Mage Tower Management Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – This Maid-san’s Intense Fellatio

With her obscene mouth tormenting me underneath, Carol’s attacks gradually increased in intensity.

The way she slurped around my dick was so intense that it puts the word lewdness to shame. It was so exciting that it was painful to endure, even for me, a veteran in sex.

“Jyubu……chupaa, burururururu……!”

Carol sucked my cock with great relish. She tapped the glans with the tip of her tongue, stimulated it’s neck, then swallowed it up to the root. Then she sucked it like vacuum.

It was a megalopenis to the truest sense, considering its size. However, despite being int the center of them all, she wasn’t unperturbed. she even showed an indecent smile.

“How is that, Gilles-san? Feels good, doesn’t it?”
“Y-yeah, not bad”

A sense of numbness was already dominating my lower part and felt so good it’s as if I was stuck in an illusion – an illusion where my dick is melting right now.

“Wow, Gilles-san. Your face right now really makes this onee-san horny”
“Ufufufu, for this onee-san, that’s a compliment. Now, let me make you feel even better”

As expected of a maid, she was devoted in pleasing me with outmost effort.

I was taking my good night’s sleep and yet, this girl came out of the blue – just for the sake of serving and pleasing me well.

Carol continued moving her mouth while doing her blowjob.

“What kind of approach does Gilles-san want?”
“Passionate, hardcore, or abnormal?”
“Can you handle all of them?”
“Ufufufu, please leave it to this onee-san”

Carol laughed as she held my meat stick in her mouth.

……I knew it was a foul play to stare at a woman’s blowjob.

“Isn’t there really anything you want to wish for?”
“Hmmm……for the time being, just avoid the abnormal part”
“Ara, how disappointing”

The way she said that really felt like she was disappointed there.

However, considering the personality of this woman, that abnormal part may blow my moral scales out of the window, so let’s stay away from that just to be safe.

“Honestly, I prefer it to be on the hardcore side, but for now, I want to test each water first. Is that okay to you?”
“Understood~. This onee-san will do her best”

For now, I want to try and see the intensity she can endure at the very least.


Carol struck the meat stick so deeply that her mouth was already in close contact with my crotch.

A warm sensation enveloped it from the root to the tip.

This woman, her level was already high! This was already enough to ejaculate all by myself.


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“Ithh thashtes weeally gwooob……”
“Pardon? I didn’t get what you were saying”
“Njyubu, puhaaa! Ara~ my apologies. It feels so good when sucking it all up”

The moment I asked back……


A series of loud and sloppy sounds of water echoed the area.

It was so intense as if something made with gunpowder exploded.


The sound was terrific. That was how amazing the power of her suction is.

I looked down below, only to see Carol’s cheeks hollowed to be able to have a clear suction.

“Uh, ouoooOOO!”

The suction was intense enough that I thought my dick would snap if not attended.

Still, painful or not, it felt good. That I can’t deny.


Even the way this maid breathes is a sin of lust in itself.

She’s one hell of a nympho, but she’s also a great beauty.

If it was on my previous world, she would have been an actress in Hollywood already.

However, this was a different world. And currently, in this world, such beauty is now giving me head, all while distorting her beautiful face.

“Carol……Damn it!”

I held her face and tried pulling her away from my crotch.

I can’t let this continue. Or else I’ll be open-firing everywhere.

However, Carol refused, making her swing her head sideways.

“Nn-Nnn, Nn-Nnn!”
“Hey, wait!”

She waved her head right and left, shifting my penis along with it, enhancing the sensation I feel further.


Then, with her lips still stuck to the roots, she vacuumed my dick hard, looking like an octopus in the process.

No, I think it was what they call the Hyottoko[1]?

Even though I have seen it several times in adult games, seeing it in real life, and even this close….. it was truly destructive.

Carol being such a beautiful lady amplified the effects even more.

“T-this is, not good! B-but……already cumming!”

A beautiful Hyottoko with a face looking up at me.

For having such a strong combination being shown to me, I ejaculated without hesitation.


Perhaps the amount was too large to fit in to her mouth, Carol opened her eyes wide, showing a surprised expression.

Her cheeks swelled out, and the semen could be seem spilling at the edge of her lips.

However, despite the situation, she began to swallow, gulping my seed little by little without pulling my meat stick out of her mouth.

Gokuu! Gokuuh!

The sensation of my penis being encased inside her mouth as she desperately engulfs my sperm, all of it felt so good.

She even tried to suck all the remaining sperm stuck in the uretra. What a tremendous girl she is.

Jyuru……Gilles-san’s……semen……so thick……it keeps on sticking on my throat”
“Don’t push yourself too hard”
“That would be impossible, sir. Treating the semen that was let out with utmost care is a part of this slut’s etiquette”

……Slut’s etiquette?

Though she spoke those words with strange pride, I think the choice of words are fundamentally incorrect in itself. Just what in the world……?

“Ufufufu, oh my, I feel like it’s going to come out of my nose……I couldn’t believe you had let out this much”

Carol took my meat stick off her mouth, still chewing and savoring the left-over cum that remained.

“Hey, Oook, Gilles-shan……”

Opening her mouth wide, she showed off the semen inside.

The white soup was being stirred by her tongue.

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“Dough I dhank a lot of it, I shtill have this amount of semen”
“Could you just spit them out?”

“I can’t oo shuch thing! That shaid, pleash look ooer hewe”

Ceasing her words, in which she had difficulty because of the load, she finally closed her mouth. Then, raising her head up a little……


Her throat gulped loudly, swallowing the semen inside.


What are you exhaling like you had just chugged a mug of beer for?

Ah~n, she opened her mouth wide, revealing nothing inside.

“I’ve swallowed everything. Thank you for the meal!”
“Wow, you’re great”
“Gilles-san, I knew it, you seem to possess quite the caliber for a man?”
“Well, I am confident in my size”
“No, not just the size of your dick. Your semen too, its so thick and rich it would impregnate a woman easily. Your testicles that produce them, the ejaculatory face, the quantity……every bit of your specs are very high for a man”

Well, there has been such praise……nope, I think this is the first time.

“I was a little suspicious when I heard the story from Bell-sama, but you might be able to open the door with this”
“Isn’t that right? Well, I only just have to try”
“But, to think you can still grow further…… just look at this”

Carol pointed at my meat stick.

“Even though you have ejaculated so much, you’re still rock hard. Which means, Gilles-san’s desires haven’t been fulfilled yet, right?”
“Well, my desires were from your lewdness in the first place”
“Thank you for the compliment. As a reward, you can enjoy my body and cum as much as you like”
“Wow, then without further ado-”
“By the way……”

Carol raised her body up, bringing her huge beasts close to my crotch.

“We’re not done yet, are we? This time with this onee-san’s breasts……please let me serve you fully”
“N-no way……?”

I don’t know what to say on how happy I am right now……

However, one thing is for sure – I’m now fully erect, and that’s by just looking at Carol’s bombshell breasts!

“It’s so big……I don’t know if I can fit this big dick, but let’s try it first”

As she said so, Carol went and sandwiched my huge cock into her big breasts.

Author’s notes:
Next time will be the maid’s titty fuck!

Translator Notes:
[1] Hyottoko or yottoko is a comical Japanese character, portrayed through the use of a mask. His mouth is puckered and skewed to one side. The origin of the name comes from “fire” (火- Hi) and “man (男 – Otoko),” because the character is blowing fire with a bamboo pipe, hence the shape of the mouth. In modern times, it is used as a slang for blowjob face.

A Hyottoko Mask
Nanka sonna Hi (Idolmasters Doujin) p19

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