Mage Tower Management Volume 7 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Long Nights with Berengaria 1

After listening to Berengaria’s story, we were left with nothing but stupefied looks on our faces.

“So the rumors were true, that those two armies back then were destroyed overnight.”

Evelyn tried breaking the silence upon seeing us still standing, unable to react from the shock.

“S-so, to make thing short, you were inflicted with a curse just by the creation of those creatures?”

“Yes, I read and scrutinized a lot of books and documents in an attempt to break the said curse after that, but as you see, it was no avail.”

No matter one had to put it, it was one hell of a crazy story. What I’m also worried about is the voice that resonated in her head during that time.

“Well, if you allow me to give my opinion, then I say that it was God who had put a curse on her. If not, then what else?”

“No, no, no, that case is pretty unlikely. Joking or not, if it is really a God who had really done this, then he sure has one hell of a shitty hobby, putting this kind of curse on her.”

I immediately refuted Evelyn’s theory.

No matter how you put it, blaming everything on God is already too much of an escalation.

“Of course, I didn’t say it without any basis. When a hero is born, the world would hear a voice from the heavens, as if proclaiming its existence to the entire humanity. Therefore, I think it’s not strange too for one to be cursed the same way for having violated a taboo.”

“That…… you may be right……”

Okay, I think underestimated her a bit, and forgot that she had always taken these kinds of things seriously. She ain’t a director for nothing after all.

Indeed, there were several cases of hearing ‘God’s voice’ being mentioned in various documents I have studied in the past.

“Then, if I say I believe that the curse is a work of God, then why is it sex? Where there any other meanings in it?”

“That I can only answer with a hypothesis. Because she had violated the taboo of procreation in the wrong way, the curse may have forced her to commit acts of procreation – the proper way.”

That certainly made sense.

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“But all curses have conditions attached to them. For this same reason, I have also thought that we need her to reach or pass a certain criterion for this curse to be dispelled.”

“……a certain criterion?”

“Yes. A certain criterion. That brings us back to the question, why does she need to have sex? Maybe to understand the way of creating life as much as God did? Or maybe something else? Maybe if she were to make a good appeal to him in this manner, she would be relieved of the curse eventually.”

Evelyn’s theory is a mess in a first read, but if you trace between its lines, you will find out that it actually made sense.

As the magic formation of the curse, its structure was surprisingly simple that we can have an estimation right away.

“Besides, this tower emphasizes the first sex committed inside it, as shown in the amount of points it gives on it. What I mean is, if you two manage to keep having sex until the night of the full moon, I think we could gain a considerable amount of points.”

Evelyn’s speech got heated up more and more.

So if the curse is lifted, it would be a grand celebration for Beren.

Even if we didn’t manage to solve it, we would still be able to accumulate lots of points.

It’s not a bad proposal.

“Though it is good for us, is Beren okay with it? Didn’t you have a hate for human beings?”

I spoke to Beren, who has not said a word since finishing her story.

Not mentioning I already called her by a nickname without any honorifics, and casually at that.

“I don’t really care if the curse will be lifted or not. Rather, if it wasn’t for the curse, there won’t be a man who would like and embrace such a big woman.”


Has this woman ever seen a mirror? I don’t understand what part of herself did she find unattractive. Is it because of the curse?


Sure enough, when I looked at Evelyn, her eyebrows have already risen up.

“When I was still at the Magic Academy, I have been bathed in weird gazes because of how big I am. I couldn’t also make friends because of that, and it resulted in me developing my misanthropy.”

It was because you’re just too beautiful, that no one even dared to speak with you!

“Also, I’m already 29 years old this year. If you really fine with such an auntie like me, please, do me however you like. I’m already tired of tying myself with a rope whenever the full moon approaches.”

I was even more surprised that this woman with incredible proportions is already 29 years old.

Even upon taking a closer look, her skin is no different than that of a teenager’s.

However, based on this conversation alone, this fellow is indeed entirely wrong in the head.

It seems that we’ll end up thoroughly educating her to the bones for her to realize on her own that she is a transcendent beauty.

――I felt motivated all of a sudden.

“……well, since next week is going to be a full moon, I will have her live here like the usual until then. I’ll monitor her personally, so you all can be at ease. That said, there are only women here, so I think it’s going to be okay.”

“Okay, I also don’t mind.”

Evelyn declared so, in which I replied. I then faced Berengaria and said.

“Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. Welcome to the tower, Berengaria.”

Three days before the full moon. I brought myself in front of the room where Berengaria should be staying.

According to Evelyn, who was monitoring her, Beren right now is experiencing an increase in her libido, and it was already huge enough to cloud her consciousness.

Our plan is to create a barrier where no one could leave after I entered the room until three days later – which should also be the end of the full moon.

Evelyn, Elisa, Belle, and Elsie were assigned to watch over the barrier in turns.

Even if something were to happen with this, I think it should be all right.

“Okay, here it goes.”

Under the watch of my companions who prayed for my safety, I slowly opened the door and entered inside.

