Reversed World Messiah Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Flirting in Missionary

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Are you really fine with that?”

Perhaps because she was shaking her hips pretty hard, Irene looked tired when she asked that.

However, her tired look triggered something in me, pushing me to try my best even more.

“Of course. This is for your sake, after all.”


“You don’t want me to put it in?”

I asked to tease her a bit, but she immediately trembled. 

“I want to, I really want to! After all, it’s still so big! B-but I thought you’re forcing yourself too hard, so I…” 

Was it too shocking for her? She begged me right away. Just how horrible is that trauma of hers to not find it as a joke?

Still, forcing myself, huh. Irene may be right. Even though I have ejaculated many times, I immediately got an erection soon as I saw Irene’s naked body. I’ve never had such continuous ejaculation before.

But that’s just how attractive Irene is.

That’s why I didn’t even care. I’m happy to be in this situation where I can make love to a woman of this caliber. 

“Then, it’s fine. I’ll start now.”

I approached her figure and caught her by the thighs before spreading them open into an M-shape.

“Hurry up……I want it. Hurry up……Hurry up!”

“I know.”

If I had a little more experience, I would be able to rush these things around with muscle memory, but I don’t possess that yet.

Another fact is Irene’s alluring face as she craves for my cock. It was so enticing I feel like I could cum right away if I stare at it for too long.

And so, I aimed my erect penis to her crotch, all while avoiding her alluring face.

“Auuu……So hot…!”

The moment I went inside her once more, I felt her wetness from within.

“That’s a lot of love juices, Irene.”

“Of course, it is, when you said that you’ll be the one moving, I craved for your dick since that time! Now, please, I’m going to go crazy…hurry!”

“As you wish.”

I slowly sank my hips down, stirring against her sweet nectar.

It gave a series of squelching sounds as I put it in little by little.

“There’s no hymen anymore , so it’s easy to get in.”

“No…Don’t put it in slowly! I’ll gonna explode if you do it that slow…!”


Sorry, Irene, but if I didn’t do that, I’d be the one who’ll be exploding.

I must insert it one bit at a time to hold back my ejaculation.

“Aaaah, I feel it! Tomo’s cock is splitting my insides!”

“I could feel yours squeezing tight, too.”

“Isn’t that obvious!? It has been craving for your semen since earlier!”

“Can I cum inside you?”

“You can always cum inside anytime you want. I’m always ready for you, Tomo. Wherever, whenever!”


Irene stated such vulgar things with pure bliss on her face. It was so enticing that my reasoning was immediately blown right out of the window.

Ah, I can’t hold it back any longer. And I intend to insert it slowly….

I went in. Hard.


I’m not sure if it was because she was pierced through her depths all of a sudden, but Irene’s body writhed and her tongue stuck out after that.

So, even a beauty could make obscene gasps and reactions like this.

Instead of calming down, my cock became more excited instead.

“Irene, I…I’ll do my best from here on as well.”

I may not be able to shake my hips as hard as she did, but I’m still going to try my best in my own way.

And so, while grabbing Irene by the legs, I started to move my waist desperately.

“Ahhnnn! This is, no good! it’s reaching all the way to the back!”

“Ahh, You’re great, Irene!”

The sensation of her soft walls gave me a tough time enduring. If I didn’t shift my concentration to my waist to distract myself, I would have ejaculated in no time.

“Yaaaaa! my tits, you’re shaking my tits hard!”

“What a wonderful view.”

Because I’m huddling her arms together, it created a deep cleavage in between her chest.

Even though it’s pretty big, I felt like her tits had become even more enormous when it was pulled closer to me.

Her breasts, each one bigger than her own face, had already become a spectacular view before I knew it.

“Ahnn, ahhnnnnn! Tomo……get closer.”

“I-is this okay?”

“Hug me, hug me……please! Hug me strongly!”

I obeyed Irene and hugged her strong.



She kissed me back.

It was a fierce deep kiss, which is Irene’s forte.

She rummaged through my mouth and traced the sensitive upper jaw part, causing the sensation of wanting to cum rise at once.

“Tomo……I like you…I love youuuu.”

“Me too, Irene, me too.”

“Ahhnn! Being with you is the happiest moment in my life.”

“I’m also glad to be with you.”

“Now, I’m really glad that I was born.”

“Yes, I’m also happy to say the same.”

Irene showed me a vibrant smile, probably the best smile she ever had.

Watching her filled with happiness made my heart feel warm as well.

“I was born with this looks, and I hated it, but also because of this looks, I was able to build a city here and meet you.”

