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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 8 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Marching Forward

A few days after the vampire extermination, Ingrid’s health had completely recovered, so Mina, Mary, Ingrid, and I returned to Regulus City for the first time in two weeks.

“We’re back, Ms. Paula.”

“Ah, Sir Lian and everyone. Welcome back!”


I went to the guild office and was immediately greeted by the receptionist, Paula, who looked happy to see me.

“You’re all safe……thank goodness.”

The eyes behind her glasses seemed to be moistening faintly, which I couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed being stared at in such a way.

“The way she looks at Sir Lian……seems strangely seductive.”

Mina was strangely perceptive all of a sudden, and it was sending shivers down my spine.

Anyway, now that we have opened ourselves to each other in many ways, we spoke of our future plans. From there, I decided to continue my work as an adventurer and keep company with Mina and her party.

Of course, I’ve also decided to use this town as my home. After all, it’s best to have a familiar place as a base for living. Besides, Paula is here too. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

Of course, depending on the nature of the request, we may have to travel far.

And so, having decided on what to do, our rapid progress began.

Mina, Mary, and Ingrid, who are now at the top of the B class, and I, who is now at the A-class, completed quest after quest of high difficulties.

Now that I could use Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) II at will, monsters of the S-Classes were no longer my enemy.

I’ve also faced monsters of the higher rank of SS several times, but I’ve never had a particularly difficult time.

Victory after victory, achievement after achievement.

Each week, our rank increased, and eventually, Mina, Mary, and Ingrid were able to move up to A-Class.

Our party was steadily accumulating achievements.

Everything was going well, and every day was fulfilling.


Incidentally, I’ve had sex with Mina, Mary, and Ingrid many times for the demonic crest removal ritual.

Even if I don’t have a valid excuse, sometimes, Mina and the others invite me to bed by themselves as a congratulatory gift for completing a quest or for some other reason.

I’ve also been invited by Paula a few times, and whenever Claudia visits this town, I have sex with her as well.

In addition, there were a few times when I was picked up by the town girls and spent the night with them.

If it weren’t for my peerless trait, my sex life would have withered away as an adventurer and as a man…

Anyway, it’s been smooth sailing.

However, there is still one thing that bothers me.

The quest from the goddess – the dark elf Redone. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

He had already destroyed several countries and causing worldwide problems as if he’s a natural calamity, but for some reason, he seems to be untraceable at the moment.

Based on the information I got, he takes on a country single-handedly, destroys it, and then leaves as if he lost interest.

But since all of the countries he blew up to are far away, there is not much detailed information about him.

Naturally, Ingrid was also very concerned about Redone as an avenger of her country, but since the demonic crest has not been completely removed, she prioritized it first.

In order to do this, of course, we had sex and made love many times.

Soon as the seal gets unlocked and Ingrid regains her true powers – it was only then when we’re going to pursue Redone in earnest.

And since he’s a dangerous opponent, I have to keep training as well, in order to get stronger and protect everyone.

I’m anxious, but I have to feel okay.


Besides, I have my trusty partner, Milfa. Also, Mina, Mary, and Ingrid too are trying to get stronger.

If we all stand together, we can surely win.

And now… three months have passed.

After accumulating more achievements, I was finally certified as an S-Class adventurer.

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