― Gachan.

I heard the door closing behind me.

“Now then, it’s time to get this show started, Gilles Bain.”

Was there ever a man who experienced having sex as a matter between life and death?

Even if there was, he wasn’t me. However, if I were to get over this, I feel like I could grow even more as a man.

“Hello! I’m Berengaria, and I’m great at milking out sperm, so, good luck!”

Is she joking around to reduce the tension? Where is she and why did she reintroduce herself all of a sudden――


I was pushed down by Beren, who had jumped onto me from my blind spot.

“Ahaha, so you’re the man who will satisfy all my lust?”

She said as she forcibly removed my pants while acting like a carnivorous beast. It seems she’s already unable to recognize me.

“Hmmmm, what a great smell.”

She rubbed her face against my dick, then took a good sniff after.

“You don’t have to rush, my dick won’t go away. Let’s slowly enjoy ourselves, okay?”

“Aaahn? No way! It’s impossible now that I have inhaled such a good smell!”

“――Oooo, kufuu”

Beren, who has her ears turned deaf to my words, shook off all the unwillingness she had in mind and sucked my dick right away.

“So goooood! A smell of a strong man! Aaah, it’s so muuuch, so gooood!”

Her mouth entangled itself with my cock as if it was another creature of its own.

“――Kuh, she’s good, really good.”

It was another form of pleasure I have never felt before.

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Every time she made a lick, a stimulus runs through my whole waist as if I was being electrocuted in my crotch.

In terms of fellatio, Carol has already overwhelmed the other members of my harem with just that.

Beren, however, was on another league of her own.

It was as if her tongue was divided into several parts, piercing repeatedly and accurately in my weak spots one after another.

Guh, if I leave it like this, I’ll gonna get milked right away!”

Not expecting to nearly cum this early, I pulled out my waist immediately as I tried to escape from Beren’s mouth in desperation.

However, I wasn’t able to because Beren held both of my legs tight.

Ahee~? You running? Not this time~. I want to have a lot of semen my mouth-pussy, so go ahead and cum quickly.”

Beren then sped up the strokes of her blowjob.

“Is it there yet~? Hey, are we there yet~, jubojubo! Hurry up~.”

Because of hot having sex for a week, my senses became more sensitive than usual. To think that my preparations backfired me this instant, I could only lament in regret as I went on the verge of cumming once again from her violent fellatio.

“Kuh, Damn it!”

“Ahaha! Your cock is getting bigger, it looks like it’s going to cum soon! Go ahead and cum already~!”

No matter how much I hold myself up, the feeling of wanting to ejaculate showed no signs of going down. Instead, it even got worse.

“I am Gilles Bain! I have taken various kinds of women in my arms until now. Why am I getting aroused so quickly!?”

Beren then grabbed my waist even more firmly, then in one move, she held my cock deep inside her throat until everything was gobbled up.

“” Gueee! Ehoo! To think it reached so deep inside my throat! It’s okay, you can cum inside my esophagus!”

――doriyuu, doryuuryuryuryu!

“Ahaha, it’s here! My snack is finally here! Aaah, your thick semen is directly pouting towards my stomach! Upuu!”

Perhaps because of having been saving it for a week, my first ejaculation came out in jelly-like lumps.

Belen’s throat moved desperately, trying to swallow it all and not making a single drop escape.

Upeeh, fuguu……gufuuu, ah, ahahahah, it’s so much some came out of my nose~.”

However, because the amount is just too much, Beren wasn’t able to swallow them all, and it ended up flowing back, coming out of her nose as a result.

Nhooooh! Such an intense smell and amount…… it’s like nose is getting pregnant from it alone!”

Looking at the bizarre sight, it made me think to myself. Despite how much one had violated a taboo, and even if it’s a God who did it so, it was really terrible to put a curse to a woman like this. She’s literally reduced to an animal in heat, that even I felt pity on her.

At first, it was only for the sake of points, but now, I absolutely want to break this curse for this woman. I want her to be free.

“What’s wrong? Does your mouth need a day of rest from too much semen coming out of your nose? Looks like Spermpire is not a big deal, after all.”

I tried provoking Beren while hiding the trembles of my waist.

“Nfufufu~ you’re really quite the man. It’s the first time I have felt someone so strong.”

What I want to see is Beren, not this lewd beast.

The naïve Beren who doesn’t understand her own beauty.

I want to see the look of such a woman as she accepts herself for what she really is, and at the same time to make her willingly submit herself to me.

“Then there’s more where it came from. Come on, suck me dry, if you dare.”

Though I have already let out once, my penis is already prepared for another bout, fully erected for the next round.

“Ah~n, you’re superb, really superb! Even my mouth is brimming with thoughts of having it filled once more~.”

“Stop talking. Start sucking!”

I declared so as I wiped my member clean with Beren’s face and forced it to her mouth once more.

Nhooooh, hardcore is also great! Make my mouth pregnant! Aha, my stomach is already quivering in delight!”

And so began the long night between Berengaria and me.

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