Mage Tower Management Volume 7 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Long Nights with Berengaria 2

“Here I come! I’ll put it on your face this time!”

――byururururu, byururururu.

Aaaaahn, so good! I knew you’re the best!”

Beren screamed in ecstasy as I covered her face with my seed, which was already the fifth since she started her fellatio.

I raped her throat so violent that it made her unable to breathe a couple of times, but for some reason, she always found everything to be enjoyable. It’s like I’m fucking a monster with an endless and insatiable craving for flesh, that the more she eats, the more hungry she gets.

I have to last against this woman for three whole days? I, who had these thoughts, felt uneasy. After all, this was only the first day!

“……As expected of the one who was called the Spermpire. She’s frightening to another degree.”

In the meantime, the ‘monster’ was feeding herself with the semen I planted on her face, giving me time to catch my breath. I didn’t miss this opportunity and drank a mouthful of water from a pitcher on the table beside the bed.

Then, I searched my pants, which she had thrown to the side earlier. From there, I took out a cigarette pack from one of its pockets and lit one in my mouth.

“――Suu, puhaa, ――Goho, goho”

Whether because I hadn’t smoked cigarettes when I came to this world or maybe the cigarettes were just of different quality, I was choked by the nostalgic smell I inhaled for the first time in this life.

Goho, goho, ――Haaa”

But I still tried to do my best and repeatedly put smoke into my lungs.

So why am I smoking cigarettes at such time?

That’s because this ain’t an ordinary smoke. It’s a Viagra that I cooked up with all my knowledge of my previous life.

No matter how unrivaled I am, I still couldn’t help but worry when I heard that the curse was God’s work.

Therefore, I concocted this drug when I was busying myself with my preparations. Also, making and perfecting this drug helped me pass the time from thinking temporarily about sex.

I have spent quite a bit on the ingredients to make this, so I could guarantee its effectiveness.

As evidence of it, my penis hasn’t shown any signs of withering yet, even though I had ejaculated so many times.

I felt like I’m cheating with this, but she’s also using the power of the curse, so I think we’re still even.

“What’s the matter, Beren. Though I’m now taking a break, I still could do some more, but it looks like you’re down already?”

I sat down on the bed and stirred up the foul beast.

“Ufufufu, good, so good. You’re the best male I ever had!”

Beren, who had been subjected to my taunt, rose up and licked her lips with her tongue, then she approached me on all fours.

Her big breasts shook because of it.

My eyes were already saying to me, What a destructive power!

“Nfuu~ You want this~? All men like this, after all.”

Did Beren notice my gaze? She lifted her boobs with pride, then stuffed her nipples inside her mouth.

“Mmhaa, it’s delicious. It’s soft but firm, and it makes me excited too. Do you also want to suck them?”

――I also want to suck them!!

I want to suck those huge tits. I want to suck it as much as possible! No! This is a trap!

I somehow managed to suppress the desire that screamed deep inside my heart.

It would be foolish of me to get in Beren’s pace here.

If I let down my guard even a little, my existence will surely get sucked instead!

Thank goodness that I managed to endure somehow!

“S-so, do you not want my cock anymore or what?”

We will be here in three days, so the chance to rub those massive tits will surely come! I have to endure it in the meantime!

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“Ufufufu, to think you still have this much composure. How about this then?”


Beren, who came over to my front, sat on top of my lying body, then the next thing I realized, she had swallowed my meat stick with her lower mouth by force.

“Ahaaaa~ so good! it’s reaching so deep too! “

She began to shake her hips feverishly after that.


I couldn’t form any words to describe how much I feel.

The insides of Beren was even more spectacular than I imagined.

It felt similar to a vacuum blowjob, but the level of hers is already at the point where I felt like I was being sucked into another dimension.

Her entrance could tighten itself whole, from the tip up to the very base of my dick.

Her vaginal walls are so wet and soft. However, this didn’t obstruct her a bit in her tight grip of my meat stick. Instead, it entangled with my cock even more!

――it’s like a thousand small snakes[1] were slithering and wrapping themselves on me!

Even I was impressed by its sensation. It felt really out of this world.

A thousand little snakes slithering about as they wrapped themselves in my member, which was at their mercy.

