Mage Tower Management – Epilogue

Epilogue – I’ll be the Best Harem King in the World!

Half a year has passed since we rescued Anya.

Around that time, my research was finally complete.

Yes, I have successfully developed a magic to make a woman horny, to the point that she won’t be able to live without my meat.

With this, I no longer need the aphrodisiac-laced traps.

Also, a big thanks to the brave adventurers too, that were coming and going out of the tower. If not for them, I wouldn’t have reached this far, as they ‘willingly volunteered’ themselves as experimental subjects for my research.

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It wasn’t just me that had made a lot of progress. Anya’s World-crossing magic that she had only completed in her dream world has also completed its construction in the real world as well.

All that’s left to do is to gather an enormous amount of magic necessary for its activation.

Thankfully this time around, Anya now has Belle and I, as well as Elisa, at least four magic powerhouses. If we filled the device with our magic for about a month, the device would be fully charged and ready.

In other words, even if we went back to Japan, I can now embrace any woman as much as I want using this ‘Lust Magic’ that I’ve created.

Belle, The Demon Lord.

Carol, the lewd maid.

Elsie, my clumsy junior.

Evelyn, the magic director.

Dahlia, the female thief.

Sarah, the former mercenary and now maid apprentice.

Felicia, the archaeologist.

Elisa, the current Bain head, and my younger sister.

Adelle, the kingdom’s princess.

Berengaria, the former spermpire.

Anya Bain, the Archmage.

Before I realized, our group has grown in numbers.

And they are all my women, women that love me the most.

I can’t just return to Japan without satisfying them, can I?

Therefore, I shall complete my harem here before going back to Japan.

――Ah, what a great time to be alive!

However, after acquiring this magic, I realized I had so much left undone.

Also, there are still a lot of beautiful women in this world that I never had touched with these hands yet.

A lot of races and sub-humans, and things I want to do with them before I return.

Like doing it with a classic elf in fantasy novels.

Or wondering where the holes of a mermaid are.


Or discovering how it feels to have sex with an Arachne who eats her sex partner after the intercourse ends.

What does a female dwarf look like here? Is it a legal loli or a bearded woman?

How does it feel when fucking a centaur?

An ovulation play with a Harpy also sounds nice.

Yep, there are still many races in this world that I want to enter in my harem.

Even after achieving that, it shouldn’t be too late to return to Japan.

As I was having such evil thoughts, someone knocked on the door.


And the door was slowly opened.

What was beyond the door was all the members of my current harem, all of them gathered there.

Oi oi, what happened for you to assemble in full force?

“““All together~, We want to have sex with you, Darling!”””

And thus, this concludes my harem life in a different world.

Author’s Notes:

This is the end of Mage Tower Management.

Thank you for all the support you have given us up to this day!

Book 3 will be published soon.

Please be patient.[1]

Before the release of the book, I’m thinking of serializing a short side-story.

I don’t have concrete plans for the moment, however.

Also, I will start uploading a new series by 9am of the 18th (same day)

It’s a Slow Life novel, so please support it as well![2]

Translator Notes:

[1] Author, it’s already 2020. I think your book 3 will never get released. You even published three more novels just right after, with the latest only this 2018. Have you already forgotten this novel?

[2] This was uploaded last 18th of December 2016. Slow Life, or “In this Different World, I will make my Harem with a Slow Life ~Five Heroes were Summoned, but only one is Living in a Leisurely Pace~” (異世界で俺だけはスローライフでハーレムをつくろう ~勇者五人が召喚され、一人だけはのんびり異世界ライフ~) was the author’s next work. It’s a…bad novel to say at least, with 3 web volumes of 12 chapters each, with 8 after stories, already completed. I don’t have any interest in translating it)

That’s another novel down, folks! That took me half a year! My goodness!

How was your experience reading the story? For me, this was a first that I came out with something I ended up not liking in the middle (maybe because it was the author’s first work, hence the shit quality). I have no choice, however, as I have to keep my word and finish translating as I fix the damn things.

Then came the novel’s removal in my Patreon Page (though I don’t blame them for it). That was the last blow. I was like oh shit, this will make my patrons mad, so I came with an immediate solution which is the email subscription basis, which is, one hell of a hassle for you readers and for me, as I have to create and send all the emails manually, instead of just unlocking them in my Patreon app, and you have to put passwords whenever you want to read a chapter.

Thankfully, all of these are now over. I can finally go back to my easy life again. Whew.

Also, for those still uninformed, I will be starting with a new novel, called “The Reversed Another World’s Messiah.”

The story is about the adventures of an ordinary college student. Yoshima Tomoaki, who was transferred over to another world by accident. Upon gathering information about the world he got himself into, he discovers that this world is weird in a lot of ways, particularly in their aesthetics of women’s’ beauty, chastity, and libido – in which all of them are completely reversed in this strange world.

Those who were regarded as beautiful in our world were treated with disgust for being ‘ugly.’

Those who were acting prim and proper were ostracized for being ‘lewd,’

Those who were regarded as a virgin were labeled as ‘sluts.

This is a story of our main protagonist, Tomoaki, as he tries to save Blossom, a city filled with ‘ugly women,’ ‘whores’ and ‘sluts.’

Again, thank you for all the support! See you in my next novel!

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4 thoughts on “Mage Tower Management – Epilogue

  1. Thanks for new chapters

    And great work to finish another wn. I think this wn is really good story, and i hope author will continue this wn with short stories. At least i hope

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  2. When I first read this novel I though this is just going to be another nukige novel with some really basic plot…I didn’t expect such a twist at the end……….I wish there was an art for Anya.


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