Reversed World Messiah Volume 1 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Irene’s Clean-up Blowjob

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“C-clean-up? W-with your mouth?”

Even though I was only told that much, I immediately understood.

However, it was just too surreal that I repeated it without thinking.

“Ufu……Well then, I’m gonna try it now.”

Irene got down on all fours and came to me once more.

Because she was in a position where her ass is raised high, I could see her tight curves in full.

The smooth, curved line from her waist to her hips was so beautiful that I feel I could ejaculate once more if I stare at them for too long.

“The view from here is amazing.”

I couldn’t help but exclaim out loud.


“Yes. Irene’s slender figure is”


She looked surprised.

I guess the difference in values is kicking again, huh. To think giving her a simple praise like this is enough to give her a shocker.

“This slender figure? In which has brought so much dislike in me?”

“Why is that?”

“Because it’s considered beautiful to have small breasts, a lumpy belly, and a droopy butt. Mine is not like that at all. I have big breasts, a thin belly, and a perky butt. Can’t you see? That’s how ugly I am.”


Talk about being the opposite of everything. Irene’s figure nailed them all in reverse.

I’m really glad that I came to this city.

Now I could have a woman like her all to myself.

“If this pleases you……then you can look at it more, Tomo.”

She swung her hips from side to side as she approached my cock.

She has a fair complexion and smooth skin added to a body that will make you go wow just by looking.

If she were a woman in my world, she would already qualify to be the top model. 

And right now, such a model is with her mouth wide open to my cock.

“I’ll start my cleaning now……hammu.”


Irene swallowed my meat stick, which was still coated with semen, before holding it firmly with her slightly thicker lips and wrapping it in her moist mouth.

It felt so lukewarm and soft, and even though I had just ejaculated, I felt like cumming another batch once more.

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What’s more, is that Irene kept staring at me with her upturned eyes, as if she’s indicating she’s at my complete mercy.

A beauty who pushes her perky butt up, while giving a blowjob with an upturned gaze…

It’s almost an adult game scenario. I’m so happy.

“Tomo…… I’m going to suck you now……”


With obscene zibbling and bobbing, she sucked my penis deliriusly.

“Haa…ugh. It’s coming out again…”

Like a straw, all the residue that was left in my urethra was sucked by Irene, causing my meat rod, which had been getting a little soft, to regain its hardness.

Blood vessels in my dick rose and popped up, indicating I’m still able to ejaculate, all a natural reaction.

I mean, if I didn’t get a hard-on with how lewd these things are going, then I’ll be the one who has a problem, it also indicated how obscene the situation is, and how I enjoyed such obscene situation.

“Amazing… It’s getting hard again!”

Irene exclaimed, before resuming her blowjob.

“You’re very good at this.”

“huhu, don’t underestimate me just because I have no experience. I studied hard, you know?”

She said with pride.

A world where women are hornier.

In my world, it’s normal for boys to have more knowledge of sex.

I mean, I’m sure any boy or any man has talked about porn twenty times in the minimum before they graduate, and that’s not including the forums they participated in the net.

Still, to think Irene is already this good just with second-hand knowledge, it only shows how incredible she is.

Her suctions became faster.

“Haaa, haaa… that’s it, louder.”

“D-do you like the sounds, Tomo?”

“O-of course!”

I’m not really sure how, but it really makes me feel horny. Maybe it’s because a beauty like Irene is at my complete mercy?

Ah, just thinking about it made me harder than before.

“Okay. I’ll make it louder for you!”

She caved her cheeks in and made a loud suck, reverberating it on all the four corners of the room.

It was so hard her face almost distorted, creating a Hyottoko face you only see in adult games. Matching it with her upturned gaze, it boosted my carnal desires even more.

Most of all, there’s not even a trace of embarrassment in her face. 

They say it’s better for a woman to feel shame in everything. But now that I’ve experienced a woman proactively going slutty in front of me, I definitely think it’s better the other way around. 

A proactive person is always welcome for a late bloomer like me.

“Tomo’s cock…it became big again.”


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“Don’t say that. I’ve said it many times, but I’m really glad that you did.”

She showed a gentle smile while having my meat rod in her mouth.

“You know, I thought I would never be able to suck a cock until I die… Will this go on forever? Will I disappear just like this, without experiencing sex in this life? You know, something like those lines.”

“How could that-“

“But ever since you came, Tomo, all these fears are blown away.”

“I’m glad for you.”

“Up until now, I could only relieve myself with my fantasies. But now that you are at my side, I would like to practice this more and more with you. May I?

“Of course! With pleasure!”

“Ah, You’re the only one for me, Tomo. If it’s you, then I don’t want anyone else. Even if another man shows up and praises me, I won’t love anything but your cock and your cock only.”

“I-is that true?”

“Of course, it’s true. You’re the only one I was meant to be. That’s what I feel.”

After saying that, Irene resumed her blowjob.

She bobbed her head back and forth like a piston, splattering drools all over and making the sounds even louder.

It was as if she’s proving to me that she can make me feel comfortable by herself. 

I already knew that Irene is valuing me, that she doesn’t need to have to do it so hard.

However, her sucking is just too good to deny.

“Aaaaah! Irene… if you do it like that I-“

“Nnn……Jyurururu……! It’s getting even bigger? Are you going to cum?”


“Can you let it out inside my mouth?”

“Eh, But…won’t you feel dirty…?”

“There’s no way I could feel dirty!”

Irene shook her head to deny my word.

“I’d rather have it in my mouth. It belongs to the one I love, so I’ll never think of it as dirty.”


“Now, let it out…”

Irene stuck out her tongue, and with a handjob, she stimulated the head of my penis.

In such a short time, she already found my weakness.

She then moved her mouth, tracing the back muscles of my dick with her tongue, all while giving me a handjob at the same time.

I’m getting near my limit.

“Irene……it’s coming out.”



With a squirt, all the remaining contents in my reservoir was fired. It was so much that it quickly filled up Irene’s mouth as if my several ejaculations were but a lie.


Because of the huge amount of semen being spitted out in a single moment, her cheeks instantly puffed up. 

It leaked some portions on the corners of her mouth, but she desperately caught them, not wanting to spill a single drop.

“What a huge amount. I’m glad.”

“Don’t force yourself and spit it out if you can’t.”

“H-how could I? I’m going to drink them all up……gulp.”

With large gulping sounds, Irene proceeded to drink my semen.

Such a beautiful woman taking a sip of my seed…

I was swayed by the sight I feel I might get an erection again.

“……Gulp! Puhaaa. Finally, I was able to drink everything. It was really tasty~♪.”

She opened her mouth and showed it to me.

She must be really happy to be able to smile so refreshingly.

Ahh, I feel so lucky to have met a woman who loves me so much.

“With this, your dick is finally cleaned up, isn’t it?”

“Yep, sparkling clean.”

In fact, I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

Unable to stand up, I lay down to the bed.

Then, Irene approached me to the side.


“Tomo… I love you.”

Me too. I love you too, Irene.”

“Let’s become happy together from now on.”

“Of course.”

Due to the fatigue, I dozed off immediately.

But before I fell asleep, I heard Irene’s gentle voice.

‘Tomo……Tomorrow, I have something important to tell you.”

After that, I fell to the slumberland while we’re in each other’s embrace.

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