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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 9 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – 3P with Claudia and Paula, Part 3 ※

“Aaaah, that felt really good…….”

“Lian’s hot cum……it’s so hot inside…….”

Paula and Claudia spoke to me as if in a trance. Both their faces were tilted upward towards me right now.

Each of them had received a shot inside, and now that I have pulled it out, it caused the white stuff from their ‘lower lips’ to drip from their crotch down to the inner part of their thighs.

It also caused a fresh smell to drift in the air, giving more color to the already lustful atmosphere of the room.

The more I smelled it, the more aroused I felt.

Even though I had taken two shots, my ‘alter ego’ showed no signs of wilting at all.

It was warped to the point where it was almost attached to my navel.

With cum dripping from its tip, I pointed its reddish-black head at the two beauties.

“Ahh, Mister Lian is still not satisfied yet.”

“Feel to do us however you want. After all, we’re celebrating today. We’ll give you plenty of company until you’re satisfied, boy.”

Paula and Claudia looked at my crotch and smiled bewitchingly.

We all climbed to the bed.

“Now then, what I want next is…….”

“Uwaa……this is embarrassing…….”


“Uu……still, it’s what our boy wants, so just obey, Paula.”

After that, I stated what I want to do to the girls.

With that, Paula blushed in return.

But even though she was writhing in shame, Paula still obeyed and took the position – which is herself crawling on all fours.

She held up her plump, thick twin buttocks as if inviting me in.

The plumpness of her butt was full of sex appeal, which was not typical of a prim and proper woman.

I reached for the rounded twin lower mounds and squeezed them in a manner that could only be described as rough.

Each time I squeezed, my five fingers dug into her soft rear flesh, causing her beautifully shaped spheres to contort and deform.

“Fuaaaahh, aaaahhh……”

Paula gasped in a feeble voice.

“Lian, please……do it…….”

She looked over her back, and her eyes behind her glasses were moist.

“Ugh, if you stare at me like that, I’ll…….”

My lust immediately went beyond its limits. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

She looked at me with so much emotion that it sent shivers down my spine.

Before I knew it, I had already spread open her thick valleys, and my raging thing was already standing sharply in the gap.

I plunged it in.

The wet vaginal cavity smoothly accepted my alter ego organ as it wiggled and squirmed inside.

Her special place was so soft, firm, and hot that you wouldn’t believe it came from someone who’s soon to be in her thirties.

“Aaaaah, fuaaaahhh, it’s reaching all the way in, so good……!”

Paula shouted in delight.

She was already familiar with my penis from the many times we had shared skin, so she wasn’t as reserved anymore as she had been when she had just lost her virginity.

Her hot, wet fleshy membranes swelled and entwined around my penis as I stroke.

The folds themselves ripple and cling as if they were already familiar with the spots I am weak at, sending a sweet, itchy, numbing sensation every time I pull.

“Ohhhh, it feels so good inside of you, Paula.”

“Fuaaaaah……R-really…? T-thank goodness…. M-mee too, I also, feel so good! Aahhnn!”

Paula’s face lit up at my compliment, and she let out a delighted squeal.

“Of course, Claudia too as well.”


I then hugged the tall girl to my side and sucked her soft lips.

When I twisted my tongue in, Claudia twisted hers in return.

It was a deep and sloppy kiss, licking all over her palate, gums, and the back of her chin.

I feel that the kiss is filled with more emotion than usual.

As I kissed Claudia deeply, I penetrated Paula again and again.

The feel of Claudia’s lips sucking on my lips,

The feel of Paula’s vaginal flesh clinging to my penis,

As I savored these two at the same time, the numbing pleasure I’m feeling increased.

The feeling of conquering two different types of beautiful women at the same time brought me an intense sensuality.

“Ahuu, haauuu…… I’m going to …… cum! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Paula was the first to reach climax. She jerked her plump, naked body violently before plopping down on top of me.

However, even with that, the tightness of her precious place has tightened even more.

I felt a spasm of climax, which also made the feeling of ejaculation rise in my body.

Soon, I ejaculated.

The released lust that was simmering in me like a magma poured a tremendous amount of semen into Paula’s body.


The semen that came out of the pulsating manhood filled her secret hole like a tsunami.

The pleasure and sense of conquest of shooting directly into a woman’s vagina was an exceptional feeling, no matter how many times I shot it.

