Reversed World Messiah Volume 3 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – A Grand Orgy on Broad Daylight

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Y-you want me to fuck you all?”

At first, I failed to understand the situation, then I remembered that this world also had its sex drive reversed.

“Fufufu, see? I knew it, you will refuse. Your feelings are to gain the favor of the women in this city, after all.”

Suzette continued as if she had predicted everything.

“If you can’t even embrace us, don’t ever think about saving this city.”

From her face, besides disdain and ridicule, I could also sense a faint bit of resignation in them.

At this time, I realized. Suzette and the others seem pompous and mean at the first glace, but in reality, they’re just as heartbroken as Irene and the people of this city.

These people are also in need to be saved. 

“Well, whatever. You can also come with us if you like. Do us a few favors, and I promise you a life free and unencumbered, and a woman more beautiful than us-“

“No, thanks. Putting that aside, when are we gonna start?”

I interrupted Suzette’s speech.

“……Are you serious? You’re really going to have sex with us?”

Suzette stared at me in disbelief.

The other officials also looked at me in surprise.

Even though they have told me to fuck them, here they are, shying from it themselves.

“This man really intends to go this far?”

“Well, there is also a sense of obligation mixed in, that I can’t deny. But if it’s also for a woman as beautiful as you are, I’m always welcome.”

“B-beautiful? Is there something wrong with your eyes?”

“Nope, nothing is wrong. See?”

I moved closer to Suzette and stared at her figure in return.

“To think men like you also existed……but my purpose still stands-“

I approached her more, yet she only backed away. However, it seems she’s already at her wit’s end, as her face is already burning red.

I think it’s probably because she’s torn between reason and sexual desire. One more push and we could finally have sex.

But before I could do that, I was shoved to the side.

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“A-are you really going to have sex with us?”

It was the other officials who interrupted Suzette and me.

The expression on their faces are all the same. They’re all in heat.

“O-of course, but right now, I’m talking to Miss Suzette here……”

I went a bit nervous there, as I was approached by another immense beauty, so I tried to calm myself in a hurry. However, before I could even do that, I was surrounded by them within seconds.

“I, I can’t take it anymore!”

“To think that I could be with such a handsome man……kuh……”

“Since Suzette is still on the process of taking it all in, it’s okay if you fuck us first, right? Right?”

The ring of siege got narrower and narrower.

There are more than ten of them, and that’s just from what I can see, and there are still people behind them.

“I’m not going to let you say no this time. Everyone, do it!”

Reacting to the words of the blonde woman in front, the rest of the surrounding women jumped at me all at once.


Because I didn’t work out that much, I was already caught before making a single move, and then I was stripped naked in a matter of seconds.

I was a bit afraid of these sleazy government officials at first, but when I realized that this was the flip side of the fact that they haven’t been able to release their sexual desires properly, I felt compelled to save them.

One by one, the women around me also stripped themselves naked.

Of course, their bodies are as beautiful as their faces.

“Just lie here. We’ll take care of everything.”

The blonde who had given the order earlier said before sinking her head between my legs.

As I was being surrounded by more than a dozen naked beauties, my flesh rod is already hard.

Whichever body my eyes laid upon, all of them are just erotic. They are like sculptures of ideal women that has grown flesh.

My vision was filled with lush skin tones, not only in areas such as the breasts and butts, but also their legs and bellies, with vibrant hair colors accentuating the view even more.

As an added bonus, with so many women in heat in one room, the smell of pheromones defiling my nose is outstanding.

My instincts as a man became perfectly stimulated as a result, making me feel a bit lightheaded.

As I was engrossed in these kinds of things, the other women also came over and put their faces near my crotch.

“Wow……s this is a real man’s ……”

“It’s much bigger than I’ve been told!”

“Haaa, haaa, if something this big enters me, I……gulp.”

Even after all the experience I had after coming here, I still find it embarrassing to be looked at this closely. So this is what it feels like to be an animal in the zoo.

Still, I don’t feel bad about it. I’m being complimented on my stuff, after all.

“Hey girls, did you know that a blowjob is what you do before you have sex?”

“R-really? Th-then, shall we lick this thing first?”


They are so gullible. The truth is, I was already rearing to go, but I misdirected them for a bit because I want to get a blowjob from these wonderful beauties first.

“Then, here I go……lick. Chuun, perolero.”

Though they are quick and vigorous when they pushed me down, when it came to the real thing, they’re suddenly all shy around me.  

Before I met Irene, I had no confidence in myself, so I was able to understand their worries of being afraid of not meeting the expectations of their partners.

I have to give them the support they need.

“Don’t be afraid. Here, you can hold it deeper into your mouth.”

“……Really? You’ll allow it?”

Ahh, to think I was blessed with such a wonderful man.

As if I heard the inner thoughts of the blonde who said that, she then opened her mouth wide and started sucking on my cock deeper than before, reaching all the way to the root.

