Reversed World Messiah Volume 3 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – How to Survive in a Reversed Parallel World

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“You guys, that’s enough!”

An angry shout echoed across the room, causing the women who had been violating me to stop moving.

The master of that voice was Suzette, and her expression is stern.

She was in a great shock from me suddenly agreeing to have sex with her, but it seemed that she has finally recovered from it. That was a long break she got, to be honest.

“What do you think we’re here for? To have fun?”

“W-we’re sorry!”

“But it was he who agreed to it!”

“How can you resist such an offer like that!?”

Though the subordinates were frightened by the anger contained in that calm tone, every one of them still voiced counterarguments in dissatisfaction.

“Shut your goddamn mouths! We have come here to discuss with the city, not to toy with a man! Go outside and cool your heated heads and pussies first!”

However, it only backfired, making Suzette even more furious instead. They have no choice now but to scoot themselves out of the scene.

Thankfully or not thankfully, with that, I immediately understood something. Suzette was the type of woman who has a strong control of her body, even among women with a strong libido.

A ‘normal woman’ would have participated immediately if she was shown off an incredible orgy right in front of her face, but she didn’t approach, even a little.

“I apologize on behalf of my subordinates. It was an inappropriate behavior for a public official.”

She apologized verbally, but she didn’t bow down.

It looks like tearing down this wall of hers won’t be easy.

“Don’t blame those people. It was partly my fault, too, as I answered to them so easily. It must have burst the final dam inside them.”

“Now that you put it that way, you’re right. It was you who seduced my women in the first place.”


The sudden shift in responsibility made me flustered.

And when I looked at Suzette’s face, she was already smirking at me.

Shit, I was set up!

“That’s obstruction of public affairs, the one that you did. And for that, you need to stay with us for the rest of the hearing.”

“No! I have no intention of leaving this place!”


I want to save the women of this city, and most of all, I have made a promise with Irene.

“Besides, I have no information of a black-haired man has been born here in the last decade or so, I could hang you as a spy for another country, you know?”

After a blatant refusal to her offer, Suzette is now resorting to threats.

Her expression is still stubborn, and I couldn’t see even a minute gap in them.

“Why do you need to go that far?”

As soon as I asked her that question, she folded her arms and answered back with a look of being someone superior.

“Isn’t that obvious? It’s because you have that black hair color. Most women would get horny just by looking at you, that if you offer them sex, they won’t be able to say no at all. To put it bluntly, I’m trying to make you an excellent pawn for me to rise in the organization.”

“You’re treating people like tools……”

“I’m aware of that, but I had no other choice. I have to use whatever I have for an ugly woman like me to survive.”

When I turned and faced her with criticism, Suzette just answered back while taking an attitude of a defiant.

However, I also felt a part of her true feelings on the way she said it, her desperation behind that obstinacy.

Yes, she said some terrible things to me, but she also spoke the darkness in her heart as well.

In that case, I have to do what I can to save her.

“……Miss Suzette, you can do whatever you want with me. However, that is if you fill me of my conditions first. It’s only one, so you don’t have to worry.”

I’ll be taking a big risk in this move, and if I failed, my promise with Irene would be broken.

Still, Irene must have endured a lot more difficult challenges to make the city of what it is today.

I’ve got to get over this kind of wall, if I want to be a match for her caliber. 

“And what the hell is it?”

“Please have sex with me.”

“……again, are you serious?”

Suzette was again taken aback by my words.

“Just this one time is fine. If I didn’t change your mind with that, then you can take me with you.”

“I understand. I’m going to play with you to my heart’s content.”

Upon hearing her response, I walked over her and exposed my meat stick once more.

“Please lick it.”

“D-do I really need to lick that thing?”

“Yes. Didn’t you watch what your subordinates did earlier?”

Suzette flinched at the sight of my stuff springing out.

“So this is a man’s raw cock……uu, it smells amazing.”

Since I was only able to give my body a brief wiping after the big orgy earlier, the thick smell of sex is still permeating on it.

However, this seemed to excite Suzette instead, as I could see her cheeks turning slightly red after that.

“I’ll be licking it now……lero, cipu, chupu…

After giving my meat rod a thorough stare, she finally started licking. Her momentum is weaker than the blonde earlier, however.

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“Perhaps, you don’t know anything about these things?”

“Shut up. It’s because I don’t need these things to be on top…”

I see. Because she was so ‘dedicated’ to her work, she didn’t have time to look up relevant knowledge regarding sex.

“That’s no good at all. Take it further into your mouth and shake your head even more.”

Nguu……Jupoh, jupoh! Like this?”

Suzette sucked my dick hard just as she was told.

I could see her face gradually flushing red, with the color of lust already evident in her eyes.

It was as if her instinct as a woman of this world was being awakened by touching a cock for the first time.

“That’s it, you’re getting better and better. It feels good now.”

