Mage Tower Management Volume 8 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Seal Unleashed

At the 101st floor, the seal we have worked our butts for months – it was finally lifted.

It was a long road we trod to get here, and now, just like that, it is all over. It gave me a strange feeling all over my body.

For me who has spent my days living a slovenly life after being transmigrated because of the complex which I developed in my previous life, the everyday scenery inside this tower is full of excitement and stimulation.

“……I think I’m getting emotional now”

I thought while I put on the sleeves of my clothes as I face the mirror in my room.

It may be the first time in two decades of living here that I was able to decide a specific purpose in life and made an effort of it myself.

Even though I haven’t entered the 101st floor yet, I’m already feeling a sense of accomplishment.

“Now then, let’s settle this thing once and for all”

I finished changing my clothes and opened the door of the room slowly.

All my companions should have gathered on the 100th floor by now.

Belle, Carol, Evelyn, Dahlia, Sarah, Felicia, Elisa, and Berengaria.

Unfortunately, Adelle isn’t here, as she got a bunch of sermons because of her previous ‘incognito’ visit.

Even so, to think I have gathered such a collection of women of astounding caliber, I felt my past life could now smile in peace.

It all started from that brothel.

The request to reapply the seal of the Demon Lord from Evelyn, the director of the Ministry of Magic.

Then I met Belle, who’s bare ass is fully exposed because of a dumb trap.

“For once, I’m thankful that she’s an idiot”

Otherwise, Belle and I would have fought and either of us would have died by now.

Time went on then I met Carol, the lewd maid, and even tricked my junior Elise to her defeat.

I then trained Dahlia’s asshole, and afterward, fought against Evelyn, who came over as the director of the Magic Ministry.

After the tower was rebuilt, I made Sarah, a former mercenary, into my maid and also acquired Felicia, the archaeologist.

Due to a misunderstanding, I crossed the line with my little sister Elisa, also took the virginity of our princess Adelle, due to our past circumstances.

The sex with Berengaria for three consecutive days after the city was completed inside the tower was really tough.

――still, I carried it all out.

At first, I thought that achieving sex points was impossible.

“But now, we have finally reached the top floor of the tower, and this time, it’s the real one”

Belle said that a person important to her is sleeping inside that floor.

“Will it be a demon or a snake? Well, we’ll never know until we check it out”

Although there was still the anxiety about the new encounter, my heart is overflowing with expectations and excitement right now.

So much that I didn’t notice that my legs walking towards the 100th floor are getting faster and faster in each step.

“What kind of person is she like?”

As they wait for Gilles on the 100th floor, Berengaria, who had been holding both her hands in a meek manner, finally asked Evelyn out of curiosity.

“Sorry, but even I don’t have any idea about it”

In fact, Evelyn right now is at her wit’s end, wondering what kind existence she is to be locked in a seal more complicated than the demon lord herself.

“Based on what I’ve heard, it seems that a person important to Belle is sleeping inside that floor.”

“A person important to her……is that her lover or something?”

Elsie and Dahlia, who were listening to the two of them, then came into the conversation.

“L-lover, you say?”

Probably because she has lost contact with people for god knows how long, Berengaria who has no immunity regarding these kinds of topics immediately turned red in the face.

“Kukukuku, if that happens, it will be a scene of carnage once we pass through that door”

Dahlia who found the gossip interesting added more fuel to the fire.

“Demon Lord’s former lover? There was such a person that existed? It wasn’t mentioned in the documents and recordings about the Demon Lord’s existence. I’m now very curious”

Now that the archeologist’s blood inside her is awakened, Felicia looks across the door with anticipation on her face.

“But basing on Belle-sama’s state right now, that case seems to be unlikely”

Sarah worried as she spoke while observing Belle, who had kept her distance from everyone and Carol, who is currently taking care of her.

“Isn’t that what it is? Her present man and her previous man, she might be at a loss who to follow right now”

Dahlia did it again, not holding herself back this time around.

“I also think that’s not the case. After all, she loves senpai very much”

“Hmph. As it’s one less burden to my dearest onii-sama, I don’t care either way. I’ll even be pleased if that happens”

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Elisa immediately refuted Elsie’s words.

