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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 9 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – 3P with Claudia and Paula, Part 2 ※

I fumbled my way to the bed and reached out for the girls who were still standing.

First, I flipped up Paula’s skirt and ran my fingertips over her panties.

“Ahh, hyaa……”

It was only a slight rub in her plump lips over the cloth, but Paula’s thick body quivered intensely.

And when I pressed my finger further, it started to moisten right away.

I wonder if she was already excited way before this.

I slid my fingers up and down, tracing the shape of the crack through her underwear.

I could clearly feel the groove of where the two shells met.


“Hyaaa, this is so embarrassing……hnn, to be wet this early, I’m a shameful woman……”

Paula seems to be embarrassed by the fact that other people are knowing of her shameful parts.

But the way she reacted so cutely made me want to play with her more.

Soon, a wet, muddy sound came from my hand as I fingered her more.

“Ahhh, that feels great……I’m so envious.”

I looked back, only to see Claudia at my other side, mumbling her dissatisfaction.

Okay. In that case, let’s take good care of Claudia as well.

This time, I reached for tall knightly woman’s lower abdomen.

Instead of the knightly armor she wore when completing her adventurer quests, Claudia right now was dressed in plain clothes, just like a normal town girl.

Like Paula, I flipped up her skirt and lightly rubbed her crotch through her panties.


Claudia raised her shapely eyebrows and let out gasps of pleasure. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

As if she had also been expecting this, nectar quickly dripped on the fabric of her underwear, soaking it well.


Claudia pushed her hips aggressively, a bit wilder compared to what Paula just did earlier.

This resulted in a wet, lewd sound echoing louder through the fabric, and while at it, I also resumed my caresses on Paula’s private parts.

Both pussies at each hand.

For a while, I stood and continued to rub my fingertips there on the girls’ underneath.

With my fingers, I traced their raised nooks and crannies through their underwear and pressed along their flesh grooves.

When the girls were sufficiently moistened, I slipped my hand inside their underwear.

Then, I split their slippery crevasse with my fingertips.

“Mmmm, hmmm……Lian, mmmm……”

“Lian, yes, right there……ahhhhh……”

My fingers were easily swallowed by their secret holes, making nasty squirting sounds inside.

Yet I kept on stirring them, feeling the hot mucous membranes as their fluids flowed all over my fingers and towards my arms.

“Auuhmm, so good…… Liaaan……”

I pinched around the hot flesh of Paula’s clit, and Paula swayed in time with the movement of my fingers, making a lustful sound of waters as she came.

“Yes, Lian, more……aaah, squirm it more……mmm.”

Claudia, too, wriggled her tall and slender body as fluids gush out from her secret place. Her wet insides, which were also quivering non-stop, squeezed my fingers with intense tightness as if intending to clamp my finger whole.

“Aguu, uuuuu. Lian……kiss meee.”

Even while gasping uncontrollably, Paula still managed to let out a request.

I obeyed her and sealed her lips with a passionate kiss.

“Ahhh, Liannn……I want you to……kiss……me, too.”

Seeing it, Claudia requested me as well.

I lift my tongue and lips on Paula’s soft mouth, then leaned to my other side and took Claudia’s lips next.

“Aaahh, Lian……more……I want you to touch me more……More!”

Paula cried out as if she couldn’t take it anymore and began to undress.

She usually has a quiet personality, yet she’s so aggressive now that I can’t believe she was a virgin until she had sex with me.


“Mumumu…… then, me too……”

Perhaps out of a sense of rivalry, Claudia also took off her clothes in a fit.

They also took off their underwear, revealing their seductive naked bodies underneath.

Paula’s body was plump with thick feminine curves, as expected of an office lady. In contrast, Claudia’s body was tall and slender, yet she boasted a mellow body line despite being well-trained as a swordswoman.

Their skin is moist and sweaty, sprinkling the bedroom with a sweet and sour smell.

Added to that was the scent of their sweat mixed with pheromones which fueled my lust.

