Reversed World Messiah Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – A New Job

Only a week has passed since I was transferred to this world, but I’m already beginning to get used to this new life of mine.

Though I said I was getting used to it, it was basically because Edith and the other maids were there to take care of things around me. So, basically, what I got used to was living inside the mansion. 

I hardly went out of the mansion. I mean, I didn’t need to. With beauties surrounding me all around, horny for my cock, what man would want to get out of this place?

I don’t want to boast, but I’ve had sex with all the maids in the manor.

I rarely asked them out, but since they really liked my natural welcoming behavior (not feeling disgusted by their looks) and appearance, they easily went with it.

For me, who’s never been popular since I was born, I was just happy that they liked me, and I also wanted to reciprocate everyone’s feelings.

Nevertheless, I was relieved that it didn’t feel awkward when I was found out that I had a relationship with all of them. If this were in my original world, it would already become a bloodbath.

Because of those circumstances that were already comparable to a virgin’s fantasy came true, I rarely left the mansion.

By the way, though I said all of the maids earlier, I haven’t done anything naughty to Edith yet.

I’m still yet to know if she likes me or not, as she always looked indifferent towards everyone except Irene, whom she’s completely smitten into, but it was also for that reason I didn’t dare to do anything naughty to her. 

I-it’s not from my recent trauma with her sword, I swear!

Well, aside from the small issue with Edith, there is something that bothers me as well.

And that is……

“I’m a bit overprivileged.”

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I don’t have to do anything, and because of that, I feel so useless. 

As I still have my pride as a man from Japan who couldn’t sit still, I talked about it to Irene. 

“What brings you here, Tomo?”

“Uhm, you see, I am very grateful for the environment you provided for me, but it was just too good for me, and I’m feeling guilty about not doing anything in return.”

“Well, I see what you mean. But you see, that is a different matter altogether.”

“Different? What’s so different about……”

I’m just an ordinary person.

If you’re a student, you go to school. If you’re a member of the society, you go to work.

If I was born in the upper classes, I’d be contented with the way I live right now, but from my point of view, as a person who has to do something, even more so that I still have a debt to pay, this only makes me bad and useless.

“I’m a man too, so I can help you with the heavy lifting and stuff, and- “

‘No, you can’t.”

I was rejected instantly.


“What should we do if you were hurt in the process? You are our messiah, our savior.”

“You don’t have to be that overprotective.”

“No. It is my mission to ensure your safety.”

She sounded pretty determined, too, that I feel like we’ll be getting nowhere if we continued to argue about this.

However, I can’t just let this pass up. 

After repeated requests, she finally caved in.

“If you’re still persistent, why not try to work using your unique attributes?”

“My unique attributes?”

“You really aren’t aware, huh. First of all, you don’t discriminate against us on our appearances.”

“Yes. And?”

“Second is your unrivaled, big cock. Then your superb techniques……I think you have to start with a combination of these elements first.”


“……so, in the end, it’s all about sex, isn’t it?”

Well, that’s all I’ve done for the past week, so it’s not surprising that Irene has taken it up.

“As expected of my Tomo. You quickly noticed.”

“Well, it was too obvious not to.”

“Well, if you really want to work for me that much, I guess I have no choice then. I’ll introduce you to someone.”

“Really? Thank you!”

Whatever it is, I will try my best.

“So, what’s the job?”

“――a casanova.”


I went speechless.

“C-casanova? In other words, I’m going to have sex with many women?”

Simply put, it’s a gender-opposite of a whore.

I should have expected this from a long time ago. In this world, where values are reversed, male prostitutes are more popular than female ones.

“Do you hate it?”

“No, rather, it’s……”

……great. That means I’ll be able to have sex with beautiful women, and I get paid as well.

“Ufufufu, I know what you are thinking……it’s a matter of the heart, isn’t it?”

“Eh? Y-yeah.”

I wasn’t worried that much, but I still feel concerned about having sex only for the sake of convenience.

Well, since that was the other woman is after, I don’t think it’s something I’m supposed to worry about. This is a job, nonetheless.

“Your earnestness is truly remarkable. That heart, value it more.”


“The thing is, I already thought about your feelings, and predicted that it will somehow lead to this, so I already made some preparations.”


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“Yes. Isn’t it normal for a male prostitute to wait for a woman in a brothel?”

It was also the opposite of the brothel I know.

“In your case, you will go out to the ladies instead.”

“Go out to the ladies?”

“What I mean isn’t just a door-to-door prostitution. You have to look at the other person first, talk to them, and understand them. Make them feel at ease, only after that, you can have sex with them.”

“……So that’s it.”

Surely, this will resolve my “matters of the heart”, and with it, I finally realized the true meaning of what Irene had said to me.

About being their savior, the messiah of this world.

I’m the only one who can help them, help these lonely women who are likely to get crushed by their loneliness and sorrow at any moment. That’s what she believed in me.

“So, how is it? Can you do it?”

“I think……I think I can. No, please let me do this, Irene.”

“Ufufu, I’m really thankful you said so.”

“And so, how should I find my customers?”

“Leave that to me. I already got a list here.”


“Yes. I had talked about you to the other party, and she became interested. She said she’d love to meet you.”

“What kind of person is she?”

“Ufufu, a very nice person.”

Considering this is a city comprised of beautiful women, she must also be beautiful.

It’s with Irene’s consent as well, so I couldn’t help but look forward to it.

“You can go right away if you’re interested.”

“Right now?”

“She’s been waiting for you since then.”


I don’t have anything to do anyway. 

Plus, now is also my chance to meet other people.

“You really looked motivated. That’s good. I’ll have Edith with you. She’ll personally show you the way.”


And so, that is how I ended up working as a casanova. 

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