Now that I think of it of it, what a horrible history she had, to lose this much in life only because of her appearance.

Even I who came from a different world and hadn’t been here for a long time could tell how horrible it was.

This chapter is translated by NeoRecormon of Stabbing with a syringe translations. If you are seeing this text, it means you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site.


“What is it?”

“I’m going to make you happy for all the pain you’ve been through.”


She kissed me even deeper.

After that, she started shaking her hips from below, before wrapping her long legs around my waist and holding me tight, as if she’s not allowing me to escape her grasp.

This move, if I’m not mistaken, is called the Daishuki hold[1].

Irene is pushing herself to me with her legs, trying to get my meat rod to reach even deeper.

“Aaaaahnn! This is amazing! A hard, big cock is coming deep inside!!”

“D-Did it reach all the way?”

“Yes! It has reached deep! Aaaaaaaah! My womb, my womb is opening on its own!!!”

I could feel something like a sucker being attached to the tip of my penis. Maybe it’s the entrance to her uterus?


If this keeps up, I’m going to ejaculate in no time.

Just a bit more, I have to put it up a bit more…

“Even though it’s my first time, I want it, I want to get pregnant with Tomo’s child!”


“Yes! I want you to fuck me inside out and impregnate me!”

Wow, I never thought a horny woman could be this naughty!

My mind is thinking it would be a hassle to get her pregnant, but my body is instinctively screaming for me to plant my seed inside her.

“Please……let it out inside me once more!”


“Yay……I’m really, really happy……! Haa, haaa……truly……it feels so good I’m going crazy!”

Irene’s coquettishness grew louder once again.


She roared similar to a dog’s howl.

Even a seemingly gentle woman can change so drastically when given this intense pleasure.

The servants watching us have sex were also masturbating hard. This time, they’re even accompanying each other in doing the deed.

Seeing these beauties frolicking with each other like beasts in heat always felt great, no matter who’s watching them. It made me feel worse however, as it made me want to fuck Irene even more!

Until now, I’ve never been close to any one of the opposite sex, so I hadn’t any experience. Totally nothing, not even holding someone’s hand. 

I shook my hips furiously, as if wanting a take-back of all the inexperience I had in the past.

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“Aaaaaaaaaaah! It’s hitting my insides! Ohooooo!”

“Haaa, haaa……Irene, It’s gonna come out!”

“Let it out! Let all of it inside me!!”

“Of course! With pleasure!”

Irene feels so good that my head already went completely blank.

And now, I’m going to release a lot of semen and impregnate her!

“I’m cumming, Irene!”

“Me too……Aaaah, I’m cuuuuuuuummmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggg!”

Under the tight but violent shaking, a large amount of semen was released.

The ejaculation repeated on and on with a force that almost emptied my precious balls.

“Haaa, haaa……I really let out a lot.”

“and it was great, Tomo. You did a good job.”

“Of course. It was all for your sake, so I have to try my best.”

“Ufufufu, what an adorable man.”

Irene muttered before kissing me once again.

I pulled my cock out of her vagina and hugged her tightly.

“It felt great.”

“Me too. Since you made me feel the greatest sensation of my life, allow me to express my gratitude.” 

“Express your gratitude? How?”

I asked back.

With a wink, Irene,

“How? By cleaning your semen-covered dick, of course. With my mouth.”

Translator Notes:

[1]. Daishuki Hold. Daishuki hold is a slang term in Japan, referring to a position in which a man and a woman embrace each other during sexual intercourse. The woman wraps her legs around the man’s waist to fix the penis so that it does not fall out of the vagina. In other words, it’s a female act of encouraging her male partner for a creampie.

It can be done standing or while lying, like in a missionary position, as long as the legs of the female partner are wrapped to her male partner, preventing him from moving an having no choice but to cum inside the woman.

Most often than not, it is recognized as an expression of extreme affection by the female partner and her willingness to bear the child of his male partner, or it’s just simply the act of a woman seeking pleasure for herself through vaginal ejaculation. As it is not easy for a man to move and escape just before the moment of ejaculation, it often leads to his female partner being given a creampie.

As it is often taken up as the object of men’s desires and fantasies, it has been rated as “the most erotic” sex position in the history of sex. 

This is a double-edged sword, however, as this could also become a test to see if you have an unfaithful(cheating), partner. As this is a move where a woman aims for pregnancy, for a man who does not intend to get married to the woman, or is being an unfaithful partner (cheater), this move is nothing but a target of fear for them.

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