Mage Tower Management Volume 7 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – After the Long-Fought Battle

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Oraaa! That’s it, scream louder!”

It’s been several hours since I overdosed myself on those leaves.

However, rather than subsiding, my libido has gotten strong, very strong, in fact.

It was so strong that the monstrous lady inside Beren has already turned into an obedient little girl who meekly follows my every order.

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At first, her confident aura disappeared, followed by her seemingly-endless crave for flesh. However, she still screams like a wounded beast every time my member nails her deep.

“Ohooo! Yes, that’s it! Rape me harder! Harder!! Ravage my body, tear my pussy apaaart!!”

As I had gotten the lead again, we switched our positions into a doggy-style, where I’m in full control of her rear.

Beren’s beautiful silver ponytail is currently being held like reins in my left hand.

“You’re being carried away for so long! Now reflect on what you’ve done!”

Her plump ass, on the other hand, is busy getting spanked by my right.

“I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry this female pig opposed you! I’m sorry!”

“Pigs don’t speak human words!”

――Slap, slap, slap.

Each time she moans, something stirs up inside of me. Before I knew it, her butt has turned entirely red.

“Bu-buhiiii! Buhii, buhiii, buhiibuhiii!!”

The broken Beren then started speaking in pig language. Naturally, I couldn’t understand what she’s saying.

However, I knew that she’s feeling good with it, as she’s still making that entranced expression when she glances at me from time to time. Her mouth is even drooling.

“Oraaa! I’m gonna cum now! Take all of it in your wretched piggy bunk!”

I increased my waist’s speed.

“Buu!? Buhiim buhibuhii, buhiii!?”

Then, I pulled Beren’s ‘reins’ hard, causing her to pull her waist closer.

I forcibly pried her cervix with my transformed cock, and from there, it fired copious amounts of semen.

“Nhoooooー, buhooooooooo! Higiiiiiiiiiii!”

Bikubikuu, ――Bikun, bikun.

Beren, who received my semen in the deepest part of her uterus quivered all over.

After that, she lost consciousness, making her body pitch forward, entirely out of energy.

“……fuuu, ……fuuh, ……How, about, that?”

Even though I was still in the peak state of arousal due to the drug, now that I had enough time for a break, my consciousness was able to recover bit by bit.

I had almost gone berserk there. That was really dangerous!

“……haaahaaa, no more, I don’t want to use that drug anymore.”

I plopped down. A few minutes after, the effects of the drug completely faded, making my body limp like a wilted vegetable.

The drug gave a tremendous boost in energy and vigor, but the toll on its body is just too high.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’ve got not even a single drop left.”

My cock, which was raging earlier, has already gone quiet, and I couldn’t even feel a thing from it.

“Please don’t tell me I’m gonna get impotent after this……”

While I was thinking about the horrifying future, Beren, who had fainted on the bed rose up once more.


I was surprised by this, as I thought that I had already satisfied her completely.

To be honest, more than this is absolutely impossible.

I couldn’t even feel anything from my waist below.

“――Ah, huh!?”

As soon as she got up, Beren touched her body as if she had noticed something odd.

――what just happened?

Her state is being strange.

That bloodcurdling sensation that I feel from her, it wasn’t as impressive as before.

“It’s impossible, I can’t do it anymore. My body wants to sleep already…… it’s my complete defeat.”

Still, it didn’t deny the fact that she’s the last one standing. To think I was talking big just earlier, now I’m only an empty husk.

I’ll lose my mind for sure the moment Beren attacks me the second time.

“The curse, it is……”

Beren kept on murmuring something in a soft voice, but I couldn’t get close enough to hear it. Heck, I couldn’t even get my fingers up at all.

My body quivered from time to time, but those actions aren’t even according to my will.

……aah, I’m gonna get attacked now. It looks like this will be the end.

I had completely given up. Now, I shall await my end.

Beren threw herself at me. Then―― she cried.

“The curse! The curse is lifted!!”

What is lifted?

I, who was starting to lose consciousness, couldn’t even hear her words properly now.

“Gilles! My curse has been lifted thanks to you! Thank you very much!”

Beren seemed to be happy, I wonder what that was, wait. Curse?

“――What did you say? The curse has been lifted!?”

That moment I finally heard her words properly, my consciousness, which was about to fly out of the window jumpstarted right back.

“Yes! The aching and itch I always feel inside my body are all gone now! We did it!”

Beren held me tight and kissed me a lot in the cheeks, with each touch of her soft lips regaining my consciousness bit by bit.

Huh? Is Beren originally this kind of person?

When I met Beren for the first time, she was like an onee-san character who was very mature and fit for her age, unlike a certain nasty maid.

No matter how cursed she was, lifting it on her shouldn’t cause her to regress like a child in high spirits.

“Aah, …Sorry. Of course, you’ll feel unhappy being kissed by an old lady like me.”

Did seeing my un-amused face recovered a bit of her self-awareness? Beren shyly separated herself from me as soon as she realized that.

“I thought that I at least have to kiss the Prince Charming who saved me, is it bad that I did that?”