One wrong move and they could crush it with their grip.

I never felt so hopeless and aroused at the same time.

The deeper I went, the more the soft and slimy sensations entrap me. Her womb entrance pestered the tip of my member like a hungry leech that is out for blood, well, in this case, for semen.

Though I tried my hardest to endure the sensation of climax in desperation, my hips were already becoming numb, and my consciousness was already in the brink of flying outside from the pleasure.

“A, aaaaah! Don’t grind it up so much! I’m going to come!”

I finally cried out for forgiveness.

However, Belen, who was currently staring down at me from her cowgirl posture, only grinned, as if a witch that has successfully lured children in her abode to be eaten.

――It’s gonna be bad if this goes on!

That moment, I thought my consciousness would finally give up to Beren’s vagina.

Beren moved her hips as she had seen through it.

“Haaaa! Ukuh!”

I made a pitiful moan once more.

But even with that, Beren was without mercy. She went with more giant swings of her waist to further mock me.

Ufufufu, nice cry you got there, how about I try this one!”

The same time she said those words, she raised her ass up to the very limits, then slammed her pussy hard on me.

SLAM! A really lewd sound effect was created as the two hips clash among each other.

“Uugh, not good! It feels too great!”

I, who was swallowed up to her innermost in just one stretch, only managed to writhe in too much pleasure.

My legs even stretched out on its own as my waist convulsed, I felt like a woman who had been cummed inside.


The lingering sensation of my ejaculation didn’t fade out until a few minutes later, even after she pulled her waist earlier before that.

It was the most humiliating ejaculation of my life.

Araran, you came already? Did it feel that good for you?”

Possible because she already knew what I’m feeling now, Beren pampered me like a child after that.

Maybe it was her retaliation for me provoking her earlier?

“But, you see, I won’t be able to get satisfied with just this―― Oh, oh my~ even though you have let out so many times, it’s still this big! Nfu~ in that case, let’s keep going!”

W-wait a moment, I have just cummed――”

I tried to stop Beren’s movements, but it felt too pleasant that my waist has already given up on me.

Haaan, haaann……more, let’s go even more hardcore!”

Beren, who didn’t listen to any word of mine since the beginning, intensified her movements further.

“So good, my womb is throbbing hard whenever your dick hits its end!”

Shit! This rascal, she’s using me to do whatever she wants. I’m really pissed off!

Right now, I’m resting up a bit to recover the energy of my paralyzed hips.

“Hurry up and cum! Fill my stomach with your thick and smelly penis milk!”

Every time Beren slams her hips on mine, it created a loud slop. That showed how intense her pumping is.


Bit by bit, my consciousness finally recovered, and I gradually regained my calm.

However, that didn’t mean my junior is already safe. To tell the truth, it was already on the verge of its limits a long time ago.

――Dopyuudopyuu, dopyupyupyu.

“It came! It finally came! No matter how many times I made it cum, it’s still thick and syrupy! Your semen is the best!”

Unable to endure it, I ejaculated once again, but I don’t have the time for that right now.

I have just noticed a crucial fact.

――Huge pairs of tits are currently shaking in front of me.

Because we are having sex in a cowgirl position, it was only natural to say that.

However, I wasn’t able to realize it because I kept on losing my cool. Beren’s insides were just so comfortable.

But this time, I was filled with the eagerness to suck them hard.

They are now shaking in the very front of me.

And I’m now at the position where I could catch them in one stretch of a hand.

――There will be no hand that can’t resist to massage this. No. It will be a shame for generations to come if I were to miss this opportunity.

“That’s why……itadakimasu!”


Bellen, who had been grabbed in her chest, suddenly raised a cute yelp.

“Nfufufu~, I knew it, you really like them after all. And to think you provoked me instead of grabbing them earlier, which is a futile effort of yours, aren’t you getting a bit greedy?”

Oh my god! These breasts are dangerous!

It was an excellent article that far exceeded my imagination.

Even the sensation of its touch is impossible to describe with any onomatopoeia.

It has a softness that can sink forever as far as you push your fingers. Yet, a feeling of impertinent elasticity made it turn back to where it was.

They were huge, really huge. Even I thought there was also a certain amount of weight in them.

