Reversed World Messiah Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Until We’re Satisfied

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.


In front of my eyes was a person begging me for more.

A girl so beautiful, that my reasoning almost got blown away by it.

“I’m going to ram my hips at you now.”

“Yes, do it……Ahnnaaaaah!”

I grabbed the girl by the waist and commenced my pelvic thrusts.

My cock moved in and out of her crack, churning up her insides in a repeated motion, making Edith’s long, vibrant blonde ponytail shook. Moreover, she became even more tensed as the foreign material entered her own body.

“Ahh, I’m going crazy……Hmmm, aahhh, I-I feel like I’m turning into an idiot!”

“Oh my god, Edith. It feels super good inside you……”

“Me too… me too! Whenever you knock my rear, everything goes blank. I can’t think of anything but your dick!”

Edith rang praises on me.

I could feel my peehole getting hot.

I’ve been trying to hold it in, but it seems I’m already at my limit.

If I didn’t let it out at once, I’d end up going out of my mind too.

“Edith, can I cum inside?”

“Yes! Of course! Give me a creampie, Sir Tomo!”

“All right.”

She accepted it right away, without showing any kind of resistance.

After engaging in weeks of ‘activities’, I found out that the women in this world don’t feel comfortable unless you came inside them.

Since I won’t be satisfied unless I came inside either, it’s a win-win situation for all of us.

“……Here it comes!”

This chapter is translated by Rochenerorecormon of Stabbing with a syringe translations.

Come, come inside meeee!”

“So tight……Gah!”

She squeezed so hard I felt like it’s trying to tear my meat rod into shreds.


 “Yes! Cum inside! Spray every drop of it inside my body!”

After Edith said her request, my whole body shuddered, then I ejaculated.

In order to inject it in her deepest parts, I pulled her peach butts towards me and slammed it firmly towards my waist.

I ejaculated the moment the tip of my meat pole struck her womb.

“Ahiiiii, it’s heeeere! It’s a perfect fit!”

Edith’s vagina became narrower than ever before, quivering as if making sure I squeeze out all my semen.

Her ass that was already clenched tight became even tighter.

“So, this is… how it feels… to be cummed inside…”

“Haaa, haaa…… I feel like I came buckets.”

That might sound an exaggeration at first, but considering it was right after her blowjob, where I also came out a lot, I’m now thinking otherwise.

My cock still erect even now just added to that fact.

“Sir Tomo… are you still not satisfied yet?”

“What about you, Edith?”

“I, I want more.”

“I guess we’re the same then.”

We went for a second round without pulling out.

“Oh, God, we’re making really lewd sounds!”

Resuming our doggy-style, I swung my hips again, pulling out slowly from the entrance of her womb before thrusting it all at once.

“Ahiii! It’s amazing… it reaches all the way to the back… I think I’m getting hornier from the sounds.”

“From the sounds?”

“Yes, from the sounds… the loud thumps as you slam into my ass turns me on, Sir Tomo. Please make me hear it more.”

“Like this?”

I repeated my extraction rhythmically, putting more emphasis on making the sounds as our lower bodies hit each other.

“Oh, my goodness! So, this is what it feels like when having sex!”

“So, which one do you prefer, watching to the side or doing it in person?”

“It’s nice to watch and finger myself, but it’s much, much more pleasant to do it this way.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“If Sir Tomo hadn’t come to this city, I’m sure I wouldn’t have experienced this until I died. I can’t thank you enough, sir, for letting me experience such a wonderful thing.”

For a former princess to feel this indebted to me…

If I wasn’t in another world, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t say something like this. Yet again, I won’t imagine this scene happening in the first place.


“I’m happy for you, Edith. I’ll always be ready for you, I guarantee it.”

“I-is that true? I’m so happy.”

“I’m going to make you forget about your sad past, starting today. I’m going to make you appreciate yourself for what you are.”

