Mage Tower Management Volume 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – First Alarm

“Why doesn’t anyone come!”

Several days have passed since I entered the dungeon.

In that span of time, the number of women who tried to invade this tower is……zero.

Well, that should be expected.

This tower is a danger in itself after all. It was so dangerous they already dubbed it as the Tower of Death, and the country is prohibiting any forms of entry inside.

If there was anyone that would come to this place, they might be an outlaw or a person who’s just not right in their head.

“So, what are you going to do?”

I asked Belle, with her arms crossed right in front of me, with her cheeks puffed up.

By the way, Belle still couldn’t get out of the tower.

The art formation was a pretty powerful seal, so powerful it was even beyond my abilities.

“Would you like me to see the state of the city for a moment?”

I offered, but Belle shook her head in reply.

“If you were to go outside, what if that time a woman comes inside? You wont be able to have sex with them. Plus…… When Gilles is not nearby……I feel……lonely”
“My my, Gilles-san sure is a popular man~”

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In contrast to Belle’s sad tone, Carol made fun of it.

Because I had Carol forge my skills, and severely at that, I think my techniques pertaining to sex and pleasure has gone up by a mile.

Still, it was really hard – I did jizzed out dozens of shots on her each day!

“Ufufufu, but you did have gathered quite the points for having sex with this onee-san, didn’t you?”

Well, it was still true that I accumulated several points in doing the deed with Carol.

However, it was still far from our target.

“Also, you have to bring the girls inside somehow”
“But that would be hard unless we change the theme of this dungeon”
“That is, as this is a very dangerous place, no one will normally come here. It has to be something interesting for women to gather around, or this will be inevitable”
“So that’s what you mean……Then, have you got any ideas?”

Creating an attraction is the most ideal way to do it, but still the first step is the most difficult.

After all, it was hard to change “nothing” into “something”.

“For now, let’s try to change the appearance of the tower and the forest that grows around it. Our first priority should be “to be more approachable to many”.”
“I agree. Let’s start with that first”


As soon as Belle nodded in consent, an alarm suddenly resounded.

There were magical tools installed in several places inside this tower. After all, what is there to a prison without any monitoring devices installed?

Those tools showed some reaction right now. Meaning there is an intruder inside.

I ran to a monitor-like device used for surveillance.

“Looks like someone has really entered”
“Seriously? We did it!”

We did nothing idiot. What are you so happy about? For now, let’s try to find out where that intruder is.

Good thing I came prepared.
“That’s a really convenient device you have there”

Belle praised me in admiration on the things I’ve just set up days before.

“To be able to check many places without having to personally go there at once, it’s really convenient!”
“That’s right!”

Could you please stop reacting so much? They’re just surveillance cameras and a monitor. And they’re even run by magic at that. Seriously, how does this world conduct reconnaisance?

It may be treated as a specialized knowledge in this parallel world, but it’s not really worth anything to me.

Still, I am a Bain. With my knowledge in my previous life, together with my skills in magic, I was able to make and set up tools and alarms in the tower that would react if someone got caught in a trap.

“Now then, let’s see how it turned out……”

I looked for which location the alarm was triggered.

“It’s the third floor. Someone must have been caught on a trap over there”
“The intruder’s already gone to the third floor? Looks like someone’s got skills. Pretty good I say”
“We don’t know about that yet”

I shrugged and looked towards Belle.

This tower consisted of 100 floors.

As the difficulty level increases each time you go up one floor, it just means it’s not that easy to pass any floor without getting challenged.

Passing each floor just like that means that intruder has some kind of ability.

To tell you the truth, even Belle had a hard time going up to the third floor from the first floor.

This chapter came from Support the translator by reading it from the site itself. Thank you.


If this was to be made as a quest to the guild, it would undoubtedly be of an S-ranked mission.

This is why we were amazed by the intruder reaching the third floor that quick. Also, it’s a woman. Lucky for us.

Nonetheless, this is a dungeon where only people with enough confidence will come over, so she climbing to the third floor shouldn’t be doubted at all.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of woman she is. Then again, I should expect that something’s wrong in her head too.

Honestly, I don’t care even if it goes both ways. It’s better to see her for myself and decide after that.

“I’m going”
“Gilles, are you done verifying what’s inside the book? You can double-check them if you want”
“You haven’t read the book completely yet, haven’t you?”

It was as thick as a dictionary after all, so it was impossible for me to remember even a certain page from it.

As it was our only clue for the control of the intricate art formation, unlocking it is still beyond us. Maybe one slip and this will all backfire or make it worse. Maybe that’s why she’s worried.

“I haven’t. Well, I’ll eventually read them over time. Don’t worry, just leave the seal to me, okay?”
“Fine. I’ll leave it to you. And, how will you fuck the intruder this time?”
“Well, that will depend on her. What I can guarantee is, she’s going to be in a situation where she won’t be able to get out of these traps before I do the deed.”
“So it’s the same as my time”
“After all, the ‘change of heart’ is an important factor in gaining bonus points.”

Still, the wordings of this statement are too vague and to what extent this rule could still apply.

“Hey, what’s ‘change of heart?”
“it is too vague so I cannot explain it well……Hmmm, If I give an example, it would be……okay, let’s say there is a person you hate, then he fucks you, then it triggers something inside of you, making you fall in love with him, then you make him fuck you once more……”
“……what the hell is that”

Really? And I thought I gave a pretty good example too.

Even though I don’t want to get violated……why, why does it feel so good? Yeah, that’s the classic script of someone falling to carnal desires. If I were to put a tag on it, it’s like mindbreak, but the scale going to the vanilla side.

Still, the unknowns in this dungeon are way too many.

It will be tough even if i squeezed out all my brain juice.

“I’m gonna find out what kind of opponent we will be facing first. We’ll figure it out till then”

While we’re trying to find the patterns, I’ll do my best to gain many points.

“Now then, here we go……”

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