Mage Tower Management Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Lewd Maid’s Titty Fucking

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.


Two mounds the size of Carol’s face surrounded my meat stick.

Maybe because of the sweat, not only they felt moist, they felt sticky too.

“Oo, Oooh……!”
“Ufufufu, how is it, this onee-san’s breasts?”
“It’s awesome”

I answered obediently. I was feeling heaven on all sides after all.

Just to confirm, her soft flesh has wrapped my meat stick completely. Yes, it was all covered up, entirely from the head up to the root.

I know it was pretty redundant, but that’s because I was confident of my size. Yes, was, until I saw my junior being swallowed by the fissure in between.

I was shattered……Carol’s breasts are just too big.

And her level was just a rare existence. If it were my previous world, she would have ceased to exist due to its inconvenience. it’s really a pain in the back to have this bombshell breasts after all.

“My my, it’s all covered up”
“Your breasts are just too big”
“And, how does it feel, being wrapped up entirely?”
“Wonderful. So wonderful I feel like my waist will come off”

After that, Carol drew her chest closer, pinching my meat stick even harder.

Because it got tighter, the beautiful twin mountains deformed into strange shapes.

just by looking at them, anyone could already tell how soft they were.

“Now then, I’m going to move now”

With her pose all set, Carol started moving her body.

She lowered her breasts, bringing my other head for an outside view.

“Ah, a transparent soup has come out”
“Well, yeah. After all, who won’t get excited by those treasures?”
“What a cute and honest kid. Ah, it went hard”

It’s all over, that was all I could think with her fellatio from earlier. However, it seems that my flesh rod still has the energy to go.

No, more like it was it got energized once more, just by the lewdness of Carol.

“Nmm……mm……Nnnn! Feeling better?”
“Yep, much so”

Carol continued moving her chest further.

Was she also feeling it? I could also feel her nipples standing up.

Her nipples were small, a large contrast to the size of her chest, and her areolas were small too.

Although they were slightly sagged by their weight, they have elasticity, and they didn’t degrade her appearance at all. Her breasts had that beautiful shape overall.

It’s almost like I’m experiencing a real-life 2D body.

“Geez……Mmm, ahh, Gilles-sama’s dick is really hot!”

Carol’s cheeks were already strained from her moaning.

She’s already breathing rough, but despite that, her gaze didn’t move away from my meat stick.

“Aaaaahn, it feels good just by rubbing it…… Haaaahnmm, what a nasty thing, it makes me feel even lewder~”
“I don’t want to be told by someone who’s got a nasty pair of breasts”
“Haaahaaa……if it’s the size, it’s almost like you have a third leg, don’t you agree, Gilles-san?”

What am I, a horse?

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Well, let’s think of it as a compliment.

Still, don’t you think that these bombshell breasts are even more foul, as they could hold a horse-like dick in its whole?

Even though my dick’s head pops out from time to time, the rest of them were all buried in those soft meat.

“Gilles-san, do you love breasts?”
“Of course, I love them”
“My, so direct. It makes this onee-san want to try her best, too”

Carol went faster.

But she didn’t remove her gaze from me.

I too, didn’t take my eyes off her.

“Let’s make it more slippery, shall we?”

Lero, Carol stuck her tongue out, dripping her saliva towards my glans.

Transparent liquid drew a thread, finally landing on my penis. Such scene is a spectacle in itself.

For a beautiful woman like Carol to act like this, my body felt great joy.

“Come on, come on, feel it more”

The liquid, now mixing with my precum made sloppy sounds as she moved.

The sticky threads stretched and tangled, making my dick have a dashing gleam.

“This onee-san’s breasts, I’ll make you feel even better!”

Carol stuck her body even closer.

As a result, her soft mounds were squished flat.

It felt like she wants to squish my entire body as well.

“Ahnn, huuh, ahh kuh……”
“Are you feeling it too, Carol?”
“It’s because yours is so hot……of course this onee-san will also get hot”
“Your nipples are getting erect too”
“As if yours is not. You wanna check them out?”

After saying that, Carol booped my dick with her nips once more.


My dick and Carol’s nips.

Both of them are just as hard.

Carol seemed to have taken a liking on it, as she pressed and moved them to the left and right.

“Ahn, mmm, Wow…… Gilles-san’s penis……it went even harder……Nmmmm……”
“It’s the most ideal masturbation material of many men after all”
“Ahnn, masturbation……material……but…… can’t stop……”

Is she really feeling it with just her nipples? Carol’s already moaning hard.

“If I leave it……like this……but, I can’t stop it anymore……My nipples, this dick……”
“So, what are you going to do?”

As if provoked by my reply, Carol, still pressing those nipples on the head of my penis, brought her face closer.

Then, she started sucking my meat stick as well as her nips – all at the same time.

Mmmm, lero……Nrururu……lerolerolero……!”

As I was attacked with both her moist tongue and those stiff nips without any warning at all, my waist jolted upwards in reflex.

“Ahh~, I feel like I can only masturbate to Gilles-san’s penis from now on”
“Tell me how you masturbate. Is there a time when you lick your chest to comfort yourself?”
“Of course. It’s so big that I can suck them with my mouth. Isn’t it a privilege of someone with big breasts? Here, just like this”

Carol brought her breasts close and made nipple-licking masturbation, dick included – right in front of me.

Her pace of lacking got faster, as if she was drunk in ecstasy.

In small increments, she licked the most sensitive part of its back muscles, making my feeling of wanting to ejaculate stronger and stronger.

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“Gilles-san, your dick is getting bigger”
“Yeah……looks like it’s gonna jizz out another one”
“Oh my, you will spit out that especially thick semen once again?”
“You are just that erotic, I couldn’t bear with it anymore”

I have already known that my patience too is getting white and cloudy.

I want to enjoy her titty fuck as much as I can, however, my endurance is already at its limits.

Good grief, I wonder how many clients she had served so far……

As a partner, erotic women are pretty hard to deal with.

“Hauuu……Ahnnn, kufuuu……Gilles-san’s penis is getting hotter!”
“Haahaaa……I’m going to break my waist with this…….”
“It’s fine to let it out, you know? And if you still haven’t had enough, this onee-san will keep you company, no matter how many times it will take”
“Kuh……Then, without further ado……”
“Well, I’ll still continue having sex even if you got satisfied with this”
“Y-you’re kidding me right?”
“Gilles-san is the only man in this tower. And you have to contine having sex in order to fulfill Bell-sama’s wish”
What is this, a training regime?

Still, it didn’t sound that bad.

Well, probably because the word sex was included in that sentence.

That aside, she’s really good at hitting the good spots of a man.

“Ahh, I can’t. Carol, its coming out!”
“Let them out. Let them all out in this onee-san’s boobies!”
“Ah, uguh! C-coming!”

Still sandwiched in between her breasts, semen was launched from my meat stick.

It squirted over and over again, accumulating all into the valley between those big mounds.

“Ufufufu, you really let out a lot”
“Haaahaaa……it’s super great!”
“My tits are fully covered……Don’t mind if I do~”

Carol began licking the semen on her breasts.

As expected from someone with huge breasts, her tongue could almost reach anywhere.

Though it was still sticky and cloudy, Carol eventually licked everything.

I don’t know if it was the result of that, but my meat stick was still big.

“As expected of you Gilles-san. This time, I’ll do something you will enjoy – even more than this!”
“More than this?”

Gulp. I drank my fresh saliva.

“This onee-san after all, is the incarnation of lasciviousness. Please look forward to it~”

After licking her lips, Carol smiled even more lewdly.

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