But even though I had already released it once, my lust was yet to calm down.

“That was good, Paula.”

I finished my ejaculation to the last drop and withdrew my meat stick with a sense of satisfaction.

The tip and base of my cock were coated with a large amount of nectar, giving it a slippery sheen.

I looked down at Paula, and from there, I saw her thick butt bobbing up and down.

Semen was flowing out of our previously joint areas, spreading the smell of chestnut blossoms all around.

“We’ll take turns this time. Next is you, Claudia.”

“Fufufu, then I’ll be looking forward to it. I’ll make you feel good as well, Lian, not losing to our Miss Paula over here.”

Claudia then pushed me down, saying somewhat competitively.

I guess that means she’ll be riding on top.

I obediently laid down, and looked up at Claudia as she straddled my waist.

Her tall, supple, naked body was well-toned, beautiful to look at, and glamorous at the same time.

She has a pair of breasts much smaller than Paula, but it didn’t diminish her beauty at all.

Claudia leaned forward and came on top of me, her breasts swaying a bit.

From that position, we started to commune.

“Haaaa, aaahhhnn, it’s reaching, deep inside.”

Claudia rocked her hips at full throttle from the start.

I wonder if it was a coincidence, or they were secretly competing with each other, but I felt that her moves were similar to what Paula had done earlier.

But because her posture was with her upper body thrown forward, her dignified beauty is right up close. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Her gasps for air could be felt from my face, and it sent shivers down to my spine when she does that each time.

“Nmmm, how……is it……boy? Are you……feeling……good, too?”

“It’s so tight……and it feels so good……Claudia……Nmmmm.”

I groaned in pleasure. Claudia then fell further, bringing her head closer.

We embraced harder and closer till our lips met.

Our hips bumped against each other as we grabbed each other tightly.

This position……it’s healing yet euphoric.

Our tongues rubbed against each other, repeatedly pulling in and out of each other mouths.

“I’m glad, really glad……haaa, hamuu, that you’re also feeling it with my body……chuu, ncuu! Thank you, Lian……Haa, aahh……for it is because of you that I have boosted my confidence as a woman……Hmmmu, chuuu!”

With panting and moaning, Claudia confided her thoughts as we kiss.

“But why, though? You’re so beautiful and glamorous and vibrant. It’s a wonder that you never had any confidence at all.”

I innocently asked a question.


But Claudia’s face only flushed in return.

“N-no, stop. If you praise me like that ──”

It’s really cute how embarrassed Claudia is.

However, that also made me want to violate her more.

“Haauuunnn! So sudden……if you poke me like that’ I’ll……fuaaahh, aaahhh, aaahh, so good!”

I was so excited that I pushed up from below as hard as I could.

“Lian, me too.”

Paula came to me all of a sudden and rubbed her body against me.


“You’re the reason I discovered the joys of being a woman. I am really thankful.”

She kissed me on the cheek, whispering.

She leaned in closer and pressed her plump breasts against my body, as if she was going to snuggle up to me.

“In that case, Miss Paula, since we have plenty of time today, let us make Lian teach us more the joys of womanhood, shall we?”


After that, they kissed me both in turn as I thrust Claudia in a cowgirl position, until she too climaxed.

“Hafuuuuu, Lian, Lian! I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Fuaaaaaahhhh, oooohh!”

With a wild, loud moan, almost as if a howling of an animal, Claudia shook her magnificent naked body and reached ecstasy.

And as she did, I released my load as well, staining as much semen as I can into her spasming vagina.

I’ve already ejaculated more than once, but that’s no problem for me because I have the trait of being peerless in bed.

The scorching cum rushed into her womb at a furious pace, making Claudia’s pussy mucous membranes hot as if it was on fire.

After receiving a huge amount inside, she let out a soft “ahh” and soon plopped down.

As it is, I caught Claudia and made her lean against my chest.

I guess even the S-class adventurer couldn’t compete with the intense pleasure brought by having sex with me. Thinking about this, I felt a little bit of superiority and a sense of triumph that I couldn’t quite explain.

After that, we enjoyed a number of positions, not only missionary, doggy, and cowgirl.

I ended up with four more vaginal ejaculations for each of Paula and Claudia, and they both went limp from repeated climaxes.

From there, I stopped, and immersed myself in a comfortable sleep afterwards.

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