Reversed World Messiah Volume 1 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – A Lovey-Dovey Face-Off with Irene

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Hnnnn, it’s here……it has finally entered……!”

Irene sank her hips as she inserted my meat rod.

She was as tight as ever, making me feel shooting in a heartbeat, but I bit my lip to hold myself back.

“Haaan, it’s so warm……your cock is so warm……”

“It’s like a slimy juice is wrapping around me.”

“I’m going to shake my hips now.”


Irene began to shake her hips, lifting her waist up, before carefully bringing it down to fully taste my meat stick. 

It was not that fast by any means, but because of the prolonged sensation, it was hard to hold back as it entangles around my whole member.

“The shape of Tomo’s dick……I can fully feel it.”

“How is it?”

“The part that is bulging out……it’s scraping my cunt……Aaaaahn!”

“Kuh……Irene, don’t tighten it so much.”

“But, it feels so good.”

Irene’s cheeks were already red and she was breathing hard.

She’s usually so gentle and calm, but when we are having sex, she transforms into a beast.

It always felt like she’s devouring my flesh, savoring my body that she couldn’t imagine she could ever taste, in this world that was dominated by sexual desires.

I feel like a sex slave, but I was also starting to think that it doesn’t matter anyway.

I would give this body as much as I could if it could soothe the heart of a woman like her.

Irene said that I am free to love anyone I like, not just herself.

A part of me tells me that this is her deepest wish.

From the perspective of women who had been discriminated against because of their appearance, my existence is like a messiah.

She could have had me all to herself, yet she didn’t.

Maybe, in her heart, she also wants to have me all to herself, but she had sacrificed herself for the sake of everyone already, a duty she could no longer deny.

I must accept that resolve as well.

“Aaaaahnn! It feels so good……yes, that’s it!!”

“Me too. You were just too incredible, Irene.”

“Haa, haaa……Thank you very much, Tomo. Ahhh, I feel like my cunt is becoming the shape of your cock.”

“Isn’t that obvious? Every time I stick it in, your insides always cling tight.”

“Our bodies are really compatible with each other.”

“It’s like we’re fated.”

When I said that word, Irene’s vagina tightened.

Her weakness for these romantic words is one of the cute parts I love about her.

I engrossed myself in our sex, holding her in my arms.

“Tomo……I love you…”

“I love you too.”

“I wish we could stay connected like this forever.”

“That’s also fine with me. we’d be like so crazy about each other that we’d pass out.”

“B-but I might get so stupid that I may blurt out something unintelligible.”

“But I want to see that kind of Irene too.”

“I’m sure you’ll be disillusioned of me.”

This chapter is translated by NeoRecormon of Stabbingwithasyringe translations.

“Whatever turns out from you, I will still love you, Irene.”

“Yaaaan! Don’t say sweet words like that.”

Her cheeks went red again.

She tries to look away after giving me a really annoyed look, but all those actions make her more endearing.

“I’m so totally gonna swing my hips more until you can’t afford it. As punishment for being so cheeky.”

Irene sped up her hips, making banging sounds of flesh echo around the room.

Large amounts of love juices poured out of her honey pot and was mixed with my precum.

We are playing without any kind of protection, yet she’s still craving for more.

I feel like I’m being reverse-raped as I was savoring her movements.

“Nnnnnnn, Tomo……please……suck my tits……!”


“Come on. Here.”

Irene brought her nipples to my mouth.

Suddenly, my vision was covered with big titties.

I sucked to those as if I had lost my mind.

“Wai-, aahh, Not that way! Aaah so violent……!”

“But you asked me to suck them.”

“But, not this way……please, be gentler……fuaaaaaahnn!”

“Didn’t you suck my stuff a while ago? And it was pretty intense too.”

“That’s because……your penis was just too delicious so…”

“And from my point of view, your breasts are delicious too.”

To put up to the blast which doesn’t lose to her, I boldly sucked her nipples.

Like a baby……no, more like a perverted adult like I am now, I sucked her hard enough to make her feel good.

“Afuuu……! Ahhnn, kuhoo……! My nipples, stoop!”

“How about this then?”

“Aaaahhnn, hyaaaaa! Aaaaaah!”

I pulled both the milk tanks to the center and sucked their cherries at the same time.

I pulled her so hard her breasts seemed to grow even bigger.

“Nooooo! Aaaahhhhhhhh! I’m cumming from my nipples being raped!”

“Louder. I want to hear your voice more.”

Cuuummmiiiiinggg! I’m cumming with my nipples!!!”

One of Irene’s unique features was this.

When she’s about to come, her voice becomes loud and high-pitched.


I really love it when she makes this kind of voice.

‘Aaaaaahhh! Cuuummminnnggg! I’m really cccuummiinnggg!!”

I felt Irene’s vagina tightening.

Not good……! I’m also getting close to my limit.

“Tomo’s cock……it’s getting even bigger.”

“Ah……ugh. I think I’m about to cum too.”

“You can let it out anytime you want.”

“Thank you, Irene.”

“Don’t hold back. After all, I’ll be going out with you for thousands of times starting today.”


I felt like something is wrong with the frequency, but for now, let’s ignore it.

Perhaps because she was feeling it more, Irene’s up and down movements became faster and faster, moving back and forth from the base to the tip at a tremendous speed.

It’s impossible for me to recreate this speed, even if I do it by my hand.

It was so intense that I feel the whole house is rocking over, or maybe it was just the bed, but I couldn’t tell anymore.

That was how quick Irene’s hips are moving.

“Nnn……! Irene……!”

“Are you going to cum?”


The tightness that was wrapping my bellend was just too harsh.

I feel a rich liquid coming out, but I couldn’t tell if it was precum or semen.

“aaaah, aaaaaaaaaaah! I’m, already……!”

“Me too, I’m cumming! Together……together……!”


Grabbing Irene’s hips, I pushed my meat rod all the way to her depths.


“Cummingcummingcumming! Cummmmmiiiinnnnnnggg!”

I poured semen into her womb.

I ejaculated again and again, that I could feel the cramp from every twitch that came from my cock.

“It’s flowing inside……Ahhh……”

“I’m still cumming……”

“Kuhoo!? Aahhh, creampie……is really the best…”

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We kissed each other in the meantime as we jizzed on each other’s juices.

To avoid overstimulating my meat rod, Irene slowly swayed her hips, as she try to squeeze out the remaining residue from my urethra.

I’m already happy with just kissing and cuddling, not to think I can even do a creampie,

I have no more words to say.

“You really let out a lot, Tomo.”


“Ufufufu……I’m really happy. And also……”

She continued.

“There’s someone I want to introduce to you.”

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