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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 9 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – S-Class Rank 1, Felix


Side: Felix Harrion

A colossal dragon clad in golden scales let out a roar.

A Rakshasa(Golden Evil Spirit Dragon).

It’s a high-ranking dragon species belonging to the S-class.

An ordinary adventurer would have run away in fear.

But for him, it was just the usual “work.”

There was no elation in his battle.

No fighting spirit.

No fear.

Neither anxiety.

Only a sense of duty as an S-class adventurer.

“If this thing enters the town, it will cause a great amount of damage. We will exterminate it here.”

Felix Harrion said calmly as if he was reading a document.

He had dull gray hair and eyes of the same color.

He is a young man with an ordinary appearance, with nothing outstanding about him.

In his hand was a plain, unmarked sword.

He also wears an ordinary piece of leather armor.

Most S-class adventurers have legendary armors, in which they find while exploring dungeons, but not him. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

He, himself, doesn’t need any special armor, to begin with.

In his hands, even the most ordinary sword can become the strongest magic sword, surpassing even the legendary class…

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)

He applies a technique to strengthen his athletic ability and leaps into the dragon’s bosom at supersonic speed.

While at it, he quickly saw through and avoided the claws and tail that were being swung at him.



The S-class dragon species howled.

Then, from its mouth that has opened from ear to ear, a dragon’s breath was spat out.

Laser Blast(Rakshasa Gold Flash).

Possessing power enough to annihilate a huge city in a single blow, this breath can already be called the trump card of the Rakshasa(Golden Evil Spirit Dragon).

However, Felix quickly dispelled this breath by only applying magic power on his sword and swinging it once.

Limit(Slash) Break(Release).”

He said quietly as he continued to run.

A pale spark then ran across his blade.

“Magic Sword Art──.”

It was an art of wrapping magic power around a sword and releasing mana in the form of a slash.

Because of its nature, it is not suitable for long-distance attacks, but its destructive power at close range is said to be one of the strongest of all magic-related skills.

Phoenix Blade(Champion Firebird Blade)!”

The sword that was brought out created an aura of a phoenix with its wings spread, and it pierced the stubborn dragon scales in a single blow.



Felix exhaled loudly as he finished off the dragon with a single sword blow through its vitals.

“That was good, lad. You are indeed the number one of the S-class. You totally didn’t need my help at all.”

An old man walked up to him, looking stunned.

His hair was completely white up to the ends, but what’s distinctive of him is that he wears an Eastern-style martial arts uniform on his small body.

“Oh, don’t mind me. I just heard that an S-class dragon species had appeared, and I came to help. But it looks like it’s already fine.”

“Still, thank you for your concern, Old Georg.”

Felix bowed his head, still in an indifferent tone.

The old man – Georg Foss, a Class S 4th-ranked adventurer who goes by the nickname”Berserker’s Fist(Fist of the Madman)” – smiled.

But it was not only this visitor who appeared.

“Eh? You beat him already? I was going to have a go with it myself.”

A woman nearly two meters tall came in next, looking disappointed.

As if to show off her muscular physique, she wore armor that covered only her chest and waist – what is commonly called bikini armor.

“I’ve had no tough enemies lately, so my arms are getting flabby.”

The female warrior – Glenda Chiffon, an adventurer ranked 13th in the S class and known as the “Legion(One-Man Army),” shrugged her shoulders.

“Reports of monsters appearing are on the rise, so I’m sure you’ll find an enemy worthy of you soon enough, Glenda.”


“I hope so. I really want to find an enemy out there who can make me lust for him, Hahaha.”

The hulking female warrior laughed fiercely at Felix’s words.

She then squeezes her own breasts over her bikini armor, letting out sighs of a woman in frustration, as if her brute tone earlier was a lie.

“Now that you mention it, how about a round with me, Felix? Georg is good as well. Who knows, I might be able to cum just by fighting someone as fierce as you guys.”

But despite her lascivious acts, Glenda’s eyes were glowing.

The bewitching light which dwelled there was filled with equal parts fighting spirit and lust.

It was a reaction typical of her, a woman who feels pleasure in fights.

The more she fights, the more excite she gets – and the more excited she gets, the more her will to fight rises again. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

For her, fighting and sex are inseparable.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Glenda. The other day, after you had a mock battle with a promising adventurer from the guild, you made love to him in bed until you broke his back.”

“He was very good with a sword, but he wasn’t very good with his dick. His semen was too thin, plus there aren’t many fierce men who can satisfy me.”

“You’re the same as always……”

Felix couldn’t help but make a bitter smile.

“Oh? Seems like S-Classes keep on showing up.”

The old man’s gaze turned to their rear.

“Oh, I thought I’d disguised my presence. As expected, I can’t fool this old Georg as always.”

Two shadows appeared, oozing out of the space.

They were two beautiful women, both with purple hair and of similar appearance – twins, to be exact.

The only difference is that one has a red hairpiece, and the other has a blue one.

They are Edith Miller and Edna Miller, a pair of top-notch mages who are also known as the “Twin Rondo(Twin Dancers).”

They are beautiful pair of twin sisters and were rumored to have already been engaged.

The older sister, Edith, is bewitching and free-spirited, while the younger sister, Edna, is in contrast to her, chaste and innocent.

They are both noble daughters of Runegalia, a status not normally associating with adventurers.

However, Edith, the free-spirited older sister, began working as an adventurer when she was still in her teens in search of stimulation, and Edna, the younger sister, became an adventurer out of concern for Edith.


As aristocratic daughters of the magical kingdom of Runegalia, both of them have an outstanding background in magic.

They were both promoted to S-Class at a breakneck pace, and even after they became rumored to have finally been engaged, they still continued their work as adventurers.

For sure, their partners were not happy about them being adventurers, though.

“It’s quite a spectacle to see us all here.”

Georg couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Hmph. Even though I’m like this, I’m still a busy body.”

It was Glenda who snorted.

“Still, I can’t believe you went to all this trouble to get us all together.”

“Did you know? I heard that for the first time in three years, a new S-class will be certified. Ufufufu. Rumor has it that he is a very beautiful boy.”

“You must behave yourself, sister.”

The older sister smiled seductively as the younger sister chided her.

“It’s not final yet, is it?”

“No, I heard it’s almost a done deal.” It was Felix who answered Glenda’s question.

“Heee. So, that guy…… what’s his name?”

“It’s Lian. Lian Tiarade.”

Felix told her the name.

“It was said that it has been less than half a year since he became an adventurer. An elf magic swordsman who ranked up to the S-class in the fastest record time ever──”

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