Reversed World Messiah Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Beautiful Mayor Couldn’t Endure 2

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“I……I can’t hold back anymore……Tomo is too, right? If you like, I can make you feel even better. What do you think?”

“O-okay. I’ll leave it to you then.”

“Thank you. Then, here I go.”

After inserting the remaining portion of my dick, Irene moved her hips back and forth once again.

This time however, she tried a different approach.

This is……Cowgirl Grinding position……!

A sex position where the woman moves back and forth many times in a grinding motion, rather than the usual up and down pumping.

Wow. I, I like this position.

In addition to Irene’s figure still beautiful when being seen from the bottom, her exposed tits shaking to and fro are really arousing to watch.

“Haaa, Kuhh……! Nn! Aaaah! It’s so hard and so big……your dick is marvelous indeed!”

“Nnn! Holy shit……this is so gooooood!”

Irene’s hip movements were so smooth that I even wondered if this was really her first time doing it.

Just when you think she has put her hips in front of you, she pulls her hips back right away in a wavy fashion, repeating the process over and over.

Every time she pulls backward, my meat rod is brought towards the front, leaving all except the tip exposed. As the tip of my penis is the only area that remained in contact, it receives the whole pressure of her pussy, creating a great stimulation in the process.

Moreover, as the tightness of her entrance is outstandingly good, even the gap where the unexposed part meets the exposed part feels like I’m being strangled. It’s like I’m fucking a fleshlight with rubber bands on each tip.


Her wriggling vaginal walls are also fantastic, and as expected, I’m already ready to fire another load again.

“Irene, I’m……I’m cumming!”

“Cum……Put all of it inside me!”


I ejaculated while letting out a pitiable voice.

While it’s already the second time, I’m quite surprised at how much load I had released.

Irene came immediately after, but didn’t stop her hips from moving.

Rather, she sped it up even more.

“Nnnnn! Irene, too intense……aaah!”

“With Tomo’s semen coming inside me, I……I can’t stop myself anymore!”


It was a bit painful at first, but it quickly changed into pleasure.

Soon, a mixture of love juices and semen bubbled up at our connecting parts, releasing erotic squelching sounds of water, making me ready to fire off another one in no time.


“Wh-what is it?”

“Touch my tits, too……”


Her milk tanks are of considerable volume.

Even in 2D illustrations, existences of these sizes are already a rare find.

And such huge, perky bazoongas with perfect shapes are bouncing in front of me.

Because I want to massage it all this time, I quickly stretched out my arms to grab them.

“Aahhnn! Th-that’s it……! More, more……!”

They’re so much bigger than my hands. So soft that even a little bit of force on your fingertips can change its shape with only a squish.

“So, these are a woman’s breasts……”

As I was enjoying the sensation of it,


I ejaculated once again.

Irene noticed it as well, but she just sticks out her tongue and gives a slight grin.

And as earlier, the movement of her waist still didn’t stop.

So this is how it feels to be an underdog, huh.

I was made to cum over and over in an endless pleasure that seems to never have an ending.

But I’m a man from a different world.

I’ve been a lone being who has gone through countless adult games and porn videos, a man who had suffered mental anguish from not being able to taste true flesh, a man who can only do nothing but crave for more of what I desired.

As evidence of that, my cock remained hard, despite spitting out sperm so many times.

“Yes, that’s it, Tomo. Keep it up! Spit them out, spit them all out inside with your big cock! Ahh, to think it’s still standing. How excellent!”

“Haaa. Haaa……of course. I’m happy to be able to fuck a beautiful and horny beauty like Irene after all.”

“I’m happy too……super happy! And it’s you who made me happy! Thank you so much, Tomo!”

Those words, they have never been said to me before.

It’s settled then. I’m now sure that the reason that I have been living until now was to meet Irene in this other world.

“Haaa, haaa……I’m also happy. To be able to do this with Irene.”

“Ahhhn! Tomo, I like you. I love you……you’re like a prince in my dreams.”


“The cool prince I was always fantasizing about. It finally appeared right before my eyes. You’re a fairy tale come true!”

Prince, you say? From the point of view of the general public, I’m way too mediocre to be a prince. Everything about me reeks of a commoner.

However, she said that people with black eyes and black hair are rare, so maybe in this world, it’s true that I belong to the category of being handsome?

Maybe, this world would approve of all things that I do—a world with me as its ideal existence.

