Mage Tower Management Volume 8 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Anya’s Deflowering

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“……Haaa, haaa, I can’t hold it in anymore.”

Exactly right after her tit-fuck, I who can no longer control my desires finally pushed Anya down.


Naturally, Anya was surprised by that.

Still, though it’s her first time doing this, she should have already realized what I’m trying to do.

“Sorry for surprising you. It’s just, I’m at my limit already.”
“……Un, it’s alright. I mean, isn’t this why we’re doing this in the first place? Come, do me as you like.”
Anya said as she looks up at me with a gentle gaze, amidst of her sharp breaths.

Really, what a good child she is!

And I’m about to violate such a child with my own greed!

――so forbidden, yet so gratifying!

That I had really turned into a despicable man, had I?

Upon coming to this world and embracing various kinds of women in this life, I immediately understood this fact.

If this were modern Japan, I would have already been placed in a penal battalion or a reserve army for criminals of some sort.

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After all, I’m a hopeless pervert who likes to trample on an innocent woman.

Moreover, it was a woman who had loved me this whole time.

“This might hurt at first, but it will be alright. You just leave everything to me.”

My excitement has already reached extreme heights, so if I didn’t take Anya’s first time here, I’m gonna lose myself.

Still, I don’t want to be gentle, yet I have to put her mind at ease somehow.

“……It’s okay. As long as Gilles wish for it, I will endure anything.”

Nevertheless, Anya still looked up at me admirably.

It looks like it’s best to follow my lead. It’s my strong point, after all.
“Then, first, let’s open your pussy wide, Anya.”


After being pushed down by me, I grabbed Anya’s legs, which were closed tight, with both hands and opened them wide.

“――Wow, what a beautiful pussy.”

Anya covers her face with both hands upon her important part beng revealed.

“D-don’t say that so openly……it’s so embarrassing.”

However, I couldn’t help it. Not uttering anything upon seeing this magnificent scenery is nothing but disrespectful.

Even more so that she had kept her chastity intact, all for my sake.

Thus, I made the ‘appropriate’ response.

“The scenery is good, how about the smell……sniff, sniff.”

I reached out my face to the base of her crotch, checking the smell of her secret place.

Hmm, pleasant smell!

Yep, she’s a virgin alright, as it had that sweet and sour scent of pee and love juices distinct to untouched pussies.

“Geez! Pervert!”

Anya tries to close her legs in desperation, embarrassed by my sniffing.

Of course, I didn’t let her.

With both my hands, I applied more strength and spread her legs more than ever.

Now, she looks like a frog about to be dissected.

“Now then, how about the taste?”

I pressed my nose to the pubic hair that grew faintly as if to protect her precious place, then licked that same place with the tip of my tongue.

“……Nnn, nnnhu……it’s tickling me.”

The secret place of Anya that has never yet accepted any man was shut tightly, but it was already leaking sparkling clear love juices.

So that Anya can also hear, I intentionally made loud slurping noises as I sucked her.

Maybe because it has been a couple of times already, Anya’s love juice had a distinct rich taste.

Un, it’s also a good one too!
If it’s this, I feel like I can drink as much as I want!

I kept on tracing her crack with my tongue, and in a while, her clit emerged through the skin, as if asserting its presence to me. I aimed for her clit.

“――Hyaaaa! Don’t lick there!”

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Anya reacts sensitively even though I just licked it lightly.

However, I didn’t stop my assaults on her clit. I became even more relentless, as if a kid that had found itself a new toy.

“Noo, don’t! If you keep on licking there, I, I’ll be- Aaaah!”

Did she cum with just licking her? Anya’s legs tremble as I held both of them down.

Now that it has come to this, let’s make her cum grandly. I then chewed her clitoris with a light crunch.

“Hyaaaa! Aaaah, Nnnnnn!”

Pusha, Pushaaa. Anya squired a tide one after another as she climaxed.

And because I was still biting her clit as she did it, my face has taken the brunt of her waves.

“……Aah, haaaa, I’m sorry, Gilles.”
“I don’t mind. Plus, with this, we’re now even.”

I didn’t really mind it in particular, but Anya still apologized for having squirted all over my face.

Anya got her face dirty with my semen, and I got my face dirty with her love juice.

It’s quite comical if you look at it from a distance.

I’m not really ashamed of it, though.

I even saw it as some sort of marking, in which we stain each other’s bodies with each other’s fluids, indicating our possession with each other.

And also to keep others from laying their hands on our possession.

“I guess we’re ready now. Here I go, Anya.”

Thanks to the cunnilingus from earlier, she should be a little loose now. I aimed my meat stick to her secret place as I told her so.

“Ah……un. Go on……with this, I can finally become one with Gilles.”

