Mage Tower Management Volume 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Evelyn’s Plans

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“…… it’s been a while since I admired the view of this town.”

I, Evelyn, am currently in the town nearest to the Lavabelle Tower.

Inside my heart, this town has a special memory. After all, it was the place where I met Gilles for the first time.

Honestly, when I first met that guy, I was really surprised.

Though I have already heard him from my sources and the rumors, to be able to see him in person, I never thought he was really living a life of debauchery without shame nor limits.

At first, I doubted if he was of the Bain Family.

But thinking it deeper, everyone in the Bain family is a little bit eccentric in their own way. Still, they all kept up their images and maintained a cooperative relationship with the country.

Maybe because he’s a man, and the first one at that, so he doesn’t care about those things at all?
No, it still wasn’t a qualified excuse for him to carelessly indulge himself like this. He was still a noble, and nobles care about images the most, even more that the Bains are one of the most prestigious and respected nobles in the country. I highly doubt he lacks education either. His lineage founded magic to its very roots that even I won’t get surprised if he has more knowledge than me.
That was from my perspective as a noble. As a magician, that’s where everything fell apart.

At that same first glance at this person, I already felt a terrifying amount of magic power. He might have been trying to hide it at that moment, but for me who’s life and career has centered through magic, I was convinced. He is without doubt, a member of the Bain lineage.

Added to the fact that he brazenly dared to invite me as his partner for a single night on our first meeting, to be able to have the courage like that, or should I say recklessness? I think even the Demon Lord would be sealed in his arms instead if it were this guy.

Well, speaking of the devil, it really happened. Even I did think twice if we had sealed the proper demon or not.
Well, as long as there is not a single speck of damage to the country in the end, that alone is enough for me.

Leaving this story aside, located in this town is the largest branch of the Ministry of Magic.

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Though our headquarters is located in the capital, as this was the nearest location to the Lavabelle Tower, the directors of the past generations has established a base here, which has become a substantial headquarters as time goes by. All for the sake of monitoring the seal of the Demon Lord.

“Eveln-sama, thank you very much for your hard work in the Lavabelle Tower”

As soon as I arrived at the branch office, a lower subordinate welcomed me inside.

“I want to call an urgent meeting with everyone. Can you gather them to the meeting room at once?”
“Yes, as you wish, director”

After a few minutes upon telling that subordinate, all those important personnel present picked up her feet and went to the meeting room.

And after a few minutes more, the executives came after.

“A pleasant greeting, Ministry Director. May we know what happened at the tower?”

An elderly person, also one of the deputy directors asked.
I stated what happened in the tower, with relevant “adjustments” of course according to what we have planned. After a few minutes, we finally arrived at the main issue at hand.

“And so, that’s all what happened. Gilles-kun has agreed to stand by and keep the tower in check, but he offered several conditions”
“Hah! To think that brat dared to even give us conditions, who does he think he is?”
“He is still from the House of Bain. Compared to your House, tell me, can you even rival what they have?
“But he is the Archmage Degenerate! The Cursed Child! Why do we even have to listen to him?”
“Because the blood of Bain still flows in him. Tell me this, are you prepared to offend the sole generation that practically established magic, which is directly related to our professions, and face the brunt of their wrath?”
The deputy director went silent. However, I knew problem is still about to come.
“One of Gilles-kun’s proposal is, to open the tower to the general public”

Then, as expected, intense opposition was raised once again.

“The Tower of Death open to the public? He being a Cursed Child was true all along! That punk even wants to kill us all!”

Another older executive officer loudly objected. The old man couldn’t keep his cool any further and shouted names over, not hiding his prejudice of the boy in question.

“Can you let me finish? Of course, there’s no way open the dungeon tower and release it as it is. All the lethal traps and monsters will be removed, making it a death-free dungeon for anyone who enters.”
“Who would believe in such a bullshit? That tower is the very epitome of death! Plus the very Demon Lord is sealed here, by his very ancestors! Director, why are you still insisting on this!?”
“Don’t make me repeat myself. His lineage aside, do you know who we are dealing with? He’s the son of the strongest archmage in existence. That alone would cost us dearly if we push him any further. Still, it isn’t that he hasn’t prepared something to “convince” us”
“What do you mean by that, director?”
“It is as I have said. Think of it, even if we were to allow the dugeon to be opened to the public, who would dare to come in?”
“So you mean-”
“Yes. To attract people to enter the dungeon, they need something worth as a bait. What do you think are the most common reasons why people seek to discover dungeons?”
“Yep. But there’s more. They aren’t only just ordinary treasures you can found anywhere. These are treasures and artifacts of the Bain generations”
“Now that you say it, it has been pretty more convincing. However, it will still incur him a big loss. Something smells fishy here”

I knew it will lead to this.

Well, this is what Gilles-kun wanted. He won’t complain if I smear a little more mud in his already shitty reputation, would he?

“Has anyone forgotten? Only women and those who belong to the Bain lineage can enter the tower”

Everyone nods to the old and newly establish facts.

