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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 9 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – The Dark Elf Redone and the Obscene Ritual ※

Side: Redone Irvine

Beneath Redone’s eyes, two pairs of asses stood side by side. One, a small and cute ass, and the other, a huge and majestic ass.

What’s special about them is that they belonged to the two of the most prominent women of this kingdom.

The one with the majestic ass was the former queen, and the one with the small and cute ass was the former princess.


Now, the ever-powerful mother and daughter pair were reduced to nothing but sows. Standing on all fours, they were stripped to the bare essentials, with their asses raised in front of their new master, the kingdom’s new ruler.

“Good, good. Now let me fuck you both in that position.”

The man declared with a grin.

Doggy style was the position he preferred the most.

The feeling of putting a woman under his mercy and penetrating her with a strong sense of conquest always brought irreplaceable pleasure for him.

The nobler she is, the more unattainable she is, the sweeter the feeling he gets once they fall onto his arms.

“Hahaha. I’m going to make you cum in turn. I’ll make you feel it so much that you won’t be able to live without my dick. Or is that already the case?”

Redone gloated as he brought the raging thing closer to the mother and daughter’s twin buttocks.

“Fuaaaahhh, ahhn!!”

“Ahhhh, yes!”

He announced to each of them as he penetrated them, and the two women immediately squealed in delight. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

At first, He penetrated them lightly, two or three times a turn, before switching to the other, as if comparing each of their vagina’s tastes.

Eventually, he made his pumping harder, almost slamming his waist on them like a beast.

“Hyaaaaa! Sir Redoneee, Sir Redonee, you’re so hard and strong……hnnnn!”

The queen moaned as she arched her back on the sensation.

“As expected of my greatest bitch, I can’t get enough of your pussy!”

The former queen’s membranes were balanced in moistness tightness, but for Redone, who has fucked countless women upon his arrival to this world, this balance is not a thing to look down with, and it was sufficient enough to earn his praise.

“Aaaah, that’s so ……good! Sir Redone, I’m going crazy!”

The princess, on the other hand, despite being inexperienced at first, has been rapidly maturing her vagina since losing her virginity. Realizing that her ‘growth’ was all because of him, an irresistible pleasure of watching her develop always struck his penis hard.

Hahahahaha, come on, moan harder! Go wilder!”

Redone shouted, his hips accelerating even more.

The sound of his crotch slapping against their butts and the sound of gurgling water from their joining parts, each of them created a soothing harmony, but that harmony only twisted his already twisted mind more in lust.

“That’s right! Yield before me!”

Redone continued to pierce the mother and daughter up to the root, feeling himself in an unusually higher state of tension compared to what he had before.

He penetrated the depths of their vaginas and even their anuses, which he had already developed.  It was not long before the former queen and princess were squealing with delight.

“It’s about time I let it out. Both of you, get pregnant and conceive my child!”

“Yes, yes, please give me your seed……!”

“Sir Redone, me too……I want to bear your child……!”

The queen and princess swung their hips competitively, each begging to be cummed inside.

Looking down at the beautiful mother and daughter pair hoping to conceive his child, Redone first pierced deeply and ejaculated inside the queen.

Then he switched back and continued his ejaculation inside the princess.


Ejaculating in rapid succession was no problem for Redone, who has the characteristics of being ‘unrivaled’.

As a result, both the beautiful mother and daughter pair collapsed on the spot, each screaming their orgasms.

Huge amounts of cum poured out of their gaping holes, staining the floor a muddy white color.

“Now, on to the next.”

Redone shook his penis, which was still dripping semen residue from its tip, and looked behind him.

About ten more beautiful women, all lined up on all fours, held up their pure white asses before him.

All of these women are exemplary of their own rights, selected from the noble ranks of this country, such as the daughters of noblemen, court mages, and high priests.

But the best part is all of them are virgins and more than willing to have their virginities taken by him.

“Iyaaaah, Sir Redone……please take my first time.”

