Mage Tower Management Volume 2 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Penetrating Elsie

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Perhaps because it was the first time she saw an erect penis, Elsie jolted to the very edge of the bed, terrified by the sight.

“Oioi, do you really have to react like that?”
“I’m sorry! It’s just, it was bigger, way bigger and more vivid than the dildo my senior gave me!”

I don’t know how large the size of a regular dildo of this world have. Still, judging from Elsie’s reaction, it’s probably her first time seeing the real thing.

Well, it’s natural. She’s still counted as a virgin after all.

After a while, her fear gradually turned into interest.

“It’s big, an it’s throbbing……is it swollen?”
“It’s not that. Elsie’s figure was so adorable that it got excited like this”
“C-Cute? Elsie is?”
“Of course! Why do you think I helped you for?”
“Don’t tell me senpai……”

Oh? Elsie’s cheeks turned red again. She must have presumed something.

If my guess is right, now is the time for me to go all out.

“E-Elsie has ……very little knowledge about this…… why did it get so big……is it because you like Elsie?”
“Yes, that’s right”
“to say it with confidence, Elsie’s heat throbbed a bit”
“What does Elsie think of me?”

I approached the core of the situation.

The little mage apprentice showed a troubled expression, but soon she returned to her serious face.

“Elsie hated senpai from the moment he refused to accept me as a disciple. As a result, this Elsie studied desperately so that she would become a great mage even though she wasn’t able to get apprenticeship from senpai.”

Hoo. Splendid, she really tried her best there.

“Thanks to that, Elsie has reached the top grade in the academy. Despite all that, Elsie didn’t think she has beaten senpai at all! What Elsie wanted was to surpass senpai!”
“and those feelings changed into hatred before you knew it”
“so I came to this dungeon to find and defeat senpai……but before it happened, I was caught in a trap, and ironically, senpai, the one I hate was the one who saved me.”
“I see……”
“Elsie was, really really frustrated at that time! It was this Elsie who hated senpai the most, and yet, and yet……Elsie was ashamed of herself!”

Tears flowed to her cheeks.

I also acted like I was touched by her story. I even “moistened” my eyes for added appeal.

I have to do this, or else I would be found out.

“However, when senpai saved this Elsie, Elsie then realized her true feelings”

After that, she prepared herself. Then,

“That Elsie is in love with senpai!”

Elsie cried out, all while her face turning red.

That alone I could see that she’s serious.

“Elsie, this Elsie want to do her best for the person she loves…… Even the thing senpai want to do the most, this Elsie……this Elsie will gladly do it, you know?”

The cute mage apprentice offered nervously with upturned eyes. Little did she know that it enhanced her cuteness even further.

I guess I have no choice but to do my best now.

Let’s convey our honest feelings first.

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“I want to become one with Elsie. Will it be alright to you?”
“Of course! If it’s for senpai…… this Elsie will do anything”
“Then, please get closer first. It’s hard to do it when you’re on the edge of the bed.”

Elsie then approached towards me.

“Then, Elsie, get on all fours”
“All fours? Like this?”

As I told, Elsie crawled on all fours on the bed.

She then turned her cute perky butt towards me, as if tempting me with it.

“Now stay still”
“Fue!? It’s like I’m a beast”
“But I like doing it like a beast. Does Elsie hate it?”
“Uuuu, uuuuu~. I-its not that I’m not interested by it but……”
“Then let’s do it. I really want to do it with Elsie this way”
“Uuuuuh~. O-okay”

Elsie got no choice but to surrender herself from getting insisted by me.

I got on the bed and approached Elsie.

The mage apprentice’s precious treasure was already exposed, and large amounts of love juices were already leaking.

“Haaahaaa……my butt is being seen by senpai……auuuuu”
“I have already licked you all over. Why are you still reacting like that?”
“The one a while ago is for treatment so it does not count! After all, this time is……actual sex……with my lover. So……”


Though it wasn’t clearly stated, Elsie and I became lovers before we became aware.

Isn’t that a good thing?

“In the end, you have changed your feelings for me?”

I answered as if I had an understanding.

With a “Yes”, Elsie also nodded.

“Elsie, I think you have known this already, but I am what they call a lowlife, a useless, and a degenerate scum. Is it still okay for you to become a lover with someone like me?”
“That’s why senpai needs Elsie even more! This Elsie, this Elsie will make senpai a straight person!”

Not good. Have I acquired a trouble-magnet?

She’s cute and adorable, but I don’t want her to make me a straight man. And that was a “straight and honest man”, before any of you get any ideas.

“Senpai, why the disgusted face right now?”
“Nothing. It’s nothing”
“Good grief. Senpai is really noo good. Elsie is necessary after all”
“W-well, maybe, maybe not”
“S-so please make your penis big…… N-nothing will get done if we don’t do anything…… N-now then, senpai……”

Elsie voluntarily pushed her butt in front of me.

Surely she couldn’t endure it too, despite her nervousness.

Supposed that Elsie is serious in turning me into a straight man, then it meant only trouble for me.

However, if I could make her fall over the heels with my body, it might make it easier for me to make her listen to what I say.

While I don’t hate giving women foreplays, what’s the point of it if I won’t feel pleasure in the end?

……I had several arguments in my mind, yet I couldn’t express them into words right now.

Fortunately, our position is a doggy-style.

I’ll be able to attack her deepest places, and make her learn the joy of being a woman. In other words, she’s at my mercy now.

As I thought so, my meat stick went even harder.

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“Elsie, are you alright?”

I placed my hand on her butt.

“I-I am okay! I’m always okay! My heart is ready anytime!”
“O-Okay. Just calm down. Don’t be so nervous.”

I pointed my erect penis against Elsie’s vertical slit.

Then, I rubbed it up and down.

“Nnn, ahhnn! Se-senpai…… that’s, please hurry up, Elsie’s gonna lose it……!”
“That’s what I’m aiming for”
“Aaaaahn, Senpai you meanie……! Elsie already wants it!”
“You want what? Ask properly”
“Nnmmmmmmm, that……it’s embarrassing!”
“You don’t like it? Then I won’t put it in”

When I told her my refusal, Elsie stared back at me, and with rough breathing……

“P-please don’t say that……Elsie, Elsie wants senpai’s penis”
“H-here, in Elsie’s pussy”

The fair mage apprentice then spread her legs wider, then voluntarily spread her genitals seducingly.

Her love juices flowed to the outside thickly.

“You have done well saying it properly. Here you go, your reward that is”
“Aaahn~ Elsie’s so happy……!”

I pulled Elsie’s hips towards me.

“Put it in……senpai’s thick and hard cock, please put it in……!”

That moment, I decided to take Elsie’s virginity.

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