However, their lightness, like a cloud, betrayed all my expectations. It was an embodiment of contradicting presences, an insult to physics itself!

Rather than pinching up those erect nipples like picking up a cherry, you can grasp them with a hand and almost mold them into a shape you want. They were just that big and soft.

Everything has surpassed my expectations, and my mind has been blown away.

But even in such a state, my fingers were still moving. It’s like a golden goose of old. If I’m not careful, I’m afraid I might break it.

There must be some kind of magical power in these things, that you won’t be able to let go once they have been touched.

“Ahn, if you can play with my breasts that much, I can fun in my own way over here too.”

While I was still absorbed in rubbing her chest, Beren began shaking her hips once again.

Right now, I’m focusing all my senses on my fingertips that are currently feeling her huge bazoongas.

However, my over-indulgence of these milk jugs has become an opportunity for her to devour my penis even more!

――I’m going to cum once again!

But this time, I’m determined that I could make Beren cum without ejaculating, so I began to rub her breasts even harder.

“Ahn, ahn, ahn! You’re bullying my nipples too much! Kyaa! Don’t pull it so hard! What will you do if it doesn’t turn back its shape?”

Beren seemed to have felt quite a bit in the simultaneous torture of her nipples and vagina as her swaying become more cautious than before.

There is already an incredible amount of sweat in our bodies, but none of them hampered us a bit.

Perhaps she couldn’t afford it anymore, Beren’s whole body is drenching with sweat all over.

“D-did you just cum? Even though you were saying bad things all over, you came from just groping your nipples?

I kneaded her tips and nipples with both hands until they exhaust themselves to the pleasure.

“Ha, look how erect your nipples are! It’s almost as big as a child’s penis!”

I, who moved to the counteroffensive, began to Beren with words.

And thanks to the sweat being my lubricant, I improved my torture by another bound.

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I gently sized them up and down while clenching those huge nipples that were already throbbing hard in their erection.

The other, I pinched it with all my might, then pulled it hard to the limit.

“――Ahiiiii!? It hurts! But it also feels good!!”

Did my nipple attacks set her mood? She raised a moan while she made a face of anguish.

“Then I’ll make it stronger for you! Oraaa, I’ll make you cum only with your nipples!!”

I intensified the movements of my hands.

That’s right! I’m, I’m a pervert who gets off by just being played with my nipples! That’s why I want more, I want you to ravish my nipples more!!”

Unknown whether she’s already close to the limit from my nipple attacks, Beren stopped moving her waist for a while now.

I didn’t miss that opportunity.

Oraaa! Go ahead and cum already! You pervert!!”

I twisted her nipple as hard as I can, then thrust my meat stick violently from below.

“Agaaah! C-cummming! Cumcumcumcumming! I’m gonna cuuuuum!!”


Beren did an arch with her back as she squirted out grandly.

“……At last, with this, I finally gained a victory mark.”

After tens of hours of sex with Beren.

When the first day was about to end, I was finally able to obtain my first winning streak.

Translator Notes:

[1]. 1000 snakes. The raw initially says “1000 earthworms”, but I chose to replace it with snakes in this part as snakes are the most common terms used in sex because of their phallic head and long and slender body, and earthworms are often viewed as creepy and disgusting in western perspective, that may also affect your boners.

Anyway, what’s so special about this 1000 Earthworms? 1000 Earthworms is one of the “true famous instruments – literal translation or Hontou no Meiki, (本当の名器)” of the female genitalia rarely found in women but are already known in Japan. How do I put this… Just think of them as SSS-Rank vajayjays because they have these unique “weapons”.

1000 Earthworms is a rare feature of the female genitalia where the vaginal muscles move undulatingly as they wrap around the man’s penis. This gives a tangling stimulus, leading the male partner to pleasure in no time.

Compared to G-spots, which please women, these features focus on pleasing men.

Other known rare vaginal instruments a first-class pussy has are the Herring Roe Ceiling (unique texture of the vagina), the Bale Tightening (very tight in some areas), the Octopus Jar (great suction), the Steamed Bread (enlarged labias that provide cushion), the Fountain (very, very wet), the Sea Anemone (suction and 1000earthworms combined), and the string purse (tight on the entrance, loose inside). Source in Japanese here.

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