Mage Tower Management Volume 4 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Broken Chastity

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

As I laid Sarah on her back, I took a good look at her whole body from beneath my feet.

Like a ripe fruit that’s ready for picking, her body was already red from her top to her bottom, all due to the series of activities she had done earlier.

Due to that my cock on the has doubled its hardness, as if it knows that it’s about to take another woman’s virginity over again.

I sat down, then split Sarah’s legs and looked at her secret vault.

“You are not pretty much of a virgin anymore. You should have known this already.”

I said so as I look at Sarah’s face from between her legs.

Then, I saw her eyes glint with a tint of regret.

“Haa, fuu, if you want to ravish me, then go ahead and ravish me already. I want to end this soon”

Her tone is a bit bullish, but I know that she’s pretending to be tough.

How do I know? Well, love juices leaking non-stop out of her vagina is one of the evidences, if I were to show one.

They even ooze out to the sheets, spreading the stains even further.

“That’s my intention in the first place. Or were you unable to endure it anymore?”

“Wha, it’s not like that!”

“Oh? I’m not sure about that. Let me ask your body instead”

I took out my meat stick which has already finished its war preparations, then pushed it to the vaginal opening ahead.

Sarah’s body shivered. She probably realized what hit her.

I began to insert my meat stick further.

“Nguu, haaa, it, it has entered!”

Though it was violated repeatedly with my fingers and my toys earlier, her pussy was still tight as ever.

I put in a little more effort, and the widest part of mine finally reached inside.

At time, I felt something that is blocking my path to my conquest.

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It was her hymen.

“Haa, afuu, what? Why did you stop?”

Wondering why I stopped, Sarah looked at my direction.

“Right now, my tip is hitting your hymen”


“Feel it well. For I’m going to take away the chastity you have been protecting for so long”

I resumed my penetration.

The hymen that resisted the invasion of the foreign body was broken through, and from there I pierced it all the way to her innermost place.

“Agiii! Ah, hyaaaaaaaaa!”

For an instant, Sarah screamed in the pain of her torn membrane, but her voice quickly changed into a mixture of pleasures.

Of course, this is to be expected. After all, aside from her whole body being violated so badly, the insides of her vagina were already trained well in that pseudo-sex using my toys.

Now that it is accepting the real thing, how would she feel? It was pretty obvious from the start.

“Yours are also of a good quality”

I also gave praise to Sarah’s now devirginized vagina.

No matter how much I get used to sex, the feeling of being the first one is really different in its own way.

It was still hard, yes, especially the walls, but still, the way her insides wriggled as it entangled with my meat stick is enough to understand that hers was of an excellent caliber.

I enjoyed the first-time exclusive tightening for a while, then started shaking my hips because I wanted to feel more simulation.

“Ahh, no, don’t move right away……aaAAAAAH!?”

Because of the difference from the slimes’ degraded sensation, Sarah couldn’t help but yelp as if she was getting crushed over by the feeling of the real cock.

Just a little back and forth motion and she’s already like this. I guess I have to hold back a bit.

So, while changing the direction and strength of my thrusts in order to taste all of her vaginal meat, I moved my waist once again.

“Aah, AaAAAH! Don’t poke it there so much! I’m gonna breaaaak!”

I ignored her pleas.

As I developed Sarah’s pussy, I felt like a farmer tilling a hard soil for it to become soft, as every time my cock dug through her hard flesh, the part that was pierced through becomes soft afterwards.

I scraped the folds of her vaginal wall, crushing the unevenness like boulders in the field, but it also gave me a strong simulation in the process.

“It’s a pretty nice pussy you got in here, Sarah. I’m going to develop it a lot”

I made my pistons even faster when I finished my declaration.

But even with the increase in tempo, the insides of her vagina were able to respond instantly to my movements.

“Noo, stop, you’re too fast! Ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaah!”

I enjoyed the background music which was Sarah’s alluring moans.

It has been only a few minutes since I inserted it, but Sarah – she had already evolved.

Her fleshy insides that was tough and hard at first had finally thawed and softened, and it even had shrunk to fit my meat stick better.

Its pleats of muscles tend to cling like a curtain of meat, making its ruggedness even more revealing, which further intensifies the stimulation.

“It’s a tremendous transformation in such a short period”

“You, didn’t even, hold back, uuuugh”

“No, that’s not it. This is your natural talent”

Just leaving this here for reference. Belle, though she’s pretty skilled now, she was still pretty naïve when I was taking her first time, and it also took quite time for her to adapt and reach where she is now.

She’s completely the opposite of Sarah here, who had quickly developed herself in the sudden turn of events. Her being a mercenary might have also influenced her behavior, compared to a certain demon lord who hasn’t left her room for centuries.