How do I put this…… the gap between her previous self is just too striking on its own.

The spermpire who was just devouring my cock for three whole nights is now getting shy like a little girl.

Even though her body is a supreme work of art, her heart is still that of a teen?

Even I doubt my senses right now.

Beren, who had entered the Magic Academy at an early age, has never been involved deeply with other people because she dislikes humans.

As evidence, after graduating from school, she had spent most of her time in a forest far from civilization, immersing herself in her research in magic at that.

This was even more so after being cursed, she cut off her connection with the people completely after that unfortunate incident.

So, this should be the first time in several years that she was able to talk to a person properly while laying everything bare.

Her behavior is inevitably too childish.

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“Still…… it’s also somewhat cute.”

I unintentionally blurted out what I thought.

“C-cute, you say? How embarrassing! How could you say that word in such an auntie like me?”

Beren turned shy, hiding her cheeks with both hands.

What is this creature? It’s on the level that she could already be considered as another person!

“Eh, I’m naked? Kyaaa! This is embarrassing.”

And now realizing that she was naked, she hid her body immediately in the bedsheets.

“We just had sex, and for a hundred times at that. You still feel ashamed?”

I asked Beren whose clothing was only the cover of the bed, as she squirms all over.

“My memories begin to blank out when the full moon is approaching. At the first incident, I was shocked as I found myself to be in a place far away from the forest where I lived.”

Beren, who had hidden all but her head like a cloak, said while feeling troubled.

“But I’m not worried about that anymore. That said, I don’t have enough to thank you either, but still, thank you.”

Beren expressed her gratitude by reaching out her hand to me who was lying on the bed.

As I had taken a bit of rest, I managed to stretch out mine, but because of that act, her armpits and huge breasts became visible from the side of the sheets that wrapped her entire body.

Why. Even though I had already seen the nook and cranny of this body for three whole days, it feels more erotic now that I could only catch a glimpse of it.

Is this what they call chiralism[1]? No way!

I, who had made a new discovery, then felt the lower part of my body getting hot.

My cock, which should have been entirely silent, is now slightly raised.

“By the way, the curse has been lifted, but I still couldn’t get out of the room. Why is that?”

Beren asked me a question.

“Ah. You couldn’t exit? Well, you see, it’s a magic barrier we’ve set up as a precaution. Don’t worry, it will deactivate once the full moon ends, and from there, we can finally get out.”

“Oh? Okay then”

I checked the clock hanging above the room to see the remaining time.

“Oh, would you look at that. Looks like we just got two hours remaining. Not that long, is it?”

“Is it? Great! After we get out of here, what do you want from me as a reward? Come on, don’t hold yourself back. I’m quite reliable even though I’m already this old.”

Beren, who turned around, asked me with a smile on her face.

It was a very charming and sweet smile.

“……Hmmm, a reward, huh?”

I had sex with Beren in the first place to earn points.

It was a coincidence that the curse was lifted in the process, and with the sex itself being my purpose, it didn’t cross my mind the events after that.


An idea flashed in my head.

Well, it’s more like a gift that I wish for my half-birthday.

“Then how about Beren becoming my woman?”

“――Eh, Eeeeeh!?”

Was my answer too unexpected? Beren was even dumbstruck with it.

“…… D-don’t you find me unpleasant? I-I am already old enough to be considered as your aunt. Besides, I also heard that Gilles already had a lot of young girlfriends, so……uhm, you know……”

Seeing Beren getting flustered all over, it was a really heartwarming sight.

“You’re saying you’re old enough to be my aunt? But I don’t see that in you. In fact, I don’t even worry about such a thing.”

“B-but that’ s――”

No matter how much I put it in words, Beren wouldn’t be convinced.

“Then, I’ll tell it to your body personally that your age is irrelevant, and your body is one of the best among all the women of this world.”

Forcibly peeling off the sheets wrapping her whole body, I grabbed Beren and pushed her down to the bed.

“……please be gentle.”

Is she feeling scared? Beren shut her eyes tight, as if she had already resigned herself to a big bad wolf that’s gonna eat her chinny-chin-chin.

I gently kiss such Belen to make her at ease. With this, our long nights are over.

I was surprised to find out later that this was Belen’s first kiss.

Translator notes:

[1] Chiralism. In Japanese, it is, pretty much, an accidental or natural “flashing,” as in the exposition of skin or underwear from the illegally short miniskirts that are standard for all girls in anime. It is composed of the term “Chira” which is also an onomatopoeia for “flash” in Japanese lingo, and “-lism/-ism” which is a commonly and overly abused used English suffix for any word that you want to be considered as a fetish or religion or belief or practice or doctrine. What? I think I defined that correctly.

This term is used in contrast to deliberate flashing, which is considered inferior to chiralism, by the warped logic that seeing skin or underwear is good, but showing it off deliberately is obscene, as obscenity degrades its value.

So, to sum up, it’s an unintentional wardrobe malfunction fetish.

You have learned another fetish despite the quarantine. Congratulations.

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