Mage Tower Management Volume 4 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Birth of an Obedient Maid

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

In order to get to Sarah, I raced my final lap towards the finish line.

The finish line meaning her complete surrender of course.

However, it seems that our Sarah here is still mesmerizing in the afterglow of her climax.

From her secret place that was fully exposed in the air, a mixture of semen and love juices could be seen leaking out.

“Oi, no time to rest. Get on to it”

I said so as I put my held Sarah on her body. Then I turned her over.

“Ngyuuu. A-are we still doing it?”

I heard a voice that I’m not sure if its astonished, appalled or terrified.

Still, it was a good reaction compared to her absolute lack of cooperation earlier, so I think we’re heading on the right direction.

“Of course, we’re continuing. I only ejaculated once after all. That isn’t going to be enough”

Sure, in the sex we had earlier I have spent several times the energy with her compared to a normal woman. However, those several times were still too few for my being.

It’s not a big number for me who have dealt with thirty women on rotation.

“Impossible. You’re kidding, right? Such a man would be satisfied if he does it once……”

“That only applies to a normal person. However, I am not your normal person”

I said so as I rubbed the ass of Sarah who was still laying down.

Unlike her breasts, the meat in this area is really plump. As if it was created just to be massaged by my hands.

After enjoying for a while, I spread her ass apart.

“Hey, you. Did you just come from being massaged on your ass?”

“O-of course not! You are just too much!”

I inspected her just to be sure, and from what I see, the secret place that has been oozing out semen from before is now flowing out love juices all over instead – and with no trace of my seed anymore.

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No matter what was injected inside the womb, it’s surely hard to come out, but to think that all my seed has been washed away fully by this woman, my pride as a man is hurt.

“If this the case, then I just have to pour more into her womb”

I spread Sarah’s legs and slipped my member into it.

The present Sarah’s pose now looks like a frog.

“Fuu, just use it as much as you want”

Sarah didn’t even resist, and let myself violate her body completely.

Has she given up on her body in order to concentrate on keeping her head strong?

It’s pointless, Ms. Baggage Carrier.

“Sarah, from now on you will submit yourself completely to me. I’ll make sure of it”


Ignoring me now? Well, fine.

I aimed my cock at her wet vagina, then thrust it in one breath.

“Ngiii, mufuuu”

Oh? did she endure the first shot?

Unfortunately, our show has just begun.

From my position covering Sarah’s whole body like the common mammal mating pose, I lifted my body upwards with my back straight and do her in the common doggy style.

This position is perfect for Sarah, who has completely submitted her body to my control.

“Haaー, I can see your back soaking in sweat from here”

It was faint, but I felt her tremble in that short moment I said that line. This woman is enduring quite well.

“……Nn, fuu……aah”

Then like a battering ram breaking down a fortified citadel, I shook my waist down with a similar tension.


When my hips slammed against hers, a crisp smack resounded, and her rump shook considerably.


Sarah who was already struggling to breathe couldn’t help but let a shout.

I who heard that reaction felt even better as I continue to move my hips.

――Pan pan pan

Each time my piston makes a sound, I could see her butt waving.

Her vaginal meat was also clenching hard, as if rejoicing all over as it served my penis.

The stimulus from the front and back walls of her vagina might have been the culprit that changed everything. From like a tough piece of cardboard, it changed to a soft stimulation as if a leather cushion embracing my meat stick.

“This is…… Nice, looks like my efforts has paid generously”

As I evaluate Sarah’s rare condition, I didn’t stop my waist from moving.

“Uguu……u, auuuu……”

Sarah’s sensitivity seems to be going up gradually, too.

I raised Sarah’s back, making it contact closely with the front of my body. From there, I found out that her body temperature is rising – a condition where a woman’s body is in the state of estrus.

Without warning, I licked the scruff of Sarah’s neck.

“Akuu, wh-why, in such a place……!”

The moment I stimulated her neck, Sarah climaxed lightly.

She tried to endure by suppressing her voice, but with the sensation of her vaginal flesh clamping down my meat stick hard, the result was still obvious.

At her present sate, Sarah cannot hide anything, no matter how hard she try.

“I know that you just came……oh man, you did it again”

“……Nnn, auuu, nooo”

I kept on whispering her bodily reactions one by one, all while enjoying the the pleasures of being gently wrapped by her vagina.

“Ahn, nooo, please, don’t tell anymore……”

Where is that tough mind now, lady?

Sarah’s spirit seemed to have scattered in all directions now, being so embarrassed by the situation.

“As I said earlier, I won’t stop until I make you fall”

However, my aim right now is to have sex with Sarah. So you can say that I have already won this fight.

I sped up my pistons even more.

――Zupan! Zupan!

The sounds were heavier than before, that even Sarah’s panting, which was suppressed earlier began leaking all over now.

“Afu, ahn! Noo, even though I don’t want to feel so good-!”

A change began to occur in her vagina.

The cervical canal, which was obstinately closed until then, began to open wide.

I, feeling that unique change utilized all my senses, and waited for the perfect timing. Then, I violated her cervix in one go.

