Mage Tower Management Volume 7 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Long Nights with Berengaria 3

Two days have passed since my sex with Berengaria began.

Today is the day of the full moon. The day when Beren’s curse rises to its peak.

As for me, I have already managed to make her cum once every few paces.

Still, I couldn’t deny the fact that I came several times more than she did.

Right now, Beren has just lost her consciousness once again, making me have a chance to take another light puff. If not for these secret viagra cigs, I would have been the one who has fainted and sucked dry instead.

“Damn, to think my strength is still not enough even with this cig.”

For now, I could still manage for a bit.

However, if this goes on, I will eventually collapse at some point.

It’s not that I don’t have any more libido. It was merely because I lack the energy to do so.

Beren could really devour my meat stick without resting.

Only in these moments when she faints herself from pleasure is where I could take a light break.

“……A spermpire, huh. they really said it well.”

I praised the human beings who gave Beren her moniker.

No matter how many times I made her cum, she kept rising up like some kind of immortal zombie.

Added to the fact that she’s a transcendently beautiful woman, who can grab your meat stick with a face that looks happy from the bottom of her heart.

Listening to the story alone makes one think it’s a dream-come-true, but for those who had actually experienced it, it was nothing but a grim nightmare.

She’s a vampire who could suck endlessly for semen.

――hence a Spermpire indeed.

“whoops, did that wake you up? Sorry for disturbing your catnap.”

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Beren, who had fainted earlier, woke up while I was wandering in my useless thoughts.

“But it seems you aren’t satisfied yet? then come here, you can do whatever you like.”

I always tried to keep ourselves in a cowgirl position so that I could save my energy as much as possible.

As soon as Beren realized that it was me, she immediately grabbed my meat stick and pointed it against her special place without even looking me at the eye.

Haaa, haaan. You’re the first person that had lasted this long against me.”

But for some reason, she didn’t insert my penis all at once. Has she finally ran out of juice?

“What’s wrong? Did you fall in love with me?”

I tried teasing her a bit.

“Hahaha, that may be so. Maybe I fell in love with this cock. After all, it was beyond my imagination that there existed a person who was willing to put themselves, and even managed to reach this point, just for the sake of my own wellbeing.”

――Hm? I felt like Beren is beginning to regain her consciousness.

But now should be the full moon, in which the curse should be at its strongest.

Perhaps the curse is starting to weaken after our series of hardcore sex?

“……Well, if I were you, I’d keep waving my waist until I’m satisfied.”

“Ufufufu, I guess its time for me to get serious. ――Nhuu!”

My throbbing meat rod is swallowed inside Beren once again.

It was the very same insides that I have lost count how many times I came in and out of it.

“――Nn, kuhh!?”

But thinking that I have gotten myself used to the stimulation, I was too naive. I who let down my guard for a moment ejaculated in an instant.

“Aha! Where did that dashing figure of yours gone to now? you’re like a boy who has just lost its virginity; it’s so cute~!”

“You-! That was out of――kuhh!?”

I lifted my waist to fight back, but at that moment, I ejaculated again.

――What the? What exactly just happened!?”

I couldn’t catch up on what was happening to me.

Aaah~ so warm. My belly is getting flabby with your thick semen~.”

Beren shook her waist even more as if sneering at me, all while rubbing the warm feeling inside her belly.

“――Kuh, Guaaaah!”

My hips were shattered those movements, rendering me unable to move anymore.

Pleasure dominated my whole body.

“More, mooore! Fill my belly with your cloudy and mushy semeeen!”

Beren tightened her grip over my cock more than ever.

I didn’t know what triggered her, but it the pleasure this time couldn’t even be compared with the previous ones we had.

“――Damn it, I’m being sucked dry!”

A few hours after Beren turned serious.


With the series of ejaculations that were too many to count, my consciousness has begun to fade away.

Since then, Beren hasn’t given me any time to rest.

She just kept on swinging her hips like a mad cowgirl in earnest.

I wondered if her womb is already full of my semen right now.

Every time she shook her hips, semen overflowed from her precious place, making obscene sounds as it did so.

