Reversed World Messiah Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – In the Back Alley

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Thank you for the job, Irene. I’ll be off then.”

After Irene saw me off, Edith and I headed for our first client’s place.

She seems to live near the river that flows through the city, and its some distance from Irene’s manor.

As Edith was a serious person as I have expected, neither of us had a conversation.

However, the silence was just too deafening to me. I know she’s my bodyguard and all, but of all the interactions I had with the women in this world, I find this normal one a bit frightening.

Is she perhaps, feeling I have stolen her idol, and now she’s angry at me?

Even so, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. It’s better to talk to the person first.

“Uhm, what kind of person are we going to meet?”


There’s only silence.

I wonder if she didn’t hear me.

Let’s try again.


She still didn’t answer. And we’re the only ones walking on the road at this moment.

Girl, that was directed to you. I’m not speaking to the stone on the road.

Considering she still didn’t budge, I gave out my last resort.

I grabbed her by the wrist and called her name.



“Shut up, you fucking pervert.”



“Ah, uhm……you’re Edith, right?”

“Can’t you see that? Are your eye perhaps replaced by knotholes of some sort?”


Hiiiiii, her personality has changed!

What the hell is going on here!?

“Why are you so different today? You weren’t like this when we’re at Irene’s presence.”

“Of course, I would act differently. We’re at the presence of Lady Irene after all♪. Ahh, Lady Irene~”

She covers her face with her hands as she wiggled her hips. I wonder what she’s imagining in this situation. Well, it should be obvious by now.

“But all of it doesn’t matter in front of you. Now that we have left the mansion, I won’t be seen by lady Irene, and I can do whatever I want. Ohohoho~!”

Wow. Talk about a real anime high-class lady’s laugh. With matching outstretched hand-on-the-cheek even.

“Does Irene know about this?”

“Huh? Are you a dimwit? How could she possibly know that? If she learns the truth, do you have any idea what will happen? I don’t, but I certainly do what will happen if you dare snitch on me. Capiche? Ohohohoho.”

She said to me on a very close range, complete with a matching dark smile on her face.

Like a two-faced wench in the truest sense.

This chapter is translated by NeoRecormon of Stabbingwithasyringe translations. To avoid sites from copy-pasting, some parts of this chapter has been cut.

She tries to put on a good face in front of Irene, but the moment she’s in front of me, she shows her true colors.

And to think this girl was supposed to be my ‘attendant’.

“You must be regretting your decision to be with me, right?”

“Eh? No, it’s just that……”

“Good grief, fucking every maid in the mansion every fucking day…… this is why I hate perverts.”

I can’t retort her insults because it’s true.

Then, Edith again, bringing her face close to mine,

“So, when are you going to let me suck your dick?”

“……Come again?”

What is this girl talking about……?


“I can’t lay my hands on you in front of Lady Irene, but now that we’re out of her sights, it’s now possible for us to be together. Fufufu”

“I-I see. You have a point……”

I unconsciously pulled back for a bit. But before I even made a step,

“Come on, this way!”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me to a back alley.

When we stopped, I realized she had taken me to a place with no traffic, not even a single being in the surroundings.

What is she going to do to me……?

“Now, take it out!”

“W-what out?”

“Your. Pe. Nis.”

Well, that’s was very straightforward.

I forgot, this is a girl in a reversed parallel world.

“Oh geez! you’re so frustrating! Here, I’ll do it for you!”

She sat down in a slouch, trying to take my pants off in one go.

“Let me see it!”

“Wait, there are people coming……!

“They won’t come, and if they do, we can just show it to them!”

“B-but aren’t you my bodyguard!?”

To think that it the one who should protect me will be the one to first assault me instead. Such a reversed world indeed.

As I recall, isn’t she assigned to me so that I wouldn’t be attacked?

This is putting the cart before the horse!

While I was complaining in my mind, Irene had already exposed my meat stick.


She complained, looking at my still flaccid junior.

“And to think this is always hard as a rock in front of Lady Irene! Are you saying that you can’t get up in front of me?”

“That’s because Irene doesn’t do it by force, unlike a certain someone right now.”

“So that’s it, huh? Then ‘that certain someone’ will devote herself to train you to get an erection with force! ‘That certain someone’ will make sure that you will get an erection just by putting me in your sights! I bet my princess knight’s pride on it!”

“What was kind of resolve is that!? And you’re betting on the wrong place even! You should be ensuring my safety first and foremost!”

“Well, then……thank you for the food! Haaamu!”

Ignoring all my complaints, she swallowed my still soft sausage, making me shiver in reflex.

Even though it wasn’t yet erected, being licked made me feel really good.

“Nfuu……♪ I’ll peel it off with my mouth.”


The tip of her tongue crept in between the foreskin and my meat rod.

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I couldn’t resist, because even though her tone is harsh, her tongue is gentle.

To think being my foreskin being traced on the insides feel this good……

“it’s getting bigger. Does it feel good?”

“Ugh, yeah……”

“Juburu……haaamu…….nburuburu……! so this is what a dick tastes like. I think this might become a habit.”

I leaned back against the wall and just surrendered to the pleasure, as my cock was massaged with a mouth full of saliva.

My bellend was carefully teased and it felt so good that I felt like I was going to lose my hips.

“H-how is it? Am I doing well?”

“Definitely! You’re amazing, Edith!”

“Hmmn…… You know, I’ve always wanted to suck your cock……now that my dream has come true, I’m really happy right now!”

“I-Is that true?”

“Y-you know I couldn’t do indecent things like this because of the way I look. And because I have to always be an upright person in front of Lady Irene, I could only stare in envy of you having sex with everyone in the mansion. It even reached to the point that I considered myself as the ugliest, as you didn’t approach, not even once to fuck me. But now, seeing yourself having a boner in front of me, I’m glad it wasn’t the case. “

“But with Edith’s upbringing……you could have done this earlier if you wished to. I mean, you are a princess before this.”

“This pervert really has nuts for brains. Because I, myself am a woman, that we have the right to choose whom we want to be with, but I didn’t, until now.”

“So that means……”

“I want to suck it because it was your dick. You treated me like an ordinary girl, without any trace of abhorrence attached. And even though I was assigned as your personal attendant, you didn’t take an arrogant attitude to me, not even once. I thought……it was pretty cool of you.”

“T-thank you……”

Now I’m feeling shy all over. I mean, who wouldn’t? After all, I was being praised by a girl, beautiful at that, in a pretty straightforward manner.

But to think she thinks this highly of me. I’m really happy.

“Wow, you’re getting bigger……though a cock that has been erected from the beginning is good, it’s not so bad to see one grow up bit by bit.”

“Edith, by any chance, you didn’t awaken some strange habits, did you?”

“What? I don’t want to be told that by a pervert like you!”

“W-why are you so angry!?”

“Shut up……I’ll definitely make you cum like crazy. Just stand there and watch!”

What the hell is this girl up to now……

But, just after she declared she’ll make me crazy, her blowjob increased in intensity.

I wonder what will happen to me from here on.

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5 thoughts on “Reversed World Messiah Volume 2 Chapter 2

  1. Wait a sec! Edith’s like a lesbian tsundere!? Woah, talk about unexpected, though it was kinda expected as well in a sense!


  2. Why is MC such a pushover?
    Funny how in japanese ero wn the MC after first sex is either a complete asshole using women not caring for them or a beta that is all the time reverse raped (usually a shota or just young) There are no middle ground MCs.

    Thanks for chapter


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