Mage Tower Management Volume 8 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Kara’s Proposal

Our child went by the name of Kara in the outside world.

At first, Kara had spoken about the curse that God has put on her.

Since it didn’t cause any harm to her body, she thought of it as a fluke, but it was too late when she discovered its true nature, as it affected not only her but also her family and children.

The curse was confirmed that no men are to be born in Kara’s bloodline.

In a way, this curse gave trouble to her and her family. The inability to give birth to a boy means they cannot sow seeds to continue their husbands’ legacies, and it was a major setback for them as this world centers on patriarchy.

But to be honest, compared to my best friend, it didn’t feel like a dangerous curse at all.

Even at this time, I still find this story quite lacking.


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I confirmed Kara once more if she’s joking around, but she said she isn’t, that it was the real deal.

That said, I didn’t idle around either. While she was away, I was able to develop a new magic that can provide us some sort of analysis and future predictions mixed with the concept of prophecies in our previous world. I shall call it Oracle Magic. It was a big irony, though, that the calamity had befallen us before I accomplished this, and it was because of a god that I was able to pursue this type of magic.

Thanks to that magic, I found out that this curse will fade in time. The bad thing is, it’s a thousand years before that happens, about ten lifetimes or even more, considering this is a medieval era.

There was a good thing, though. A boy will be born somewhere between that timeline, and he will be the one who will break this curse. I could only hope it’s him, though. After all, even though we have crossed worlds, I still have lingering feelings for him, and I’m pretty sure she’s the same too. That I could only wish.

After all, the curse can only be overcome by having a rich, thick, and hot sex with a man. Being passionate is an understatement. I mean, who can be the one but him?

All I ask is for a miracle. I know I’m asking too much this time, but still, at least, please choose him.

Also, considering the danger of the world outside, the people who desire us for our knowledge and many other reasons are endless, I can’t just let my best friend be a prey for those wolves. She might even break even before the curse is lifted, which is putting the cart before the horse.

Thus, we chose this gamble, albeit it was difficult to the point of being nearly impossible. As everyone knows, though it remains a mystery until now, only women can enter this tower.

However, the descendants of Kara, who will likely be born a thousand years later, will be allowed to enter this tower without restrictions.

I repeated our Oracle Magic several times to verify it, double-checking for any changes, but the outcome produced only that result. Pretty much as if the path was already set in stone.

It was just a prediction, a mere possibility. Still, it was already enough to revitalize my already exhausting life.

It was possible to bring her back once again.

With that alone, I was able to see hope.

However, for that to happen, I must find a way first to live for a thousand years.

I wanted to go into cryostasis at first, but I am already quite old.

Kara nor I have the magic nor the power to stay young forever.

Though we still didn’t know what caused our reincarnation, my best friend and I still possessed a great amount of magic power – enough to be considered as another realm, in comparison with ordinary people.

The same is true for our child, Kara.

Sadly, the magic to freeze time was originally activated by three such people. Activating such an enormous devourer of mana isn’t possible, even more now that we have lost one powerful member.

So, what should I do now?

I was already forced to a standstill when I was just beginning to see hope.

I’m like a limp horse being dangled a carrot right in front of my face.

It was really aching from my already pained heart.

Then, Kara spoke.

――it was for that purpose that I came here in the first place.

Kara said to me who was wondering what to do, and showed me the procedure she’s currently developing.

Although it was still underway, it was something that I could only think of as a masterpiece.

Kara, who had absorbed a lot of knowledge from the outside world, was already far beyond the realm of what I could catch up to.

What Kara devised was some sort of pre-activated magic that will preserve the soul and reincarnate in a pre-set era, even though the original body has decayed.

As this act doesn’t create life, the curse of God shouldn’t occur.

It was amazing, to think she came up with a well-detailed plan.

I praised Kara with all my heart afterward.

With this magic, I’ll be able to reincarnate to the period where the existence who will solve the curse will arrive, making us reuniting once again a possibility.

Now that aging is not a problem anymore, I was really happy that I could fly.

――However, there is one flaw to this magic.

Kara’s face then went serious as she said that line to me.

Flaw? Do you need a huge amount of mana to activate it?

