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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 8 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Dark Elf Redone and the Castle of Debauchery, Part 1 ※

Side: Redone Irvine

Surrounded by ten demons was a petite boy.

His silver hair was reminiscent of brilliant moonlight, his skin was dark, and his ears were pointed like knives.

Even then, he still possessed chilling good looks.

The so-called Dark Elf.

“What kind of dark elf are you, to dare fight against us?”

“Hmph, it would be fun to see your beautiful face twisted in fear.”

Yet the dark elf boy, Redone Irvine, was utterly unfazed by the ten-to-one difference in strength as he stared at the demons flatly.

It was rare to see such a large number of demons, who often act alone, gather together.

Recently, the number of demons in the territory of the Kingdom of Orchis has increased dramatically.

It’s Redone’s daily routine to hunt them down while taking a walk.

After all, this is his country now.

“You don’t know how to talk, do you? I will not tolerate anyone who stands against me, whether they are a god or a demon king.”

A cruel smile appeared on Redone’s face.


In the past, he was known as a legendary serial killer, and his killing ‘bloodlust’ and intimidation are still intact even now that he has been reincarnated as a dark elf.

In fact, the gap between his looks as a beautiful young man and his horrific deeds may have made him even more fearsome.

“This guy……who is he?”

The demons backed away as if under pressure. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

They must have noticed it.

That Redone is not a “mere dark elf”.

“But it’s too late. You will die here. All of you.”

The traits he acquired when he was reincarnated were so much that the Demons was no match for him.

Unrivaled invincibility.

Always victorious, Never defeated.

Redone’s smile deepened with the joy of being able to unleash that power to the fullest now.

“Here we go, my sword, Gilfaraze.”

He called out to his partner, a small black sword.

“Yes, my master.”

The sword replied in an electronic voice reminiscent of a middle-aged man with an austere appearance.

The display on the hilt of the sword changed from “Standing by” to “Attack mode”.

It has been two years since he was reincarnated in this other world.

The only thing he was able to trust was this magical sword that was given to him as a navigator when he was reincarnated.

Everything else is either a tool to satisfy his own desires,

Or an enemy that needs to be vanquished.

“Fufufu, hahaha, aHAHAHAHAHA!”

Redone smiled, the corners of his mouth hanging open. Then, it became a grand laughter.

The neat face of the man was immediately filled with an evil, murderous intent.

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) III”

Redone mumbled.

In response to the incantation, his limbs become hot as if they were on fire.

He could feel his athletic ability increasing explosively.

The realization that he was going far beyond the physical limits of a dark elf flooded his brain with a piercing sense of exhilaration.

Over Drive(Transcendent Burst Mode)

At the same time, his figure disappears.

“Where did he go!?”

No. He was moving much faster than the speed of sound.

To Redone now, the demons seemed to have stopped moving.

“Too dull. Too dull.”

With a sigh, he swung his magic sword and cut down the demons one by one.

Their sturdy bodies were sliced open like butter by Redone’s powerful magical sword.

Screams and cries of agony.

And then the final scream.

The moment when a life is taken is a moment of bliss that cannot be replaced by anything else.

It was so pleasing that it almost made him ejaculate on the spot.

He swung his sword again.

Two swings, three swings, four swings….

After a moment, ten corpses lay around Redone.

If one were to classify them in Adventurer Ratings, all of them would have to be S-class demons. But even that was nothing him. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Redone sighed once again.

“I’m getting too strong. I don’t have any tough enemies anymore. It’s boring.”

“Then how about fighting adventurers, Master Redone?”

Gilfaraze suggested.

“I’ve heard that some of the highest ranks, the S class, are even fiercer than the demons. I thought you might enjoy their company a little, Master Redone.”

“Hmmm, so you’re saying the humans here possess such power? Well, I’m getting a little tired of fighting Demons and Dragons anyway. Also the same for destroying and conquering countries. Let’s try playing with these adventurers you’re saying this time.”

As he mumbled, Redone realized that he had an erection.

He seemed to have become completely aroused while killing the demons.

“For now, let’s get back to the castle. I’m going to let off some steam with those sluts.”


In the innermost chambers of a white castle in a fallen country, there exists an audience hall which was Redone’s favorite place to spend time.

Though it wasn’t a big country, it had a long history, and from the long years of preservation, the said chambers were regarded as the noblest and most sacred place by its populace.

However, the said chambers are now overflowing with a raging, uncontrollable sense of debauchery.

Right now, Redone is sitting on the throne at the end of the chamber, penetrating a beautiful maiden as they sit face-to-face.


The beautiful maiden was the first princess of the country. A former princess.

That’s because the country has already been conquered by Redone, and he now reigns as the new king.

“Sophia” gazed at him, the man who singlehandedly conquered their lands.

But it wasn’t in rage or abhorrence……it was admiration and lust.

Redone didn’t use any kind of charms or brainwashing on the woman.

Yet this former first princess, Sophia, willingly surrendered her all body and soul to the man of absolute power.

The absolute charm of evil.

“Oh, Master Redone……”

Sophia sucked on his lips with a sweet sigh.

Responding to a passionate kiss from the former princess, Redone repaid her by thrusting up into her innermost recesses with all his strength.

The sweet and sour scent of lewdness drifted into the solemn audience room as splashes of love juice spilled from their union.

It was a total sacrilege to the holy site.

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