“Th-that may be possible, but……I think it’s a bit sad, to see a friend who had liked the same person to switch to a different one”

Berengaria said while being depressed, to think her way of thinking is still like a little girl when in fact she’s the eldest of them all.

“You don’t have to worry about it, Beren. Elisa-sama doesn’t mean it like that, she just doesn’t like the fact that Gilles-kun is paying so much interest to that person, so she’s throwing a fit right now”

“――Wha, there’s no way that is the case!”

Maybe because it hit the bulls-eye, Elisa’s face turned bright red as she argued back to Sarah.

“Well, Elisa-san is a big bro-con even before this, so it can’t be helped for her”

Before Elisa even said a word, Elsie already interjected with her own.

“That’s true” “Yep, it is as you say”

Evelyn and Dahlia even gave each of their agreements.

“Haaa, so it’s that kind of thing……”

Now being put in an odd situation, Berengaria is now looking at Elisa like she’s some kind of a rare species.

“Geez, enough of it already!’

Elisa turns her head away, no longer wanting to refute against everyone’s reactions.

“Ah, Elisa-chan got mad”

Is she teasing her or is she’s just a natural airhead? Felicia spoke out the obvious as if it’s a natural thing to do.

“C-changing the topic, Gilles-kun is taking too long, isn’t he?”

Trying to salvage the atmosphere that has become awkward, Evelyn changed the topic right away.

“He’s different from us who used the transfer device, he should be arriving any moment now as he heads here on foot”

“Walking at this moment? Why so?”

Dahlia made a confused look at Sarah’s explanation.

“Well, it’s senpai, so I think it’s not something to think about”

Elsie, who has been around the longest since Gilles came to the tower, said without feeling anything odd, which is in fact, the truth. He is just savoring the feeling of success at this moment.

“If so, then we can only wait”

When Berengaria said that, everyone began to telling their reasons for how they felt the same way.

“Are you really alright, Belle-sama?”

“Eh, ah yeah. I’m fine”

I told Carol that, but my heart was full of anxiety right now.

I suddenly couldn’t control my own body well. I wonder what had happened?

Yesterday, we earned the remaining points by having a foursome with him together with Elisa and Elsie.

But after just hearing his name today, my head hurts like its being cracked open.

It’s becoming even worse since we came to the 100th floor.

If my doubts are correct, the headache is probably caused by that important person of mine who was sealed inside.

“Belle-sama, Gilles-san is finally here.”

As soon as Carol told me that, I raised my face and pulled myself up to put on a smile.

“You’re finally here! How dare you make us wait that long!”

I talked to Gilles by with all the energy I’ve mustered and as hard as possible.

Even now, the pain is still ringing in my head as if it was pounding me from the inside.

Still, I don’t want to cause anxiety to Gilles whose eyes are brimming with anticipation right now.

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“Sorry, sorry. I was just too excited that we’ve finally made it here. I need to calm myself down in the room for a bit”

Gilles spoke in a cheerful tone as he stood at the entrance, unaware of my suffering.

Then, he put his hand against the sealed door, then pushed it all at once.


The door which didn’t budge no matter what I did before now gave a heavy sound as it opened itself in front of our eyes.


At that moment, pain ran to my head, and it was more severe than ever before.

Even worse, the senses of my body is now completely lost, as if I’m a puppet with its strings suddenly cut off.

Am I sick or something?

Before I noticed, the floor was already right next to my face.

“――Oi, are you alright!?”

What is it, I feel that Gilles is calling me in the distance?

Fufu, what’s the matter? Getting so frantic like that.

Even so, Gilles still looked so cool no matter what kind of face he makes.

In my morbid consciousness, memories from my birth to the present flowed all at once.

So, this is what they call a revolving lantern……

I wonder, am I going to die?

――I don’t like that.

I wanted to be with Gilles more if I could.

I also wanted him to love me more and more.

Otherwise, I would break my promise with that child.

――that child?

“……ah, so it was that all along.”

Whom I proposed was a very important, treasured friend of mine.

As soon as I remembered that, I remembered everything from before I was reincarnated to the point until I was sealed inside the tower.

“……Fufu, I am stupid, am I? to even miss out such an important thing”

By the time that I laughed, I could hear the cries and scream of Gilles no longer.

Then, my consciousness faded as it was quietly swallowed by the darkness.

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