“Haaamuu, lerolero, jyurururu”

Her techniques weren’t that great, but I could see the complete devotion in her figure, and it was already enough to make my meat pole erect to its limits.

“Wow, it’s completely ready to go!”

“What a wonderful cock!”

“Ah, it’s so good I’m already wet just by looking at it!”

Commented the other officials.

“Nhaaa……then, I’ll put it in, okay?”

The blonde then sat on top of me, before aiming my already erect meat pole to her vertical slit.

I wondered if she will be okay with it, being this early, but when I saw the dripping love juices flowing beneath her legs, I immediately changed my mind.

To think she’s already this gushing just from sucking, really. The women in this world are really lewd.

After that, she dropped her hips, finally inserting the meat rod in her wet pussy.

“Nnn, haaa……so hot, so this is what the real thing feels like!”

After she finished inserting it up to the root, she shook her body in a way as if she was really impressed with my member.

I couldn’t talk back because the tightness of her pussy felt exceptionally good.

“Hey, can I shake my hips now?”

The blonde asked, with eyes already wet with lust.

I gave her a nod in response.

“Fufu. Nnn, ahhn, mphfuuuunn!”

She started moving her hips up and down right away, leaving panting and gasping for every gap in between.

The officials around me blushed even more when they saw this. 

Some of them even couldn’t wait and gathered themselves around my upper body.

“C-can you give me a kiss……?”

“Head……I want a man to pat my head!”

“Do you mind if I lick your body?”

I nodded to them one by one, wanting to respond to their thoughts.

When they heard my answer, like witnessing a flower in full bloom, they smiled jubilantly, and then moved on to their own acts right away.

It was a great moment after that. As if wild animals that were let out of their cages for the first time, they rampaged all over, immediately transforming themselves into beasts that hunger for blood, or in this case, semen.

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I was a bit worried that I’m unable to move because my whole body is surrounded by a wonderful amount of flesh—still, the pleasure running through my entire body wholly overridden these thoughts in an instant.

“Fuun, aaaaahhhnn! To accept a wonderful body like this…… you’re like a messiah that was given to us by the heavens!”

The blonde waving her hips above me is already shedding tears of joy.

Just looking at that face, it made me feel glad that I came to this city.

After that, the movements of her insides attacking my meat rod became more and more intense, making me feel more pleasure than before.

“I as well. I’m so happy I could die, being surrounded by such beautiful women……”

It was indeed a harem in a sense.

I, even though I had only a little power, has already achieved something that only heroes and princes of a fairy tale can do.

As soon as I became aware of this fact, the excitement that I had been trying to suppress rose to the top once again.

“Ahh, it’s going to cum out!”

As soon as I said this, the blonde dilated her eyes and moved her hips even harder.

“It’s coming? Are you going to cum!?”

“Yes……Ugh, so violent!”

I groaned involuntarily at the fastest piston I’d ever had.

The other women who were violating my body upscaled their movements as well.

“Cum cum all over! Please give me your cum!”

Perhaps she also felt the trembling of my cock, her movements turned even bigger than her ass is already coming in close contact with my crotch.

Soon, all that I have been holding back against the elasticity of her cervix, which has been hitting my dickhead for a while, it finally broke down.


“Yes! Cum, cum, cum! Paint your semen inside me!!!”

At the same time as my cumming, the blonde shook her body and climaxed.

While soaking herself to the pleasure of cumming, the blonde lifted her hips and pulled out my meat pole.

Then, she sat back as if her waist finally gave out, before scooping up the semen flowing out of her vagina and giving it a lick.

“So this is the taste of semen…… I’ve been injected with such a tasty thing……”

She exclaimed with a face of pure bliss. Seeing her at this state made me happy as well. 

However, that didn’t last long.

“I’ll be next. It was still stiff, so I’ll still be able to put it right away……nhuuu!”

“Hey, wait……ugh”

A brown-haired woman came out of the waiting and quickly inserted my meat rod in one go.

Then she began loving her hips relentlessly as if my cock will escape once she didn’t.

Usually, after ejaculation, the erogenous sensation cools off rapidly, but as I had been given a new stimulus before it happened, my brain was agitated once again.

Within a few minutes, my libido reached the apex once again, resulting in ejaculating inside Miss Brown-hair’s pussy.

“I-I’m cumming again.”

“Cumming! I’m being cummed inside in my first time of having sex. Aaaah”

An ejaculation no less than earlier sprayed inside Miss Brown-hair, making her climax.

Miss Brown-hair plopped down after that, but immediately, the other women held her by her armpits and lifted her aside.

All while another woman immediately straddles the vacant meat stick like some kind of product in an assembly line.

I continued to fuck one woman after another, and once I thought I have made a complete cycle, they started all over again.

The heavenly orgy continued until Miss Suzette came to her senses, and she scolded everyone after that.

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