“Sir Tomo……”

“So even a black-hearted Edith can become this meek.”

“… That’s not true! I’m not black-hearted in any way!”


Edith puffed out her cheeks in anger, but all I can see is cuteness from it.

“Now then, I’m starting to lose my grip, so I’ll move some more.”

“Fueeeh!? So sudden…!!? Ahhhn!”  

“Feel more, more, and more……Aaaah!”

Out of the blue, she pulled her hips closer as I moved in and out of her insides, causing her plump ass to ripple and tremble even harder.

“Yes, that’s it! Scrape my insides more!”

“Ahh, your cunt feel so good, Edith!”

“Aaaaahnn! Yes, yes! Churn my cunt even more! Aahh, I feel like it’s getting turned inside out! Aaahnn!”

“So many love juices…”

White bubbles were starting to form in our connecting parts.

It looks like Edith was feeling too much, as I see that her legs were already shivering. Thankfully, she was well trained as a knight, or she would have collapsed to the ground by now.

More, just a little bit more, and Edith will cum again.

I continued swinging my hips in desperation, with my newfound determination to reach my goal.

“Noo! I’m cumming again! Ooh, I’m cumming… haaa…hii…haaa!”

“I think I’m also about to cum.”

“Me too, me too……let’s do it together……aaah, it’s coming, it’s cummmiiinnnggg!”

“Aaaah, Nn, guh. It’s even tighter than before!”

Her vagina tightened so suddenly, I was quickly caught off guard. Regardless, I continued my pistoning, resisting the urge to let it out earlier than planned.


Edith’s breathing has now become ragged and sharp.

Soon as I saw her running out of space, I got even more excited.

“Sir Tomo……please……please stop……!”

“What? Why?”

“It’s going to come out……it’s coming out……it’s coming!”

“What is it?”

“Ahhn, uufu, ooofuuu! My pee……my pee is!”


Though I don’t have interests in those kinds of tastes, it still bothered me a bit.

However, as if liking what it has heard, my hips subconsciously moved even faster.

“Kuhiiii! Noo! You’re going too fast!”  

“Ahh… aaaah, I’m…cumming!”

“haa, haa, haa, haaaa! I’m cumming too……cum……cum……cumming……aaaaah!”

Pyuru. As soon as I felt a few drops of water leaking out,

“It’s coming ouuuut! Uuuugh!”

PYUSHUUU, a line of urine squirted to the ground.

At the same time, I also came.

“Hiii, hiigiii……! Your semen…… It’s coming inside!”

“Edith is peeing quite a lot, isn’t she?”

At a tremendous rate, Edith is overflowing from under her skirt.

“I peed… even though I was a princess at one time…… for me to pee like this is-!”

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Though she’s saying that, she’s far from stopping just yet. She kept on urinating as her legs convulsed from time to time.

Soon, as the momentum diminished, squeezing out the remaining dregs,

“Uu, kuh. Uuugh!!”

And with a couple of heartful groans, Edith’s urination process ended. 

“Ah……haaaa……I have really done it. To think I let out a lot.”

“So, how is it? Refreshing, right?”

“I… I don’t know anymore……haa, haaa……!

She said, finally falling on the spot in exhaustion.

Then, looking up at me, 

“Sir Tomo……I will follow you for the rest of my life.”

I went down, and we kissed each other passionately.

With this, my issue with Edith has now been concluded.

It’s now time to meet our first client.

I wonder what kind of person is waiting on the other side?

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2 thoughts on “Reversed World Messiah Volume 2 Chapter 5

  1. Thanks for the Translations. I don’t know why Irene wants the Marriage acknowledged by people who don’t care about her existence.. I thought MC would grow the City a bit till receiving acknowledgement from other!

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  2. I like how he was going to a meeting with a girl, then got sidetracked for at least an hour or so with Edith, lol! I’m not complaining, Edith’s really cute with her personality!
    Thanks for the chapter!

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