“Are you really a normal human being? It’s like a succubus has awoken inside of you”

I mentioned that as a compliment, but it seems she didn’t like it, the way she scowled at me after. She might have thought she was being made fun of.

But it was really a compliment, honest!

Among countless women I have embraced with these arms, this is my first time to experience this kind of pussy.

Though she can’t match the other women in this dungeon yet, I can say with confidence that she has a great potential if nurtured well.

“I’ll teach you a lot of techniques in your pussy from here on”

“How could you, I don’t want them! Aah, kyauuuu……”

“Come on, don’t say that. You should be thankful instead, for I’m going to change you from head to toe according to my liking”

Hearing those words, Sarah flapped her hands and feet to resist, but she was already weak and out of energy that all the hit she made on my body only made weak slaps.

It was too late for her. Her body, especially her genitalia, was already trained to submit to me long ago.

The evidence was right in front. Sarah couldn’t even move any of her limbs properly, because right at this moment her brain should be overloading with signals of pleasure being sent from her body.

“Ah, ahhn! Ah, no, it’s coming, something is coming oooout!”

The baggage carrier’s body sweated even more, and her muscles stretching and contracting could already be felt just by touching her.

They’re the common symptoms of an approaching climax.

“Oh, are you going to cum? Hey”

While saying so in a tune as if ridiculing her, I thrusted my meat stick further.

“Nooooo, if you touch it there, I’m gonna, aaaaaahhh!”

Sarah tried twisting and turning to escape from the approaching climax, but I didn’t let her.

“Cum, release it all! Cum for the first time after losing your virginity!”

I knocked senseless her womb entrance which I haven’t touched so much until now with my meat stick.

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“Ooh, so deep!? It’s poking my uteruuuuus!”

The insides of her pussy strangled my member shut so strongly after that, but I still pushed through and began my last spurt.

“I’m cumming right now! I already came, so please let go!”

“But you have just improved. Let’s keep it going until the very end”

“No way……ahiii, I’m gonna cum again”

Sarah expressed despair upon hearing my words, but when my cock hit her again, it was immediately replaced by a cumming face.

Have her facial muscles been raped by the intense pleasure too?

Still, this act won’t be over till I’m over.

“The problem is, will she really be broken if I stay at this pace?”

All I wanted is for Sarah to surrender. Not destroy her mind and reconstruct it thereafter.

However, I do not intent to stop the act here either.

“This is going to be a bit rough, but this is all for the sake of breaking you”

“Wh, what are you doing this time?”

I decided to run at the shortcut in the end.

I grabbed Sarah’s waist, then brought her close to my person.

Then, I also moved my waist to fix my body’s position.

This way, my movements will become more dynamic than before.

I started once more, and this time, every time our lower parts hit each other, sound of slapping flesh came forth harsher than it was earlier.

“Cumming, cummingcummingcumming!”

Because of too much shouting, Sarah’s refined voice from earlier has now started withering.

However, I too am also approaching near. The surge in my body is reaching at a level that couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

“I’m going to come, receive them all!”

“AAaaah, let it out, let it out already!”

I thrusted my dick to her innermost part as to respond to her words.

Her walls of meat that entangled along the way raised the sensation to the limit, and upon coming in close contact with her cervix, all my pent-up desires were released from its tip.

At that moment, the signal of pleasure from my waist arrived on my brain at the speed more than the speed of light, drowning my thoughts out with a white flash.

“So hooooot! This hot thing is flowing inside! I’m cumming agaaain!!”

Semen that was fired profusely from my cock filled her vagina instantly.

Some even penetrated her cervix, which was even closed tightly, violating the virgin Sarah in the place where no one had entered so far.

“Aguu, hyaaa. Aaa, my insides are getting violated……”

She should feel herself being repainted from the inside.

As I injected her my seed, I once again focused her eyes at her, mainly at her abdominal region with a stupefied expression.

“Fuu……now then, how was your first sex?”

After both of our sides have settled down, I spoke to her.

“T-the worst. T-the worst feeling I-I’ve ever had in my l-life.”

“Oh, your voice is shaking. That means……”

I lightly scratched the walls of her vagina with my meat stick which had already revived once more.

“Ahn! D-don’t move it!”

“I couldn’t help it; my junior was just too honest. The poke was just a reflex”

It was just a little movement, but this girl had already such an immense reaction. This just shows that the development of her body is a success.

However, realizing that her body has changed, tears flowed in Sarah’s eyes.

I guess I have to step up a bit, huh.

With that in mind, I began to rack my thoughts to make Sarah’s heart give in as soon as possible.

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First of the five(5) chapters released for this day! Four(4) more to go!

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