Reversed World Messiah Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – While Standing Up

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

Edith stuck out her small, well-rounded butt in front of me.

The sight of her peach-colored honeypot and white, fleshy ass is making me unable to resist.

As I got a full erection due to the oral sex we had earlier, right now, I am in a position where I’m ready to screw her insides at any time.

“Aaaaaah……Sir Tomo, hurry up and put it in……!”

Copious amounts of love juices leaked out of Edith’s secret place, dripping strings onto the ground.

“Here I go.”

I grabbed her peach-like butt-in-waiting.

That ass, so plump that it’s already sinking with only a slight touch of my fingers,

I aimed my rod in between that ass.

“Ahhhn……so this is a penis……it’s so hot……”

“You’re really wet down here, Edit.”

“It was Sir Tomo’s fault in the first place. Well, you are nothing but a cock anyway.”

“What a foul-mouthed lass. Looks like I have to punish you for that.”

Okay, now she’s getting annoying pretty annoying—time to teach this bitchy princess knight a lesson.

Fortunately, we can do a doggy style right away from our positions, meaning I’ll be playing the dominant role here.

I’m gonna savor this and attack you without mercy.

“I’m moving now……!”

Grabbing her slender waist, I started moving my hips back and forth.

Edith’s pussy was tight, really tight. It’s so tight I felt I would shoot off even if I wasn’t moving.

With that, I clenched my teeth, then started rocking my hips desperately.

This chapter is translated by Rochenerorecormon of Stabbing with a syringe translations.

“Ahuu, kuoooooh, aaahhnnnnn! Aahuu, auu, annn, aaaah aaaaaaaaah!”

Even though we’re fucking outside in broad daylight, Edith’s moans were loud.

And I haven’t gone that deep yet. What more will she become if I reached all the way through her back?

“Ahaaaahhhnnn! This is amazing! I’ve never felt like this before!”

“So, it’s your first time doing this?”

“I-Isn’t that obvious!? Or do you intend to make fun of me?”

“I’m not making fun of you, rather, aren’t you worried about getting hurt?”


Edith looked surprised.

“Are you really feeling concerned about a wretched thing like myself?”

“Of course, I am. Also, you’re not a ‘wretched thing’, Edith. You mean a lot to me, you know.”

“I’m……important……to you?…….Ahhhnn!”


Edith’s vagina squeezed even tighter.

My cock will fire at her entrance if it stays this way, so in order not to do that, I pulled my hips and inserted it all the way to the deepest end I can reach.


Sounds of squelching water echoed in our connecting parts as a result.

“Aaaaaaaahnn! Nnnnnhaaaaaauuuuu! It’s reaching deep, aaaaaahhhh!”

“Your deepest parts feel really good!”

“M-me too! Your cock is great too! Aah, I think I came a bit.”

Edith’s vaginal walls repeatedly twitched and wriggled, as if it’s trying to mold itself to perfectly stick to my meat rod.

“Edith, keep your tone down. We’re having sex, you know.”

“O-of course we are and, in a place, where someone might see us even!”

“Don’t you want your first time to be more romantic?”

“But we’re already doing something romantic, at least doing outside for me is one.”

Was it the difference of values once again?

Perhaps in this reversed world, fucking under the blue sky is more popular than fucking on top of the bed.

Well, whatever. As long as she liked it. 

Also, considering this is a city with only beautiful women as its residents, I think it’s okay to sneak up in a back alley like this and do some doggy-style fucking.

Even if someone comes and sees us, I’ll just fuck her too, and we’ll have a splendid threesome play with that girl right after.


Good grief……It’s only for a short time, but I seem to have become a lot more perverted since I came into this world.

I guess denying Edith’s insults will become more difficult from now on.

I mocked myself inwardly.

“More……shake your hips more……! Harder, Sir Tomo! Harder!”

As she said this, Edith also shook her hips towards me.

She continuously bumped her fleshy ass against my waist, as if trying to make my meat rod hit her all the way to the back.

‘Then I’ll do as Edith requested.”