“Sir Redone, please make me into a woman……”

“Me too, Sir Redone…….”

Moist and entranced pairs of pupils of all of them were all directed to the throne.

Redone’s overwhelming might, both in military and magic, his evil handsomeness, and his dominating aura – all of these things fascinated these women, who are also in love with lust and power.

“Hmmm, I’ll take it then. You may offer your innocence to me.”

Redone, in pleasure, began by piercing at the girl at the end of the line.

“Hiyaaaa, aaaaaaah……”

The moment he inserted her, the maiden let out a wistful scream.

The feeling of a cramped vagina that something only a virgin can have.

The sense of conquest that comes right after digging your own path to a place that has never accepted a man.

And finally, the gaze of the maiden as she welcomed you with joy, Redone’s desire for domination was already fulfilled beyond measure.

There was no rape. Nor any forceful acts like kidnapping and capture involved.

But despite what he did to their kingdom, they still voluntarily gave him what should be the most important for them as women.


Putting a lot of pressure on the bottom of his stomach, Redone buried his manhood deep into the woman’s insides, tearing her virgin membrane in one fell swoop.

Soon as he reached all the way to the back, the woman struggled a little at first but eventually began to let out a subdued squeal of delight.

After that came a series of deep piercing, so deep that each plunge was reaching all the way to the hilt. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Kukuku. Look at me. I’m cumming inside you now.”

When Redone saw that the time was right, he poured a large amount of his hot stuff into the woman’s tight orifice.

He then enjoyed the sweet numbness that came along with it from his tip up to the core of his hips.

Of course, as their conqueror, he did not intend to immerse himself only in the pleasures of the flesh alone.

In the first place, it was not only for the purpose of satisfying his lustful desires that he engaged with these women.

It was for a ritual.

By defiling the most noble and beautiful beings in the country – along with these evil thoughts that accumulated inside him, these ‘ingredients’ are then embodied to create a powerful apparition. Devils, evil spirits and the like, creatures that are not supposed to belong this world, unlike Demons, which were only evolved forms of monsters.

One of the traits that Redone had acquired upon reincarnating was to “Overrule all Apparitions” – this was a manifestation of that power.

Redone pulled his meat stick out of the woman’s devirginized pussy.

Since it was just after ejaculation, his penis was still fiery hot that all that’s lacking was steam coming out of it.

Without wilting at all, he pointed it at the second girl, who was swaying her ass right beside.

Then after ramming at her and cumming inside, he went on the third, then the fourth, and the fifth, and so on, taking each of their virginities in turn.

Screams and squeals reverberated one after the other in the room, increasing tenfold.

The blood from their broken hymens dripped from their joining parts. Mixed with semen as well as their love juices, it created pink pool of fluids on the floor.

Seeing the marvelous sight, Redone laughed loudly as he defiled the innocence of everyone and poured his own semen inside them.

“””Aaahhh. Thank you for making me a woman, Sir Redone……”””

All of the ladies gazed at him with rapt attention.


There was no hint of sadness that their virginity had been stolen by an evil man.

It was natural.

After all, they all wished, of their own volition, to offer their maidenly innocence to Redone.

In fact, all ten of them were even smiling with joy at being made into women, an act that could already be considered insane.

“Now, it’s time. Come forth, my servants!”

After the series of debauched acts, Redone announced solemnly.

In the audience room, countless sparkles crossed each other, creating a huge magic circle on the floor.

Three shadows protruded from it.

Yes. By using his powerful magic power and the blood of the virgins as a medium, Redone was able to summon high-ranking apparitions.

In his surroundings, countless black shadows moved around.

All of them were soldiers of these ‘beings’ under the command of Redone.

They are the invincible army that has destroyed many countries in his wake.

“Let’s go out with a bang. My servants.”

At these apparitions, Redone spoke with a smile.

It was a devilish smile that was enough to make these beings bow their heads reverently.

“Our hunt for adventurers has begun.”

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