“Really? I’m glad……No, that’s not it! Hmph. Of course, you’ll feel good. it was I who was doing it after all.”

She looked fawning for a moment, but she quickly returned to her original snappy face.

However, it didn’t change the fact that I was able to catch a glimpse of her true nature. Now, I knew that deep inside, she’s the same with the other women I have mingled with so far.

Nn, chubu……lerolero.”


“Oh, so it’s this spot? Well then……Jurururu!”

Her tongue hit a good spot in the back of my cock, causing me to slip out my voice for a bit.

Suzette, who didn’t miss that opportunity, immediately concentrated on that spot alone.

Soon, pleasant sensations of her tongue moving about made me pull my waist unconsciously.

“You won’t get away. Guboh, juzozozo!”

However, Suzette didn’t allow it to happen.

As soon as she felt the slight movement of me moving away, she immediately wrapped her arms around my waist, before taking all of my cock deep inside her mouth.

“Ahh, not good……guh!”

That tremendous blow made me unable to endure for a second. I think I leaked a bit of my seed out there.

“Jyururu, what’s this strange taste……?”

“Sorry. That was my semen. I think some of it has leaked from your blowjob earlier.”

“W-what!? S-so this is……!”

Ms. Suzette said in surprise as she stared at my jittery, trembling meat stick.

“Haha……I did it, I made a man cum……”

She said as if she was moved by something.

I don’t want to disturb that mesmerized look of an outstanding beauty like her, but stopping in the middle of pleasure is nothing but torture, so I quickly pulled her back to reality.

“Miss Suzette, leaving me hanging was just downright painful. Please lick me some more.”

“I understand. Then, I’ll make you feel even better until you ejaculate!”

The parliament official resumed sucking my cock.

I was expecting to be stimulated on my meat rod with a tongue-wrapping motion, but to think she focused on the head part of my cock instead.

There were no traces of her faltering anymore like what she was doing from the beginning.  Only a nasty figure trying to squeeze out my cock remained.

“Haaa, haaa……Miss Suzette, I’m gonna cum.”

I who couldn’t endure it anymore signaled my partner.

“Nguu!? Juu, juu, juuru! Good, you can cum in my mouth!”

Soon as she said those words, she took my meat rod deep into her mouth once again and bobbed her head back and forth more violently, not caring about the vulgar sounds she is making any longer. My heart was filled with wonderful bliss from that dedication. 

Ghapoh, juuuujurururu!”

However, it wasn’t my heart that was just being filled up. My body, too, was being filled by the pleasure that came alongside it.

When I couldn’t take it any longer, I reached for Suzette’s head, then thrust my hips all the way to the back of her throat.

“ Suzette, It’s coming out!”

“Nnnn, Nhoooommm!!”

My cock shot copious amounts of semen with so much vigor that it’s hard to believe that it went on a big orgy before this.

What’s even harder to believe is that Suzette took all that came out of that cock that continued jizzing for about ten seconds, all without spilling even a single drop.

By the time I came back to my senses, I released my hands off her head, where she immediately went to a coughing fit while taking deep breaths.

“I’m sorry! I acted on my instincts in the end that I-“

“It’s fine. It felt good, didn’t it?”

I apologized, but she replied like it was nothing.

“Yes, it was great.”

“Great, huh. I see……”

“Miss Suzette!?”

When I said that, she fell on her butt right after, with her head bowed down. I immediately squatted down and looked at her in worry.

“Hahahaha……I was able to make a man ejaculate with his cock in my mouth……sob, uuuuuuuuuu.”

“Uhm, are you okay?”

There, she looked up straight at me.

When our eyes met, I could see tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“I, I never knew……I never knew that touching a man would be such a happy thing……!”


I hugged her. With a trembling voice, she spoke.

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“I, I have said many terrible things to you. I even treated the mayor of this city with disdain, too.”

“It’s alright. You have no choice back then, right? In order for you to survive, you will sometimes end up doing something that you don’t want to do.”

Then, I looked her straight in the eye.

“This time will be different because now, I’m here for you. Besides, it’s still too early. We haven’t had the actual sex yet, you know?”

“…….Ah, yeah. The blowjob was still a foreplay. Still, are you really sure about this? Of having sex with me?”

She asked me once again. her doubts were still there, but this time, she was unable to hide the excitement on her face anymore. 

“Of course! If it’s a beautiful woman like you, I would love to! Now, let’s make ourselves feel even more for the both of us!”

Suzette looked even happier when I told her that.

 “T-then, can I call you by your name too?” 

After a slight pause, she uttered a request in a small voice.

 “Of course, go ahead.” 

I also replied happily.

Then, as if a baby about to speak her first words,




The wall was finally torn down. Suzette hugged me with a deeply moved expression on her face.

I staggered for a bit, but I was able to catch her in full, before stroking her back as she continued calling my name in tears.

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