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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 8 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Dark Elf Redone and the Castle of Debauchery, Part 2 ※

Redone continued to suck on Sophia’s pure lips, twirling his tongue with hers and sipping her saliva.

The princess’s cheeks flushed in excitement, which also further enhanced her cuteness.

When he destroyed her country, Redone first thought that she would take revenge, also for killing his father, the then reigning king, but surprisingly, she was ever so delighted with what he did that she had fallen to this level.

As Redone continued to kiss and piston, he dexterously pulled down the bust of her dress to expose her bare breasts.

“Not there……it’s embarrassing, Sir Redone……”

He squeezed them lightly, causing the small mounds to push back against his fingertips with an elasticity befitting their age.


“You have such beautiful breasts, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you should be more than willing to show them off.”

Redone laughed, broke the kiss, and bent over.

He then kissed her white breasts, which were swaying lushly in his front.

Then he bit down hard.

Strong enough to make teeth marks on her skin.

“Nnn, fuaaaahhh, auuhn.”

However, because he was doing it so much, even a painful love bite was pleasurable for Sophia now.

Although it had been less than a month since he had taken her virginity, he chuckled inwardly at how much she had grown.

In addition, Redone also took bites in several places from the base of the breasts, even to her nipples.

Of course, he didn’t bite badly enough to leave a wound.

For him, leaving a scar on such beautiful skin is nothing but folly.

As he sucked them into his mouth and caressed them with his tongue, the princess’s nipples eventually hardened to the point of being painful.

The slippery wetness in her pussy is even more so.

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“Sir Redone, have mercy on me, too……fuahhh. Aahhnn.”

At the foot of the throne, Sophia’s mother – the former queen – clung to his leg.

Through the opulent dress, Redone gazed at the woman’s mature body in her mid-thirties.

Redone knew very well that her body, which he had already embraced so many times, was much more voluptuous than her daughter’s.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. I’ll fuck you in order. Let’s start with Sofia.”

Redone kissed the queen deeply and then accelerated his pistons into her daughter.

Sophia was a virgin until he took her to his embrace, but now her secret pits were fully developed, and her wet mucous membranes were now entwining with each of his thrust.

“Here is the first shot. You must take it well and conceive my child.”

“Yes, please bless me with your seed, Sir Redone!”

The noble princess shouted like a lascivious whore.

(She has really fallen completely, this princess.)

Staring at her with satisfaction, Redone continued to stir Sophia’s vagina with his fierce meat spear.

In the end, he gave one deep thrust to finish the job.

“There, take it!”

As he poured the last of his hot lust into her, the princess let out a feeble squeal and fell on his embrace.

As she did that, he caught the now relaxed upper body and kissed it, soaking in the afterglow of the affair.

Then he slowly laid the princess’s body on his side.

Seeing that her daughter’s turn is over, the queen walked up to the throne as if she had been waiting for a long time.

“Now it’s your turn, isn’t it? Now beg as you always do, Your Majesty.”


“Yes, my Lord……”

“The queen then knelt at Redone’s feet and rubbed her forehead on the floor.

“Please, please put Sir Redone’s strong cock in this Elisabeth’s disgusting whore of a pussy.”

The queen of a country, without hesitation, begged Redone to have intercourse with him, using obscene words unimaginable for a royalty of a holy kingdom.

Drunk with irresistible pleasure, Redone’s crotch twitched at the scenery.

“Well, you’ll have to clean my cock first. It’s been stained by your daughter’s pussy fluids after all.”

“Yes, with pleasure.”

Queen Elisabeth showed no sign of hesitation and raised herself up, happily sucking on Redone’s meat rod as it was offered to her readily.

“Nchuu, mmm……haammu, leroo……”

(Her cleaning blowjob is good. As you’d expect from an experienced woman in her thirties.)

Elisabeth deliciously sucked on the lewd sap that was a mixture of her daughter, Princess Sophia’s love juices, and Redone’s semen.

The sticky flesh of the queen’s tongue entangled around Redone’s penis, which just had been in ejaculation, and with the new sense of stimulation, his erection was strengthened again. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“All right. Straddle me. I’ll penetrate you next.”

The queen obeyed happily and straddled Redone’s waist, taking off her panties and pulling up her skirt for him.

Because the meat spear has already regained its erection, it immediately went in full in just one push.

“Fuaaaaaahhh, ahuuu, oooooohhmmm!!”

Elisabeth’s back flipped as she let out a flamboyant yet vulgar scream.

The sight of her husband’s killer and her daughter’s amorous intercourse has probably aroused her enough.

Because of this, Redone couldn’t help but inwardly ridicule her for being such a slut of a queen that she could climax so lightly just from insertion.

He grabbed her slender waist with both hands and immediately began to extract.

Unlike the princess, who had just lost her virginity, the queen’s soft and voluptuous vaginal flesh clung to the dark elf’s manhood as if welcoming it inside.

While savoring the comfort of the mucous membranes that entwined and then detached, sucked, and then tightened, Redone gave a slow and steady piston.

“Ahuuu, hiiiiii, Sir Redone, Sir Redone!”


“Ha-ha-ha-ha, I’m your husband’s killer, but you look so happy being violated by me?”

“Oh, no, don’t say that! You’re the only one who can……make me happy! Auuhhh!”

The queen wrapped her hands around Redone’s neck and squirmed. Every time he thrust, she seemed to feel a surge of orgasm.

“I’m going to let it out inside you now. I want you and your daughter to be pregnant with my child.”

“Yes, please! Pour lots of your seed into this Elisabeth’s dirty pussy!”

And so, Redone poured as much semen as he could into the queen’s innermost recesses as she shouted profanities without hesitation.

Since his reincarnation, Redone has destroyed many countries with his destructive impulses, burning them to the ground together with its people and its buildings.

The only reason he didn’t destroy the Kingdom of Orchis – the kingdom of Elisabeth and Sophia, like he did other countries is because of a whim.

One of the reasons was because the queen and the princess that appeared after he killed the king were really beautiful.

It has been about a month since then.

Since then, Redone has been living in splendor at the royal castle, with the two royalties together with beautiful girls selected from the nobility in his entourage.

However, he is now getting tired of it.

“Now then. What will I do next?”

The dark elf sighed lightly.

“Speaking of which, my buddy Gilfe – the magic sword said something interesting earlier.”

Adventurers, huh. They might be an excellent next playmate. If there’s even one fierce person worth killing in them, that would be good…… Redone’s eyes got filled with murky killing intent as he arranged his new plans.

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