“Ahn, ahn! More, more! Ehehe, ehehehehee!”

Even Beren could no longer utter any proper words either, as she just made a series of gasps, cries, and creepy laughter.

She has become a walking monster who craves for sexual desires. Not even a trace of her original personality was left of her.

That god is a really petty guy, to cast such curse to a girl who wanted to cure her little sense of loneliness by creating companions of her own.

For that, anger dwelt inside me, even after my consciousness flew out so many times.

“……haaa,……haaahaaa, ――Kuuuh!”

My body repeated its ejaculations despite my anger.

However, my sense of euphoria had already disappeared.

Without the authority to ejaculate freely, I kept on being devoured greedily.

This is nothing but torture.

“It feels so good! Breasts and my crotch, all of them feel so good!!”

I don’t know how many times she did it, but Beren, too, climaxed once again.

She had both of her legs twitching and jerking as she bent her back to the limits.

“Ahaha, I came once more, but I’m so full, I feel like a child will come out!”

After applying pressure to her jerking legs, Beren took out my meat stick from her pussy for the first time in several hours.

Then she got closer to my face, which couldn’t even make a twitch.

“――Ooh, Oppu, ueeeh”

Just as I have thought, Beren worked out the semen out of her pussy and splashed them onto my face.

Semen, mixed with love juices came to my nose and mouth in large quantities.

It felt really humiliating, especially for me, who was always on the giving side.

“Ahaha, ahahaha! How do you feel now, after receiving a facial of your own? Ahhh, I’m really, really happy right now!”

Beren continued her scoffing at me.


At that moment, something snapped inside of me.

I then grabbed the few remaining special Viagra-filled cigarettes at the side of the bed, and swallowed everything whole.

Ooeee, gaaaeehh……haaahaaa, ――Oooh, oehhh

Even though it tasted like leaves, I couldn’t help to find the urge to vomit because I tried chewing and swallowing solid materials by force.

I then swung the remaining water from the pitcher onto my mouth to manage the discomfort on my belly, even though most of it splashed onto my face.

Ngugnugu, puhaa! I’ll make you regret, now that you made me serious.”

I, who managed to swallow the remaining packs, then declared war on Beren.

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These specially made Viagra was already effective by burning and inhaling the smoked components. Very much like the cannabis in my previous world.

But this time, I swallowed all of it raw and absorbed it into my body directly.

It was a massive overdose, no matter how you put it. And it’s not funny anymore.

As a proof of it, my cock was even bigger and more ominous-looking than ever before.

It was already enough to be called a transformation.

The head of my penis has become into a form that could penetrate and rake everything in its wake.

The part where the pole had become thicker, and the blood vessels were even making hard-throbbing protrusions.

“Ahaha! If I put this in, my pussy will certainly get ripped apart! I like it!”

But despite that, Beren, who stared at how my cock transformed, even drooled in rejoice.

“This time, you’ll be the one screaming hard. I’ll make sure of it.”

I laid down on my back once more, all set for my revenge match.

“Oh, I’m scared! Then, here I go! Nhooo!”

The moment Beren straddled over and inserted my trembling rod into her private part, she blew a tide instantly.

“This is, not good! It’s too much! Aahh, I never felt this much ever before!”

As if completely charmed by my cock, Beren was unable to raise herself up and remained convulsing her waist on top.

“Not yet, I haven’t heard that scream of yours yet!”

I, who realized that this was an excellent opportunity, pushed myself upwards to Beren without putting room for breaks.

“Wait, waaaaait! AAahh, I can’t endure this thing anymoreee! I’m really gonna go crazzzzyyy!!!”

Beren tried to pull up my meat rod in fear, but I didn’t let go, I caught her waist and immediately plunged her in once more.

Then I raised my upper body a bit and bit her nipples while at it.

Ahhiiii, ahiiii! No good, I’m gonna cum once morreee!”

Beren’s body convulsed many times again, as if a high electric current is running through her body. Her consciousness was also set flying every time.

Still, I didn’t stop my waist.

“You have been unruly for so long. This time, it’s my turn.”

Thus, my counterattack began.

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