Mage Tower Management Volume 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Elsie is an M?

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Se-Senpai……come……put it inside……aaahn!”

After putting herself at ease, Elsie the masturbating maniac swallowed my meat stick without any painful complain.

On the way, I felt I bumped into her hymen, but surprisingly with just a little push I have reached her very depths easily. Still, looks like her dildo isn’t that long enough to break it all.

Looks like we can make it comfy from here.

“How are you feeling?”
“Ah,uhm, at first, I thought it was scary but, it wasn’t really painful as expected…… I think it’s because senpai has licked it a lot”
“Naturally. It’s for Elsie’s sake after all.”

I spoke to her with pride, all while enjoying the good view of her thin waistline and her curved buttocks. Yep, doggy style is really great.

I now definitely understand the reason when Carol said this was the most popular position. It had a great view, a great sensation,

And most of all, a great control, as I could swing my waist as I like.

Now that all is ready, it’s time for the piston to pump hard. I grabbed Elsie’s butt firmly and started the ‘engine’.

“Hauu, nn, Kuhn, haa! Senpai……is rubbing inside……it feels……so amazing”
“Gah, it’s clamping tight!”

Before I knew it, Elsie has become an adult, way more compared to when we’re still in the academy.

The tightness of her vagina is so intense it’s like it hadn’t matured at all, that if I were to lose focus, I’ll gonna cum in no time.

That said, my focus was already out of the window, so I’m swinging my hips like an idiot now.

“Ahn, nn! Ah, aash, my ass……! My ass is……!”
“Are you feeling it now, Elsie?”
“Yes! I’m feeling it! Its deep, deep inside! Yaaaaahn, nmmmm, aahhn, nmm!”
“Sorry Elsie, but I can’t stop my waist either!”

Every time my hips beat her crotch, Elsie’s fleshy ass shook in waves before me.

Added to that fair and smooth skin of hers, it boosted my penis’ thickness even further.

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“Aaaaaahn! Senpai’s penis is getting thicker!”
“I got excited when I look at you more”
“Yaaaahn, I couldn’t bear to smile if you say that!”
“Does Elsie love doing it from behind?”
“I love it! Th-this……it reaches all the way inside……also, because we’re doing it like beasts, I feel even more lewd!”
“So you like hardcore beast-like sex huh?”
“H-hardcore? I-if it’s being violated forcibly……well, I can’t say I’m not interested……”
“Uwaaa, Elsie is a pervert”
“Iyaa……Senpai, please don’t say that……”

She’s showing rejection in her behavior, but her pussy says otherwise.

Her vaginal walls wiggled and squeezed on to my meat stick, so tight as if another creature was living inside.

I could already feel my precum coming out.

“When I said you that you’re a pervert, your pussy tightened up. Were you pleased that I said that?”

It was only a bit of verbal aggression, but this mage apprentice was already feeling it more.

Was she an M? this was unexpected.

Let’s try to confirm it, just to be sure.

“Elsie, show me your asshole”
Hiyawa!? Th-that……please don’t!”

I grabbed her buttocks with my hand then spread them wide.

Our connecting parts were brought to full view, but with this I could take a look at her anus as well.

It was a beautiful chrysanthemum crest without any pores, and it was colored pink too.

Her hole was so beautiful you won’t think she lets out her impurities from here.

That said, I decided to say something nasty.

“Do you really excrete from this hole?”
“Iyaaa, please don’t!”
“I wonder what it looks like when a cute girl takes a dump from here”
“S-senpao……noooo, stop! Please don’t imagine strange things!”
“You keep saying that, but your bottom hole is already twitching here…”

As if something would really come out of it, the hole widened and contracted energetically.

“Nmmmmmmm! Please senpai! Stop it already!”
“Answer me first. Is it true that you are feeling it more right now?”
“Be honest here, or I’ll take it off your hips”
“Uu, uuuu……”

Elsie growled like a child throwing a tantrum.

Still, there is only one answer to choose from.

“Y-you won’t tell anyone?”
“Answer me first”
“Haaahaaa…… This Elsie, when senpai has spread out Elsie’s ass……Elsie felt even more aroused”
“Anything else?”
“When senpai imagined something strange, it felt good……that if senpai wanted it, Elsie would gladly do it with him……”

Wow, really?

I don’t have such hobby, so I’m fine right now, but to be told that she’s willing as long as I wanted it……

This Elsie really is quite a pervert.

Well, people always say, don’t judge anyone by just their appearance.

“Elsie has really turned into a pervert”
“Please don’t say I’m a pervert!”
“But you already are one”
“Please don’t say it anymore……”

……No. You were a complete pervert right from the start.

Well, it’s not that I don’t like it.

“As punishment, I’ll give you this”

I brandished my right hand.

Then, I slapped her butt with all my might.


Elsie screamed her loudest voice so far.

The voice was a lovely, loud and coquettish one, not because she’s feeling hurt, but because she’s feeling good.

“Did you feel good when I slapped your ass?”
“Aaaaahn……It leaked out……”
“So you’re confirming it now? That you’re a masochist?”
“Haahaaa……senpai, please, please bully Elsie even more!”

Oh dear, she finally made the request. Finally!

“If I were told something like that, I guess I don’t have a choice but to follow”
“Aaaahn! Please hit Elsie more!”
“How about this!”

Bachin, Bechin, I beat her ass more.

“Ah! Hii! Nhu! Kuuh! Fuaaah!”

Did that felt better for her? Elsie arched her back like a shrimp writhing in agony.

Her mouth agape, and tongue out in the open.

Her drools were dripping at her cheeks, and her eyes were moist in tears.

“Ahii! I-it feels so good senpai! More, more! Senpai, give me mooooore!”

By her request, I hit her many times.

The more I spank, the tighter her insides become, and because of that, I’m already near my limit.

“Senpai’s dick went big again……!?”
“Haaahaaahaaa……Elsie, it’s about to come out”
“C-come out? Y-you want to ejaculate?”
“Yeah, Can I come inside?”
“I-inside? B-but Elsie will then……?”
“Sorry Elsie, I just……I cold no longer wait anymore”
“U, Uuuuh, its not……that Elsie is against it but……If it’s senpai, as long as its senpai wants, then Elsie will allow it!”

Yes! Permission to cum inside obtained!

Now we can launch without reserve!

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“Elsie, it’s coming!”
“Aaaaaaaah! Elsie too, Elsie’s cumming! All while being spanked and being cummed insiiiiide!!”

At the same time as Elsie’s climax, I also ejaculated.

My semen thickened by the excitement met Elsie’s insides for the first time.

“Aaaaaaaah! It’s coommiiinnggg! Senpai’s semen is filling my womb!”
“There is still more where it came from!”

Furthermore, with movements of my waist becoming more intense, Elsie felt even more pleasure as I released my semen inside her.

I pulled in her buttocks closer, then repeated my ejaculation many times in her deepest place.

“haaahaaa…… it’s finally over……”

After I have let out everything, I pulled out my meat stick out of her pussy.

It felt satisfying.


White liquid then flowed profusely from that hole, like a container with a stopper being taken off.

Elsie was with her eyes closed, breathing to the side.

“Haahaa……my first sex with senpai……it felt good……I want to do it again”
“Really? That’s unexpected”

Looks like our first sex stirred up Elsie’s carnal desires even more.

It was a smart decision. Well, this woman aims to be a great mage, so she’s smart enough for the role.

She will make a great use to be my right arm.

“Elsie, come with me”

With those words, Elsie came to me.

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