were ostracized for being ‘lewd,’ 

Those who were regarded as a virgin were labeled as ‘sluts’. 

Because of this strange culture, these women gathered themselves and established the city of their own, which now became the City of Blossom, fully composed of these ‘ugly’, ‘lewd’, and ‘slutty’ women, whom all had no place to go. And now, upon meeting and being saved by its mayor in a stroke of luck, living surrounded by beauties in all sides, Tomoaki will now life his life to the fullest and giving them the proper ‘treatment’ they crave for – by becoming their messiah in this ugly world they are ostracized from.

※Though this novel has its own plot that serves as the MC’s purpose and target, the story will proceed in a slow pace, as I intend to make it into a novel that prioritizes Ecchi stuff. Please support me~.

Warning. This novel has adult contents and is not safe for work. You must be 18+ to read this novel.

Original webnovel link here.

Table of Contents

Volume 1 – Otherworld City, Blossom (Full Text)

Chapter 1 – This is a Different World?
Chapter 2 – Reversed Anotherworld City, Blossom
Chapter 3 – Irene’s Estate
Chapter 4 – × × × × with Irene
Chapter 5 – The Messiah and the Angel
Chapter 6 – Beautiful Mayor who Cannot Endure 1
Chapter 7 – Beautiful Mayor who Cannot Endure 2
Chapter 8 – Flirting in Missionary
Chapter 9 – Irene’s Clean-up Blowjob
Chapter 10 – About the Future
Chapter 11 – The Reason for Marriage
Chapter 12 – Lovey-dovey Face-off with Irene
Chapter 13 – Princess Knight Edith

Volume 2 – Casanova (Full Text)

Chapter 1 – A New Job
Chapter 2 – In the Back Alley
Chapter 3 – Do Your Best, Edith
Chapter 4 – While Standing Up
Chapter 5 – Until We’re Satisfied
Chapter 6 – Onwards to the Client
Chapter 7 – Julie, the Dark Elf
Chapter 8 – Too Soft to the Touch
Chapter 9 – In the Bed with Julie
Chapter 10 – Libido Explosion

Volume 3 – (Sex) Negotiations (Full Text)

Chapter 1 – Good News
Chapter 2 – Everyone’s Mouths
Chapter 3 – First, with Julie
Chapter 4 – Next, with Edith
Chapter 5 – Finally, with Irene
Chapter 6 – Parliament Official Suzette
Chapter 7 – A Grand Orgy on Broad Daylight
Chapter 8 – How to Survive in a Reversed Parallel World
Chapter 9 – Suzette’s First Time
Chapter 10 – The Secret of the Strait-laced Official
Chapter 11 – Resumption of Negotiations

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