“Nnnnn, come oooon! Hit me deeper! Deeeeperrr!!”


I turned my hips swings faster.

Since I’ve been having sex almost all of the time since I came to this different world, I’ve gotten better at my hip-swinging.

It’s still hard to fix my problem of cumming quickly, but I think that’s normal for someone fucking several goddess-like beauties every single moment. Plus, I’m gradually getting better at delaying it.

Sounds of clashing meat, along with sounds of panting and moaning, filled the empty alleyway.

“Oh my god, it feels so good!”

Edith screamed. She’s already dug her nails on the wall, filling it with scratches all over.

That shows how much she’s feeling it right now.

And to think I was a virgin until a while ago, now I’m able to make a woman like her feel this good. 

“You’re amazing, Sir Tomo! Ahhh, I’m gonna be broken if this continues!”

“Then get broken. I permit you.”

“Nooooo! I’ll forget my work and only want Sir Tomo’s dick if that happens!”

“That’s also fine with me.”

“Nnnoo waaay! I’m gonna get despised by lady Ireeenee.”

“Let’s do a threesome with Irene then. How about it?”

“Aaaaah……that’s fine with me……we’ll gonna have sex all day long……”

Even though she’s a virgin until now, I’m glad she’s already feeling this great.

Breaking Edith is really fun.

She’s usually having that prim and polite princess knight façade, and to think behind that was a two-faced bitch, these things really did give me a pain in the ass to approach her. 

But now, oh how the tables have turned on her. She’s completely crazy about my cock now.

Since the libido of the genders are reversed, it probably played the role of making them more sensitive than usual.

Like Irene and the maids, the women here tend to be more sensitive.

That fact just made me feel happier in swing my hips, however.

Still, because of that, they tighten so well I could hardly put up with them.

“Nhooo! Your cock is getting bigger!”

“It just shows how great it felt inside you, Edith.”

“……Am I, doing well?”

“Yes, yes, you are. You’re doing great. I’m really happy to be able to have sex with a beautiful girl like you.”

“You, saying these sweet things at this time……!”

“Edith, you’re mine You’re mine and mine only. You can’t have sex with someone else when you’re frustrated, okay?”

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“Of course! But……”

Edith squirmed and shrank back. Really surprising, in contrast to her domineering attitude from earlier.

“Uhmmm, doing it alone……is still allowed, right?”

Her cheeks went red, and her eyes turned moist.

To think Edith, the black-hearted princess, has now turned into a puppy after being fucked literally.

Ahhh, I really want to break her more…… Wait.

That was dangerous. I thought the sadistic heart inside of me woke up for a bit there.

I still can’t beat her. After all, she is a knight who had dedicated her life on the way of the sword. Still, I’m quite surprised to discover the hidden disposition in me.

“If it’s not possible to endure, then you can do yourself.”


“However, you must show it properly to me, okay? You’re only allowed to do it on my watch.”

“Ahhhn! In that case, please put it in!”

I teased her only for a bit, but Edith’s vagina turned this tight already.

It just showed how horny she is right now.

“Noooo……! I’m, I’m about to come……!”

“Then go ahead, I permit you.”

“Aaaaaaaaah! Oh god, oh my god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Curving her back like a shrimp, Edith let out a jubilant climax.

Her vagina squeezed me tight that I almost cummed right after, but I was able to hold back until the last minute.

Edith is now breathing hard, with drools all over the place.

“Haa, haaa……more……More……!”

Apparently, the princess knight wasn’t satisfied yet.

“Then, I’ll make it more intense for you.”

I whispered to her ear.

Right after hearing those words, Edith climaxed again.

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2 thoughts on “Reversed World Messiah Volume 2 Chapter 4

  1. Wow he become domineering and possesive! Is it still the same MC? Also awake your inner sadist MC.

    Thanks for chapter


  2. Good! Let the darkness consume you!….If he goes back to being a simp and she goes back to being an ass after they have a bit of time to cool off I am going to be SO NETTLED. True, it’ll be harder to deny the pervert accusations after this but the same is true for her.


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