That was the first time that Anya, who has been acting terrified since we started, behaved courageously.

She has grown up into a perfect woman.

I have to thank Anya’s parents for that.

I don’t remember their faces anymore, though.

“If you can’t stand it anymore, tell me right away.”

That said, I probably won’t stop even if she told me to.

I pushed my meat rod into her crack little by little.

I always think, this is the most exciting part ever, as it is in this moment where I will leave her honeypot, that no one has ever entered, a scar that will never disappear in her whole lifetime.

“……Ahh, I feel it, G-Gilles is entering me.”

Bit by bit, my penis squeezed itself inside her intimate place.

A few seconds after, the tip finally reached the hymen.



Anya raised a moan as she had felt it too.

I usually go through gently to ease the pain a little, but this time I decided to break through at once.

“Kuh, AAaaaah! ――Eh? It didn’t hurt as much as I thought?”

Anya tried to ease the pain of deflowering by shouting, but she didn’t suffer that much pain. Maybe it’s because of the curse?

――Well, it’s more convenient for me.

“Anya, congratulations on the loss of your virginity. From now on, you are a real woman. My woman.”

As soon as I said it, I pierced my cock further until it reached her far end.

“――Ahn! S-so sudden, and it reached all the way to the end!?”

With a bump, the tip of my cock reached the mouth of her uterus.

Anya’s vagina is longer than I thought, it was holding my long cock all the way to its base.

To think I found another treasure too. She’s also the same as her best friend, Belle. They both are Herring Roe Ceiling types!

Right now, the vaginal walls of Anya is rubbing the tip that is still pressed at her womb entrance.

The sensation was the highest.

“Though it’s a bit sudden, I have to train your body on not to be hopeless except when in front of my dick. Be prepared, Anya.”
“Un. As long as Gilles wants it, I’ll do anything.”

To taste the ceiling of the texture of her ceiling further, I began to shake my waist in small increments.

“Aah, aaahn, It’s hitting my back! Gilles is hitting my pussy all the way to its end! AAaaaah!”

I kissed her womb entrance many times, and after a while, Anya’s vagina began to twitch and convulse, as if it was another being of its own.

“Ooh? It’s already this lively despite being penetrated for the first time. What a horny pussy.”

I daringly provoke her to hurt Anya’s already non-existent pride.

“I-I’m sorry! Even though it’s my first time, I’m sorry for being a lewd woman who cums easily from your dick!”

Anya, feeling she did something wrong just because of what I told her, desperately apologized right away.

Despite that, her vagina tightens every time she does it.

“What the hell? Your pussy gets tighter each time you apologize. Are you that horny?”
“T-that’s not true! I really feel sorry! Please don’t hate me!”

Yet, the more she apologized, the more her pussy grips my cock tight.
And even more that hers is a special one, that my meat rod was already approaching its limit now.

“Rest assured! I love a nasty woman!”
“Nnnnhu! Ahhhh, I’m so glad! Me too, I love you too, Gilles!”

Feeling relieved of my words, Anya lost power in her body.

――At that moment.

I stopped my repeated attacks on her rear wall, then little by little, I pulled out my meat stick to the last minute. Then, with all my force, I gave her one big thrust.

“Aghaaa! Oooohn! Aaah, cumming! Even though it’s my first time, I’m already cuuummiiinnnggg!”

Anya’s pussy, which was struck intensely, clung to my dick in a vacuum that wants to suck all my semen.

“If that’s what you want, then I’ll give all to you! Here, take my first load!”

To release the feeling of ejaculation that I have been stacking up, I pull out the meat stick to the limit again

“――No, no, nooo! If you pull it out right now, I’ll go crazyyyy!”

What are you saying that is totally misguided?

I’m having sex with you to make you crazy in the first place! After all, how could I make you into my woman if I didn’t do so?

It looks like there’s no reason to stop at this level. I’ll be distraught if you don’t become such a lecherous woman.

“Oraaaa, I’ll jizz it all inside of you. After all, this is the taste of your man. Remember it firmly in your womb!”

After thrusting my cock at once, I then poured all my semen directly into her baby oven.

“Ahaaa, it’s coming inside! Aaaah, Giles’ semen is in my belly! I’m getting full of my man’s seed!”

Anya came while shaking her whole body. Her eyes already turned white.

It was her first sex, and she’s already this disoriented on her first creampie.

I was beyond delighted, imagining what will be of her when she turned even nastier.

Even forgetting the thought on how to break her curse.

Little did I know, because of that thinking, it has led me into the beginning of my hell.

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  1. “A few seconds after, the tip finally reached the hymen.”

    It baffles me how an author can write so much smut content and not have the slightest idea of where a womans hymen is located.


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