Mage Tower Management Volume 7 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Advent of the Spermpire

A few days later, Evelyn made contact with us, telling me that the woman who was called the “spermpire” will be arriving today.

“I wonder what kind of person she is?”

The nasty maid beside asked me a question.

“Uhmm, I really don’t know, rather, can you just ask in an ordinary way and not feel my crotch so casually?!”

“Geez, you don’t have to be so stingy. Plus, its not like it’s gonna go down right away.”

“No means no. Plus we are in an important event right now”

“Meanie. You’re making this onee-san cry.”

Carol parted with my crotch reluctantly. She displayed a really unwilling face that even I felt bad from it.

Good grief, I couldn’t be careless when I’m with this woman.

“If you touch it, it will definitely go down, my semen stock that is!”

If it’s the normal days, I would have banged this maid to oblivion right away, but this time, i have to stay still. What we’ll be facing is a woman lecherous enough to knock down two armies in a single night. Therefore, besides keeping my guard up, I need to stock lots and lots of “ammo” to face her.

To be honest, I’m half scared and half excited.

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Because of that event, she was then called a “Spermpire”. However, I still have doubts and even believe that these are all just an exaggeration.

As she was rumored to ‘destroy’ two armies in a single night, but then, the story might have been an exaggeration.

No matter how horny she is, she won’t beat my unmatched cock……I think. Maybe.

“Arara~, I see them. It’s that group, right?”

Carol pointed straight from the entrance of the tower where we are.

“……I can’t see anything”

“This onee-san’s eyes are good after all. I think Gilles-san will see it in a few minutes time.”


A few minutes later, as Carol said, I was able to recognize a group approaching us in my naked eye.

Carol beside me is like, right, I’m right, right? as she winks at me. She’s like a dog asking for a reward after fetching a stick, and It’s kinda annoying.

Just how good are your eyes? Are you one of those Maasai tribesmen? I made that retort in my head.

Well, there are no Maasai people in this world, so it will turn out as an anotherworld joke if I said it.

While I was thinking of these worthless things, Evelyn and her company finally arrived in front of the tower.

Because she returned on a pretty big caravan, there are a lot of people that came this time.

I tried to find the “spermpire” among them, but sadly, none of them fit my expectations.

“……So, who is it?”

After giving up midway, I directly asked Evelyn.

“Really, this guy. Can I at least have a “welcome back” in my return?”

Evelyn put down her shoulders in obvious disappointment.

“I see, my bad. Here. ――Nmm”

To cure her mood, I pulled her body towards me, then I made our lips overlap with one another.

“Nnn!? ……Nunnn, Nmmmu, mnnnu”

Evelyn was surprised at first, but she eventually entrusted herself to me.

“Arara~, it’s still daylight but everyone is already this passionate. I’m so jealous”

Carol who was watching nearby made fun of us right away.

“――Puhaa. Wh-what are you trying to do in front of this many people!?”

Evelyn, who had just returned her sanity because of Carol’s teasing, screamed at my face in anger.

“You’re still saying those things? Aren’t you the one who asked it in the first place?

“I said I wanted a welcome greeting! W-who the hell said I wanted a kiss!?”

“Yes, yes. My fault, my fault. My bad”

I omitted the last line, mainly because I’ll definitely be beaten hard with so many reprimands if i did. I’m a good person after all.

“By the way, who’s the spermpire? I couldn’t figure her out just from their appearances”

Carol who completely ignored out burlesques asked us out loud.

“Now that you mentioned it, I haven’t introduced her to you yet. I’m going to call her now. Please wait a moment.”

After she said that, she dashed away to escape the several gazes that surrounded her.

“Ufufufu, teasing people like Evelyn-san is really worth it. Her reaction is priceless!”

Chuckled the nasty maid as she said it in a whisper, but I pretended not to hear anything. I’m a good person after all.

“Here, you can enter now”

I turned around to the direction of Evelyn’s voice.


When my gaze went the person Evelyn had brought, I became speechless in an instant.

That’s because, the said person herself is tall, taller than me in fact, and is wrapped in a cloak from head to toe.

Is this the rumored spermpire? The ‘monster’ who sucks up countless men’s energies in one night?

“Her name is Berengaria Ona……well, I understand what you’re thinking right now. However, because of the rumors, I could only show you this much. Why don’t we move to another place first? To the one that is much……less populated”

“……ah, okay. Right this way”

As Evelyn as reminded me so, I snapped from my idle thoughts and started my transfer magic right away.

“……Wow, so this is transfer magic”

After the transfer, Berengaria seemed surprised at her first transfer magic experience.

Yep, that sure is a female voice if I hear one. Moreover, it’s adult-like, and it sounded really alluring.

Still, I wasn’t convinced yet that this Berengaria is really as beautiful as rumored, as because she’s a whopping 190cm tall behemoth. She’s kinda intimidating in fact, covered in cloak and all.

