Reversed World Messiah Volume 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Parliamentary Official Suzette

Today is the day that this “parliamentary official” is coming.

Everyone in the city was a little fidgety, waiting for them to arrive.

“Here they come!”

Someone in the city exclaimed in a loud voice.

From the horizon, I could see several carriages lining up. Anyone could see from that heavy atmosphere that there will be a lot of people arriving.

Perhaps the country is more unfriendly to this city than I thought.

Hoping that the negotiations will go smoothly, we headed to the place where the meeting will be held with the political representative.

It was also the very same log cabin where Irene negotiated with the merchant, the place where Irene and I met for the first time.

It may not have the most luxurious interior, but it was already enough to entertain the other party.

After everyone has arrived, Irene went and greeted the unfriendly officials, before going inside the cabin and towards to the negotiation table, which has already been prepared for this moment.

“Tomo, it’s about to start. The official is gonna enter soon.”


“Are you nervous?”

“……A little, but I’m still okay.”

“Ufufufu, I see, as expected of my dear Tomo.”

While we’re having sweet talks with one another, the door suddenly opened with a squeak.

Entering the room one after another were neatly dressed women.

As soon as I placed my eyes on them, I was immediately at a loss for words.

All of them seem to be wearing masks that cover their entire face.

Honestly speaking, the design is a bit creepy, that even I felt a bit of fear just by staring at them.

However, considering the fact that all of them are wearing the same design on all their faces, I guess this might be a part of the uniform of a parliamentary official.

I don’t know if they went out of their way to wear masks because they’re coming to this town, or if it’s something they originally wore, but……

How did I know that they were women even though they’re hiding their faces?

It was the clothes they are wearing.

I could tell they were women because some of them had long hair, but most of all, it’s because they were wearing clothes that clearly showed the contours of their breasts and hips.

Either way, this means that the negotiations have now begun.

“I am……”

One of the masked women stepped forward.

“……the head representative, Suzette Becquerel.”

“I am Irene. I’m the head of this city.”


Irene offered her hand, only to return with nothing.

I can’t tell what kind of expression she has on her face because of her mask, but it’s clear that she does not intend to be friendly.

I want to let loose right away, but I’ve been told that Irene will negotiate first.

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It can’t be helped as I just came out of nowhere. It will only feel them impudence if I were to butt in as I haven’t made any introductions yet, but it was still frustrating that I couldn’t do anything to reciprocate their hostility.

“Thank you for giving us your precious time today. Please, take a seat while I serve you tea-“

“We didn’t come here for tea.”

“W-well then, let’s get started on the main subject-“

“Main subject? ……Don’t be silly. Are you guys still misunderstanding something?”


Irene went confused.

“We only came here to tell you that we don’t need to discuss anything in this worthless city.”


Irene choked on her words at the unexpected turn of events.

The purpose of today was supposed to be to negotiate for this place to be recognized as a city.

“You guys are a bunch of fools. You built a city on your own, without any consent from the government, and now you want to officially recognize this as a city?”

“I-isn’t that what we’re here to talk about……?

“Don’t say such stupid things. Why should the government give its recognition to alienated folks like you?”

“H-how could……”

“The only reason I’m here today is to order you to leave the city.”


I’m really at a loss for words right now.

Not only they didn’t give us a chance to voice out our opinions, they even have the gall to chase us out of our own city?

This place is a place where people can accept them for what they truly are, no matter how or what their origins are. Why would they treat them as if they are but a gathering of criminals?


Also, what are these women going to do if they destroy the final haven they got? Where would they stay?

They taxed them heavily, and despite that, both won’t even allow them to be given a modest place to live……!

How can they do such a thing……!

“And what about you?”

When I came to my senses, I was already in front of Irene.

“I am Tomoaki. I’m the one who’s indebted to Irene here in this city.”


The officer moved her eyes as if she’s licking me from top to bottom.

I felt a little creepy because of the mask, but still, I kept going.

“Would you mind listening to Irene’s story first, before coming up with such a decision?”

“And why would I?”

“These women have lost their places of living, and that’s why they had to live in this city. And it must have been hard to build a city from nothing……You already knew they meant no harm……no, they are the ones that are harmed, and yet…… you……are you still going to trample their efforts just like that?”

“The government doesn’t approve of this city.”

“Then please make them approve it!”

“No can do. You are just a bad stain in this land……!”

“H-how could you say such thing……!”

I was on the verge of my limits on holding back my temper from her overbearing attitude, but still, for Irene’s sake, I endured it all.

“Please, at least hear me out……!”


“……Please! I beg you!”

Then, along with a piercing glare, she approached my person while giving off a low, threatening voice.

It felt like a beast sizing up its helpless prey before she eats them but had a little effect on the me right now.

“You’re a desperate one, aren’t you.”

The official snickered in scorn.

“Desperate? Yes, I am feeling desperate right now. The people here just want to be happy!”

“I don’t care about their happiness. There are some things that can’t be solved even if one becomes desperate. More often than not, it only leads to harm on both sides, without any benefit at all.”

“You won’t know that……unless you try it first!”

It was a line that I never spoke until now.

No, that’s not it. It’s just that I didn’t have something to be this serious about.

Even in my previous world, when I see the probability of failing getting higher than its success, I would immediately give up on that and look at something else.

But now, I have something I couldn’t give up no matter what.

I won’t back off. Not now, not ever.



Silence came in between the head representative and me.

There was nothing but a standoff.



It was the head representative who spoke out first.


“If that’s the case…… I need to talk to you, and only you, alone.”

“With me?”

“That’s one of the conditions. Or is your desperation earlier, nothing but a joke?”

What should I do……

I just can’t discuss here with these higher-ups without Irene, right?

I looked at our mayor in the meantime.

“Tomo, I’ll leave it all to you. I believe in you.”

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She said yes and gave an encouraging smile.

……That’s right.

I came here to protect that smile…… to protect the smiles of all the women in this city.

In that case, I’ll do everything I can! Even if it’s the end of me!

“Thank you, Irene. Then, I’m ready when you are.”

I faced against the masked menace.

“Good. The rest of you can leave.”

With a word from the head representative, everyone else but her masked associates left the cabin.

The only ones that remained are her party and me.

I’m a bit nervous, but I have already resolved myself.

“With this, it’s just us.”

“Why am I the only one left?”

“Kukuku, boy……Can you still dare to speak of that after fucking me……no, after fucking all of us?”

Miss Suzette spoke before taking off her mask.

The other officials also removed their masks in the same way.

――From there, I could only see women so immensely beautiful I couldn’t believe my own two eyes.

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