Of course, this time I also prepared countermeasures. To prevent it from dripping this time, I fully intend to pour all my semen deep inside her womb.

“Ah no more! I’m cumming again!”

It seems that Sarah has finally given up closing her mouth, as she overflowed the place with her sweet and alluring moans.

Time to settle this.

“Sarah, who is your master?”

“Lorraine, -sannn-huiiiiiiii”

My cock knocked her down, like a sanction to her mind that still resists.

The pleasure caused by it ran through the whole body like a lightning bolt, dyeing her thoughts white.

“No. From now on, I’ll be your master. Gilles Bain is the name”

“N-no. it’s my c-captain, aaaah, cumming”

I pierced her vagina as I urged her to make corrections, but Sarah just comes rapidly every few seconds.

Then after a few more climaxes……

“M-my lord, my lord is……Gi,Gilles Baaiiinnnn!”

“Now you know. Remember it well”

“Y-yeeessshh! My everything ish now Lord Gilles!”

Finally, I have managed to succeed in defeating Sarah’s mind!

However, it was still incomplete.

This must be firmly burned into Sarah’s consciousness.

“Okay then. Sarah, for your first order”


“Go wild and cum while calling my name!”

The moment after I stopped to give that line, restarted the stopped piston.

Agiiiiiiii! Wait, please wait, Gilles-samaaaaaAAA!”

―― Dochun! Dochun! Dochun!

The sounds of the strongest pistons I have ever did dug through her now sloppy vagina. It sounded so obscene that anyone would be in doubt when told that it came out from two persons’ copulation.

“It’s coming out! Even though I have cum for how many times alreadyyyyy!”

Sarah who was calling out my name dutifully reports her status even though as if her voice now comes out of her nose.

However, I still didn’t stop.

Rather, now that I’m on my last spurt to ejaculation, the speed of my pistons further increased instead.

“I’m coming, Sarah. Drink it all with your womb!”

“Yesh! I’ll drink, I’ll drink all the semen with my wooooomb!”

I used Sarah’s vagina fully, to further enhance my sexual feelings.

I could already feel her already gaping open womb’s entrance, as if telling me it was all set long ago.

After a while, the sexual urges I have been holding back bursted out. I then brought the tip of my meat stick in close contact with her cervix, then released all the contents of my tank in there.


“Aaaaaaaaaahh! Gilles-shamaaaaaaaa!”

――Bikyun, byurururururu!

The semen that was launched vigorously hit her womb entrance, pouring it towards her uterus.

I poured my semen down to the last drop, all while keeping our bodies in close contact. The sensation is like all the insides of Sarah were being repainted white.

“Hot, It’s so hot. Aaaah, its so much too……”

Sarah muttered in a rapturous manner.

“Do you remember what I said earlier?”

I put my face close to her ear as I said so.

“Y-yes. All of me now belonged to Gilles-sama. Please feel free to use ime however you want……”

Satisfied with her answer, I separated from her body and sit down beside the bed.

“Fuu………Haha, ahahahaha”

As soon as my breath caught up, laughter began to fill the room.

With just my power, I have finally defeated Sarah’s stubborn spirit!

An opponent who persistently went forward in spite of the situation around her, a situation that resembled my own self’s previous existence.

With this, I was able to break off the inferiority complex sitting in the corner of my head even after reincarnation.

I know, it was pretty self-conceited of me, but what’s important are my feelings.

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“Uh, is there something wrong?”

Sarah who was surprised at me bursting into laughter so suddenly called out to me.

“Nah, it’s nothing.”

I waved my hand to show that I’m not worried, and turned around to face Sarah.

“Sarah, I’ll need to ask this of you once again. How did you get out of custody when you were captured?”

“That’s, its because the slime that was violating me was melting my clothes, so I thought maybe I could use the slime to hit the restraining devices at me that time”

The slimes have been ordered to start caressing after destroying her equipment. Perhaps it recognized the restraints as equipment too?

This needs to be improved immediately.

“Still, how did you managed to hit the slime there? Your hands and feet should have been bound by that time”

When I asked so, Sarah responded with a little hesitation.

“Uhmm, you see, the slime that was stuck to my chest, I bit it, chewed at it, then spat it out……”

“You tried to eat the slime? Ahahahah! I give up”

I laughed unintentionally for her boldness of eating a monster.

Sarah reddens her face.

“I see. Sarah, this might be out of the blue, but from now onwards, you will be my maid. Are you alright with that?”

“M-me, a maid!?”

“Correct, but first, let me have you as my partner for tonight”

Once more, I pushed Sarah down to the bed.

Against the backdrop of a woman’s lovely moans, the night of the renewed dungeon advanced long.

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Second of the five(5) chapters released for this day! Three(3) more to go!

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  1. From my understanding, Gillies was a loser in his last life because he got caught up in his brother’s lives. How did this help with that? I’d imagine Lorraine is more of the kind-of person he would need to defeat to get over that. Sarah was just someone who… I dunno, didn’t complain and lived her life? If this helped him, it’s only made him more evil than before.


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