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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 9 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Blessing

The day after I was ‘congratulated’ by Paula and Claudia, I invited Mina, Mary, and Ingrid to my house.

It was a house that I had bought about a month ago.

Since I had saved up quite a bit of money as an adventurer, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a base for myself when I stay in towns like Claudia.

But more than anything – when I’m spending time with Mina and the others, I feel more at ‘home’ if it is my own home.

“”“You’ll be promoted to S-Class!?”””

The three exclaimed altogether.

“It’s amazing. As expected of our Sir Lian!”

Mina leaned forward. She was so impressed that her eyes were tearing at their ducts.

“I’m so happy …… you’ve finally made it this far.”

Eventually, she couldn’t hold it in any longer and started to cry.

She seems to be happier than I am.


I smiled and hugged her shoulders.

“Sir Liaaann……!”

As if that’s the final straw, Mina jumped into my chest as if she was overcome with emotion.

The highest rank of adventurer – the S-Class.

I’ve only been an adventurer for less than half a year.

I’ve been promoted so quickly and easily that I don’t really feel like I’m doing great.

But seeing Mina like this, I couldn’t help but happy.

I guess it was worth the effort.

Of course, it was all because I swore to Claudia. But above all, I was happy and proud to have been able to help people in need and suffering through each quest.

Still, perhaps the most important thing for me was to make the girls happy.

“It hasn’t been announced officially yet, but it will probably be later on.”

“Well, you’re completing all those difficult quests at such a fast pace. Of course, they’ll have to recognize your efforts.”

Mary jabbed at me, but if you looked at her closely, you could see that her eyes were a little moist as well.

“Congratulations, Lian.”

But as soon as she said that, she pulled her face close and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Oh, let me also congratulate you.”

Mina giggled shyly and also kissed me on the lips, replacing Mary.

“…… me, too, to you.”

Muttering, Ingrid also approached.

“Mm……” and her lips were suddenly locked with mine, much to my surprise. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

I didn’t expect to get a congratulatory kiss from her, given her personality.

But at the same time, I was filled with joy and happiness.

The blessings of the three made me really happy.

My heart is burning with joy.

This might be the happiest day since I was reincarnated in this world.

By the way, in the past three months, Mina, Mary, and Ingrid have risen from a single-digit rank in the B-Class to the medium tiers in the A-Class – about the 100s.

This was the result of the four of us completing many quests together and building up our achievements.

“We’ll be able to take on more difficult quests than ever before, and hopefully, we can all make it to S-Class.”

“We’re going to be S-class……is it?”

At my words, Mina’s face turns into a frown.

“Of course, we’ll get stronger before that.”

“Me too. All of us will.”


“Yes, I must not think bad. we’ll have to get stronger. I have to improve my skills even more. For Sir Lian……”

Hearing her friends’ positive attitudes, Mina changed hers as well and started to inspire herself more.

Improve their skills, huh.

“Speaking of which, are the treasures the Goddess Elciata gave to you two still the same?”

After the battle with Fenrir, I received a total of three sacred treasures from the goddess.

First of them was the amulet for unlocking Ingrid’s magic crest.

As for the other two, they came later on and were said to be special equipment for Mina and Mary.

Ingrid’s was supposed to come much, much later as a reward for our ‘loving’, but with the urgency of the situation, and the unexpected chance of meeting me, Elciata opt to give Ingrid’s first.

However, even up to this date, the sacred treasures I gave to the two of them did not respond at all.

I was taught how to unlock them by the goddess, and I tried to follow her instructions, but…

For some reason, neither Mina’s nor Mary’s treasures have yet responded.

These sacred treasures were supposed to be like Milfa, a meta-artifact, that should have a will of its own. However, it has to recognize its user first, or it may not lend its power.

What could it be the case for the two of them to not respond?

Still, we got no choice but to wait until these treasures respond to them.

The only thing that was going well was Ingrid’s demon crest removal ritual.

Every time she uses the sacred treasure amulet to lift the seal – which has now transformed to a spellbook for some reason – the seal on her seems to weaken.

“One more time,” Ingrid spoke.

“What do you mean?”

“One more ritual and my seal will be completely broken. I can already see it myself. The sealed magic power is being activated and is about to be released.”

“That’s very good! And since we’re here, why don’t we do the ritual today?”

“I agree. We’ve been away from Lian for quite a while, too., participating in those missions all alone.”

“Quite a while, you say, but haven’t Sir Lian had eaten up the three of us just three days ago?” This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Ehehe, I know, but……when we’re all together like this, together with Lian, it makes me tingle for some reason…….”

At Mina’s rebuttal, Mary giggled in embarrassment.

“But for Mina to say words like ‘he has eaten us up,’ you sure have grown vulgar.”

“No, I am not! Though, if it’s for Sir Lian, I can be vulgar as he wants to…….”

“What did you say at the end? Ah, never mind. Just pass this up, also as a celebration for Lian’s upcoming S-Class promotion! What do you think?”

I had Paula and Claudia do something similar for me a while ago.

“…That reaction… Don’t tell me you’ve already received the same kind of ‘congratulations’ from other women, Sir Lian?”

I shuddered at Mina’s intuition.

“Hmmm? So, you have already had sex with someone else before us, Lian?”

But it was surprisingly Mary who brought her face closer to mine this time. And why do you have the same dull eyes like Mina’s?

Gulp. Gulp.

“Lian is sweating buckets. He’s anxious.”

Ingrid, too, for some reason, joined in with her face approaching.

These two, I can take, but you too, Ingrid?

No, it’s not like I can take on Mina and Mary too……



I tried to cover it up with a dry laugh.

“In that case, let us overwrite it with your ‘companionship’ with us!“

For some reason, it was Mina who was the most fired up.

“I fully agree!”

“We’ll need to conduct the ritual anyway.”

Mary nodded, but strangely, despite her words, Ingrid was the one getting the most enthusiastic.

Well, honestly, I’m happy as well, for the fact that I’ll be able to have sex with all three of them.

“Now then, Sir Lian, allow us to take care of you.”

“Let’s go, Lian!”

“Let’s start the ritual right away.”

And so, lured by the three otherworldly beauties, we finally moved to the bedroom of my home.

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