“This is his second condition. Gilles-kun, wants to put his hands on all the women who comes to the tower. He wants to let us close our eyes on that”

To those words, an even greater opposition bigger than a while ago was raised.

“Isn’t that a crime!?”
“How can director acknowledge such thing!”
“I cannot think of this as nothing but insane!”

I already knew this was going to happen, but to even receive a greater opposition, that I didn’t expect.

Upon taking a closer look, it’s like giving a sacrifice to the Demon Lord, except that it was actually Gilles-kun who ‘eats’ the women.

“Either way, before entering to the tower, I want every member of the expedition to write an oath of consent. I don’t want headaches in the future”
“But sending our people to the tower, isn’t that too-”
“So what? Whether it’s a few women or a dozen women at a time, in exchange for Bain artifacts, it’s pretty cheap. Plus, it’s not like they’ll die or something, so this doesn’t count as a loss at all”

I convinced everyone who are still disagreeing.

Yes, magical artifacts and tools made by the people of the Bain lineage are just that worthy, or even more.

Until now, the women of the Bain family maintained a cooperative relationship with the country, but they didn’t give any kind of magical artifacts to the country itself. Also, not all of them excel at making tools either.

Even including the powerful ones I used in the dungeon and in the fight against Gilles-kun, I only possess enough for my fingers on both hands. Some families even treated theirs as family heirlooms for their power and rarity. Yet, the result is we were still overwhelmed. That’s how skilled Gilles-kun is.

But now, you can get those tools and artifacts of equivalent or even higher value than the ones we had with a zero risk of death. There are no such benefits as exceptional as this.

Compared to that, the women will only offer their flesh to Gilles-kun, a loss that can be ignored even when considering the citizens’ strong opposition from below. Plus, with a strong background and riches of his, who will even dare to resist that guy? He even has incubus-like skills to boot. I won’t even bat an eye if he had fucked every woman in this town already. So what if they get fucked again?

“Of course, we also have an option to pass on such powerful artifacts. However, are you even aware of our chances of getting one? Even of all that, that man over there is still a Bain for the umpteenth time. Or is there anyone here who’s powerful and brave enough to face him?”

The people present fell silent on my words.

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The meeting won’t go anywhere if you just remained quiet like this. To think the guard dogs of the tower is running with their tails tucked between their legs. Pathetic!

I guess I have to personally kick up some asses to make this happen.

“Then, as the director of the Ministry of Magic, I will take full responsibility for this problem in person. On the other hand, I want you all to please think of a good excuse for our citizens as well. Adjourned!”

I stood up and went outside of the room.

I could see the attendees standing up and bowing to me before I leave, but I ignored them and continued walking.

Reaching the director’s office at last, I sat down in my luxurious office chair and crossed my legs beneath it.

A subordinate of mine comes with refreshments.

“Thank you for the hard work, ministry director. May we know the agenda today? You seem to be more……heated than usual. Ah, but it made you even more vibrant than before”
“Don’t treat me like I’m some sort of lamp. I can’t help it, as this bunch is but a gathering of cowards. I just want that tower to be opened to the public, and they’re already losing shit.”
“The tower director is speaking of, is it the Lavabelle Tower?”
“What else is there”
“that’s……a really big matter to be honest. Isn’t it natural to have such opposition?”

Once I received those words, it’s like a bucket of cold water has splashed onto my head.

“Ah, Un. I guess I’m too hasty”

It was the “residence” of the Demon Lord who has blown to smithereens a great part of the country. From the view of ordinary people, that tower is a symbol of fear.

“Maybe I have been dyed too much with the atmosphere on that side”
“Then, how about going for a vacation?”
“Rejected. I have several things that needs to be done from here on. We need to check and examine both the invading side and the defending side of the tower respectively. Moreover, I have to find talented personnel who are willing to step in there”

This is going to be a little bit difficult.

We can’t afford to use the country’s regular army, and as part of the government we can’t afford to hire bandits either. And citizens can’t move their feet because of fear.

“Then it’s a great timing, I can come up with some candidates, director”

While tossing and turning sheets about it, my subordinate offered a suggestion.

Naturally, I took interest in it.

“Can you tell me more about it?”
“Yes. I remember that this town hired several mercenary groups recently because of the appearance of monsters alongside the roads going here, and there were several female mercenaries among them”
“Can you bring me the intel about them right away?”
“Yes, please wait a moment”

The subordinate nodded and left the room.

A few minutes while drinking tea, the subordinate came with a stack of papers in hand.

“Here you go, director. These are all what I found”

The subordinate handed a dossier over.

After skimming through all of it, one of the papers caught my eye.

“Heee, a mercenary group made up of women only? What a perfect fit”

The document contained the names of dozens of their members and the name of their squadron. All of them are oddly, composed of women, in contrast to a common mercenary group in which majority are men.

“Well, bad luck for you girls, but let us make your bodies a test subject for Gilles-kun. It’s okay, you won’t die anyway”

Imagining the fate of this mercenary group, I smiled.

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