“Okay, I think here is a good spot. Belen-san, you can take off your cloak now, if you want”

“Okay, I understand”


“……o, ooooh!”

I instinctively raised a voice of admiration.

If i were to summarize Berengaria’s appearance in one word, It would only be: Miraculous!

The first thing my eyes saw was her huge breasts that gave off a dominating presence, not losing to her height.

Sure, i had witnessed numerous pairs of child-supporting apparatuses in this life, but Berengaria – hers is one of a kind. Not only they are big, they are also not sagging and they are even shaped perfectly, as if they a pair of gigantic rockets with tips standing up! A mysterious balance that could already be considered a miracle of the human body!

Her bodylines too are another class of its own. Not only they are long and slender, the more I stare at them, the more I was enchanted by them. Even with just gazing I could already feel how succulent her flesh was. She’s one hell of a mannequin that has come to life with a forbidden spell, I tell ya.

She had a really beautiful silver hair that gleamed even on the dimmest lights, tied on a ponytail as it flowed down to her supple brown skin, a forbidden combination which accented her lasciviousness. I wouldn’t even doubt if she were to say that she’s a part dark-elf.

There are quite a number of beautiful women around me, but her beauty is on another scale itself.

As a proof of it, my penis is already growing to its biggest size, just merely on the sight of her miraculous body.

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Though right now I could still tolerate it due to my good self-control, I feel that my body would assault her if I relax my senses even for a moment.

“……wow, what a staggering arsenal you got there”

“You too, to think you’re still not attacking me right after seeing my body, you’re quite amazing too”

If someone would hear this line normally, he or she would think that the person had a lot of confidence in herself. Then again, this is Berengaria we are talking about, so this might even be a normal case for someone like her.

“See, what did I tell you? I knew Gilles-kun would manage to overcome your looks”

Evelyn cut through our conversation, sticking her smaller chest out in pride.

“Yes, i see it. Thank goodness I believed in you. It might be even possible for him to break my curse”

Berengaria grabbed Evelyn’s hand and thanked her in return.

“Curse? Pardon this onee-san, but why did Beren-san got cursed in the first place?”

Carol who wasn’t able to utter even a single word until now went directly to the point.

Of course, I couldn’t say I’m not curious about it, as Evelyn also mentioned this in her speech the last time. If the curse is the kind that has caused her constitution, then I could be able to reverse it once I figure out its origin.

“……I understand. I’ll tell you the story”

Berengaria has begun to talk about the cause that had led her to her current body that which couldn’t live if she didn’t have sex.

In the past, Berengaria was a famous mage.

However, she then developed an extreme misanthropy while studying in the academy. So, after graduating, she went in a deep forest, far away from human touch, and immersed herself in her research in magic alone.

At first, she was satisfied with it. Except for delivery request for her supplies and alchemy ingredients she gets from the nearest village, she had little interaction with the people that she hated the most.

However, Berengaria was also a human being, and human beings are social people by instinct. Eventually, she felt lonely in living all by herself for many years.

The problem is, her fear and hatred for human beings is still there. So instead of curing her hatred, she created another alternative. Literally.

So, whenever loneliness hit her, she tried to create animals with magic that will serve as friends to talk to, rather than familiars that mages often do.


She immersed herself in another research after that, a research to create animals purely with magic power, in which they also have their own consciousness. This is in order for her to befriend them, rather than using them as familiars like what the other mages do. As she had also studied in the academy, she already knew that it was a taboo to create creatures with pure magic.

However, as it was in the middle of a deep forest, no one was able to stop Berengaria.

Also, since she too is an excellent mage as she was well-recognized in the academy in her time, her pride also played a part of the devil in herself .

After a series of trial and errors, Berengaria has eventually perfected the art of “birthing” the “taboo creatures”.

Berengaria, who was very lonely in the forest, was very, very pleased. Now she won’t be alone anymore.

However, the moment when her magic creature, a dog she designed, came out from the magic circle she created, a low but heavy voice resounded in her head.

“You have violated the taboo of this world. giving birth to the living with magic is an act forgiven only to me. With this, I will give you a curse”

At first, she didn’t know what it was.

She checked her body, but nothing has changed even though it was mentioned as a curse. She then thought it was probably a hallucination or something due to too much concentration in her research study.

But then a few weeks later, Berengaria found out that there was really an anomaly going on inside her body.

The entirety of her body gradually felt hotter and hotter, and there is also the pain and itch that won’t go away.

Since Berengaria is also a human being, she also accumulates libido. However, she was always able to satisfy herself to some extent just by comforting herself a few times.

But this time, no matter how many times she masturbated herself, the pain, itchiness and hotness won’t go away. What’s worse is, it even became stronger day by day.

Then at the day of a full moon, from her too much libido, she had lost consciousness.

“――When I came to my senses, I have already lost my virginity, my body was already white from the semen, and I was shaking my hips over some unknown man.”

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