The two women rubbed their bodies from both sides, as if inviting me to ravage them.

Like slices of white bread, each of their sexy nudes made a sandwich out of my flesh.

The feel of their soft, supple skin.

The sweet breath tickling my sensitive elf ears.

The elasticity of their tits wrapping my arms.

“Mmmmph, chuu……”

In addition to that, the showering kisses as they alternated their lips on me.

I repeatedly groped and kissed the two beauties, and when they were sufficiently moist there, I immediately separated and pulled down my pants and underwear.

I can’t stand just caressing them anymore.

I can’t wait to connect with them….

The first thing I did was to insert my erection into Paula’s leaking orifice.

While standing up, I penetrated her deeply to the very back. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Aaah, mmmm, haaa, mmmm!”

Paula’s throat quivered as she gasped. I kissed her lips again while starting my pistons in a standing position.

In the three months since I came back here, I’ve had sex with Paula many times.

Compared to when she was a virgin, the inside of her secret cavity feels much better now, and the wet mucous membrane sucks on my penis as if it were being groped.

The way she squeezed my cock made me feel the maturity of an adult woman, and with each stroke, I felt a jolt of pleasure running through my lower abdomen.

To think that it was me who had developed her pussy from the ground up, when she was still naïve and had no experience with men…

Drunk with such a sense of accomplishment, I continued to slam my hips down.

Because she was in a standing position, it was difficult for me to stroke her with my body weight as I would in the normal missionary.

However, when we hugged, I was able to fully enjoy the close contact with Paula’s plump female body.

“Auuh, hmmmmm, fuaaaahh! Lian, I’m already, near……hyaaaaaa, aaahh!”

Soon, Paula’s whole body was shaking and squirming in ecstasy.

I timed myself just right, and right after, I poured my hot spurts into Paula’s gushing pussy.

“Fuaaaaahhh! Lian’s hot seed is……it’s pumping a lot inside of meeee!”

Paula squealed with delight as she felt the heat of the creampie deep inside her vagina.

Her body collapsed from the surge of pleasure, but thankfully, I was able to catch her just in time.

Okay. With this, Claudia is next.

I released my bond with Paula and faced the knightly girl.

Looking at her closer, Claudia was really tall. So tall that I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be sufficient to engage her in a standing position.


While I was thinking this, Claudia bent lightly at the waist and kissed me.

Because of the height difference, she would have to hold in that position for me to continue my insertion.

“Sorry, Claudia. I’m putting it in.”

I placed my taut tip on her already slimy place and slid it in.

Her well-wetted mucous membranes swelled to welcome my cock, beckoning it deep inside.

“Oh, you’re so hard as ever, Lian……auu, mmm.”

I stretched up and kissed Claudia, who seemed so comfortable despite the inconvenience brought by our heights.

Claudia lightly bent her back as well to make it easier for me to kiss her.

In this position, I rocked my hips and began gouging her insides.

As the pleasure went up, Claudia couldn’t help but straighten her back. She immediately bends right away, but her actions only made her unstable.


Therefore, I went and stretched out my arms around her waist, keeping our “bond” in place, and continued to poke her secret hole, this time without holding back.

It’s not easy having sex while standing up, especially with a height difference.

Even so, it was all worth it as each stroke brought a rush of sweet, debaucherous pleasure to my cock.

I can’t……anymore, I’m cumming! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Eventually, Claudia let out a cry of ecstasy as if she’s surrendering to the pleasure.

She began to lift her hips, making me adjust the position of our union by standing in my tiptoes further than ever to prevent my penis from coming off her hole.

Almost simultaneously, my ejaculation reached its peak.

I leaned myself towards Claudia and poured a massive load of cum into her hot interior.

“Fuaaaahh! It’s so hot and throbbing so much inside me……hnnn!”

Sensing that she was being ejaculated, Claudia let out a faint cry of pleasure as she was brought to a higher climax.

But I have only just begun.

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