――No. Mother and I are pretty much enough to do it.

So, what’s the drawback? I wouldn’t know it unless I look at the operative methods――

――To activate this magic, you’ll need a soul as a price.

At that moment, I realized the meaning of her words.

To reincarnate one soul, one soul is needed as compensation.

That means……

――Yes. Please use my soul for that. Saving my two mothers is only what I desire. As long as I can save my two mothers, I’m already happy――

No. No. what are you saying.

I stopped Kara from speaking with a serious expression.

Does that mean Kara will be sacrificed to keep me together with her?

――it’s not a sacrifice. I was, in the first place, an existence that was born for the sake of my mothers.


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No, you’re not that! Not anymore, and not ever! I won’t forgive you if you say it again!

I want to see her, but I can’t afford to sacrifice our child for that.

――Mother gave me freedom, and that freedom allowed me to gave birth to two children, to experience happiness, to experience what a family is.

That’s even worse. Now that you’re a mother, don’t you feel sorry for your children you’ll leave behind?

―― My children are already at the age where they can be left alone. I’m already contented to have lived such a life. As such, I no longer have any regrets.

No! I don’t want that. She’ll think that way too!

――indeed, I have thought about that too.

Kara’s cold and sharp gaze pierced at me.

W-what are you talking about?

I questioned Kara, who’s mind I’m unable to guess anymore.

――Mother, suppose my descendants will successfully break her curse and she wakes up a thousand years later. Then she realizes that you weren’t there anymore, only to find out that you spent the rest of the years studying magic all alone, living miserably as you try to break her curse. Did it cross your mind what she might do after that?

T, that’s……

I couldn’t retort any words. Kara’s just too direct to the point.

――This is what we’re talking about. Even if she’s saved, she’ll not be able to enjoy the rest of her life.

We were always together, no matter what we did. If she were to know that I died, she’d grieve as if she had lost the other half of her body.

That was exactly what I’m feeling right now. I live my life every day like I was missing the other half of myself ever since her body was sealed.

Partly too because I feel Kara’s resemblance to her, that I was able to send Kara to the outside world while I remained alone inside the tower.

――She may not be able to harm herself to the point of committing suicide, but I can guarantee one thing: she will never live a happy life after that. Like you, she will end her life the same way by cooping herself all alone inside this tower.

Certainly, if I was her position, maybe I would be doing that too.

However, I can’t afford to do it, not with Kara’s soul as the price.

――In other words, if you don’t accept my proposal, both my mothers will both advance to a sad future. I don’t want that, In the first place, this situation happened because of my birth.

No, you’re wrong! We never thought of that since you were born!

Rather, I even felt proud that you have grown up to this point and was able to achieve happiness in life.

That’s why I won’t sacrifice you. Do you understand?

――No, I don’t, and won’t probably will. I was born for the sake of my mothers. If I was denied of that purpose, then my existence will lose its meaning. Plus, I have already expected you to say it. This is goodbye.

Kara pulled out a dagger all of a sudden and stabbed herself in her chest.

Wha, what are you doing!? Stay still, I’ll apply healing magic right away!

――healing magic won’t work anymore. The dagger I pierced in my heart has an inscription that inhibits any form of healing magic.

W-why, why do you have to do this……

――Easy question. It’s because I love you. I love both of you. I love my mothers. Now please activate the reincarnation magic, or else my death will become useless.

You, you’re her child, after all. You won’t stop once you have decided on doing something. You’re really……as stubborn as her……

――that’s a good thing to hear. The best words to bring with me to the afterlife.

Thank you. I will tell her about your feelings. I promise.

Hey bestie, our child is really the best.

――Fufufu, that is……, totally,……fine with me.

I activated the magic according to the methods passed onto me by Kara.

Then, at the cost of losing her soul, Kara’s body disappeared to the void in glittering particles.

I’ll show it to you that I will save her. So, Kara, you can rest in peace now.

Unknown whether the magic was successful, I gradually lost my consciousness after that.

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1/4 of the chapters finished. This is a major overhaul as the original’s quality is shit. I mean seriously. Thank goodness I was a bit proficient in editing.

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