Reversed World Messiah Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The Beautiful Mayor Couldn’t Endure 1

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Tomo……your cock, show it to me.”


Irene’s long and slender fingers touched the bulging area around my crotch.

Before I was given time to ponder when exactly did she unfastened my belt, she had already exposed my now erect cock.

This is Tomo’s……!”

Irene exclaimed as she grabbed a hold of my flesh rod. Its tip has already glistened with pre-cum, all a product of Irene’s dainty handjobs and deep kisses from a while back.

She was taken aback by the figure, but it was quickly replaced by a broad grin.

Like a carnivorous beast, upon successfully pouncing a delightful prey.

“Little Tomo here is raring to go, isn’t it? Though the term little is already inappropriate.”

“Yes…… I can’t stand it any longer.”

And soon enough, the feeling of fear of being devoured was replaced by the feeling of excitement.

I want to put it inside Irene’s pussy already……

“Me too……Look here. See……?”

Irene lifted her waist, then spread her pussy without any trace of shame.

The mound without any traces of pubic hair was white and beautiful.

Her treasured place is like a fresh clam, a beautiful pink color with love juices overflowing in it, both its lips symmetrical like it was sculpted all along.

“It’s amazing.”

“Thank you. You’re amazing, too. You’re so hairy and strong.”

As a bona fide Japanese, we do not shave pubic hair, as the act is being looked down upon.[1]

Apparently, upon questioning Irene further, I found out that men don’t grow much hair in this world, and having pubic hair is a symbol of a good-looking man.

As I listened to her story, I found even more interesting facts.

“Tomo…… Your cock is much bigger than I’ve heard……it’s so big.”

‘You heard? From whom?”

“Men may not understand, but we women are always full of indecent topics whenever we get together.”

Because their sense of values is reversed, women talk to each other dirty jokes and topics without getting embarrassed about it.

Quibbling over trivial fantasies like men’s bodies is a typical characteristic of them, similar when we men talk about porn with other men in my world.

Irene has no experience, but she seems to have some thorough knowledge about it. She must have researched a lot of materials for academic purposes before this.

“As the size of a man’s cock is normally about the length of his index finger, you’re already classified as pretty big.”


The index finger……Even if Irene’s fingers were long, they would be about six or seven centimetres long at the most. As it is already a large size for them, this means that the men in this other world are just that small.

Back in my world, mine was just pretty much the standard size.

However, it’s already qualified as big in this world.

Good grief……what a strange world this is.

Well, what’s important right now is she’s happy about my size, and that’s already good to me.

By the way, I’ll just leave this here. in our world, the size of a man’s fully grown boner is the distance from the tip of the index finger to the base of the thumb.

This chapter is translated by NeoRecormon of Stabbing with a syringe translations. If you are seeing this text, it means you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site.

“Tomo……I’m going to put it in.”


She slowly sank her hips down, pressing her wet cunt towards the tip.

I could see it entering little by little while making soft squishing sounds.

Because I felt quite a bit of pressure from the entrance, All I could do is hold back my ejaculation.

“Oh my god, Tomo, your cock is too brutal……!”

“Haaaann! I-Irene, a little slower……please!”

“I-I want to take it slow, but I……I couldn’t hold on much longer……!”


I clenched my teeth as I endured with all I have.

As Irene too, has no experience, it seems that she couldn’t go all the way down at once.

Instead, she rotated her hips up, down, left and right as she tries to swallow my cock, as if wanting to taste it with all the parts of her pussy before plunging it in.

“Nnnnnnnnn! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“W-wait, Irene……! I’m, it’s……it’s coming out……!”

Along with a coquettish moan, Irene’s round buttocks finally made contact with my lower body.

Afterward was a dry sound, swallowing my penis up to the root.

I ejaculated at the same time.


“Haaa, haaa……it’s finally in……!!”

“I-it’s gonna come out……”

“I could feel it……Tomo’s semen is jizzing all the way through my depths……so this is what creampie feels like……ufufufu”

Irene was ecstatic, with an eerie smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, I……I came this early.”

“That’s not true. In fact, you hold it rather well, because ordinary men are much, much faster than you.”


Because the standards here are different from my world, I was relieved.

“Your cock is still very hard. It’s amazing.”

“W-why so?”

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“When a man ejaculates, he won’t be able to get erect for three days……but in a blink of an eye, yours here is already……”

Women here are more sexually active while men couldn’t do it in a row.

It’s no wonder why the women here look so frustrated.

In Irene’s case, I don’t think I can lump her together with them as she has no experience at all.

“can’t ……endure…… I’m going to move my hips now. I’m sure you’re already ready for it, Tomo, just looking at your cock.”

“Ready for what?”

I gulped my saliva.

“Cum as soon as you feel like cumming. You said you are similar to me, so you’d get an erection soon enough. Am I right?”


I can’t make promises, but if it is to have a big tittied and big assed beauty like Irene shake her hips once more, then I wouldn’t even mind cumming a couple of times.

Considering that I’m about to experience those scenarios in adult videos in which I could only admire, of course, I would try my best to get an erection and ejaculate as many times as I could.

“Mm-hmmm. Then, I’ll move my hips now.”


Translator Notes:

[1]. Shaving pubic hair is generally looked down in Japan in a more traditional meaning. It was a practice only done by prostitutes in way, way back in the Edo Period(?) to check whether they have visible STD’s or not. (I can’t find the article, sorry, might be wrong about the time period.)

In short, cleanly shaved pubic hair = prostitute. This is a big issue as Japan also have the practice of bathing naked with each other, especially in public baths and hot springs (onsen) where everyone of the similar sex can know whether you shave or not. And with discriminating people as the second-most favorite thing for these xenophobic japs, you will never leave unscathed. So shame on you, shame on you and your shaved hair! Commit seppuku for shaming the clan!

Don’t worry, though. Women in Japan shave every other body hair – arms, legs, thighs, armpits, even eyebrows, similar to every other woman in the world. It’s just that they keep the private place alone.

What about hentai? That’s simple. To save ink. Also, pubic hairs are hard to draw, so they keep it away for practical purposes.

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    1. I mean it’s Japan we are talking about. The very same country that is so well-known for having ‘weird’ traditions, mindset, and ‘services’. It’d be no exaggeration to even call it the weirdest country in the world.


  1. I’m pretty sure all of us who read this measured the distance between the end of their index finger to the tip of the thumb lmao


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