If so, this world is the best.

“Nnn! Aaaaaaaah! Tomoooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Irene’s movements accelerated even further.

She swung her hips so quickly that I feared my crotch would be burned from the friction.

Her big tits swayed with accompanying movements, creating an excellent view as both tanks bump and collide with each other.

“So good……It feels so good! Tomo’s cock is!”

“Me too……”

I never felt so comfortable before.

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Even so, I feel a little guilty.

“Uhm……shall I shake my hips too?”

The moment I said that, Irene stopped moving.

…… I wonder if I said something bad here……

“I-is that true……? Y-you will shake your hips for me?”

“Hm? Isn’t that something normal……”

I’m not sure of this, but I’ve often heard that couples, in general, don’t do cowgirl positions.

If anything, I think women are more likely to become tunas in sex[1].

“U……ufufu……Tomo is really the best man ever. The looks, the character, the dick, everything is excellent, and he’ll even shake his hips for you……”

“Is that really surprising?”

“You may not understand this as you came from a faraway place, but for us, it’s normal for a woman to take the lead during sex. The overwhelming majority of men just sleep around and do nothing.”

“I-I didn’t know that……”

Even in the world I have been in…… I’ve heard that in some countries, or at least in some time periods, it’s normal for women to be at the top.

But even then, they always have the same pattern where men take the lead during sex.

There were also instances of these happening in this world, according to Irene’s words, but even that sounded unusual for her.

“That’s why I’m delighted that you said that.”

“It’s nothing big, really. After all, I have to repay you for making me feel this much.”

“Thank you, Tomo. You’re really a wonderful person.”

Irene began to move her hips once again.

“But, let me be the one to act for now……I want to be the one to make you feel better and better. After all, this is the only thing that I can do.”

“And that’s already enough for me.”

This chapter is translated by NeoRecormon of Stabbing with a syringe translations. If you are seeing this text, it means you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site.

“Ahhh……I, I didn’t think I would ever love someone so much!”

While Irene shook her hips, I started massaging her tits.

We kept on loving each other like we’re some kind of sex-obsessed beasts.


“Me too! Aaaaaaah!!”

I ejaculated with a thump.

Irene also came, but her movements are still far from over.

“Aaaaaaaaaah! Ihiiiiiiiii! Aaaaaaaaaah!”

The screams were so loud I could feel the mansion vibrating into it.

The servants should’ve heard those noises for sure.

And, as expected, when I looked at the door,


Some of the servants were already masturbating while staring at our actions.

They were totally like me a while ago.

Considering the fact that they are all beautiful, they must have been discriminated too.

And if they are in the same predicament as Irene, they should also have no experience when it regards to sex altogether.

I should feel disgusted by this, but since I came from a world with a different set of values, I couldn’t, in fact, I looked at them in a positive light.

Being fucked by a beautiful woman while being peeked at by beautiful women, who wouldn’t get excited by that?

“Aaaaaauuuuuuu! Tomo’s cock has gotten thicker!”

“I’m cumming again……!”

“I’m, I’m cumming too! Let’s cum together!”

“Yes……let’s do it at the same time!”

We hold onto each other’s hands and put all the remaining strength into our whole bodies.

Intense pleasure overflowed throughout as I feel Irene’s insides get hotter while I’m inside her.


“Yes, Let it out! All of it! I’m cumming tooooooooo!!”

A series of soft pumping sounds resounded as my penis throbbed inside Irene’s pussy.

Soon after, I unloaded my seed inside her, staining her whole womb white.

Irene, overwhelmed by the sensation, writhed like a prawn as she arches her back soon after.


A voice so wild and vulgar came out of her lips, one you won’t think it came from a beautiful woman like Irene.

But, it perfectly represented how intense her climax was.

“I’m……pulling out……oh……ah……”

After lifting up my waist, large amounts of semen came out of her pussy.

Irene then laid down on the bed in exhaustion.

Looks like it’s time to keep my word now.

“Irene, I’ll shake my hips for you this time.”

Translator Notes:

[1]. Tuna/Maguro (マグロ) has double meanings. It’s either a tuna fish or someone who is often playing the inactive during sexual intercourse, and is usually referring to women. This should not be mistaken for Uke or the “one in the bottom”, a counterpart for Seme (the one on top) which both refers to yaoi or male to male relationships. 

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