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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 8 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – 4P with Mina, Mary, and Ingrid, Part 1 ※

“Thank you for your hard work today, Sir Lian. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.”

Mina spoke as she bowed her head.

“I can’t believe it was all over by the time I got there.”

“It happens sometimes. Let’s just try to work together on the next quest.”

“At any rate, Lian worked hard alone today, so let us at least comfort him.”

“By comfort……you mean……”

I couldn’t help but get thrilled by Mary’s implicated smile.

“Fufufu, since we weren’t able to contribute in the battle, we’ll give you plenty of service in something else instead.”

“And don’t forget, there’s Ingrid’s magic crest removal ritual as well.”


When Mina added the last one, Ingrid choked up.

Yes, the magic crest that seals her powerful magic power – the ritual to release it is not possible with just one or two acts of sex.

Still, the goddess said to me that I need to make love patiently, and not rush things, as that won’t be love, just lust.

“Yes, it’s a ritual……not that I really want to do that with Lian, it’s just a ritual ……ritual ritual ritual……”

As she mumbled, Ingrid’s face turned bright red.

She’s definitely embarrassed.


Well, she was a virgin until the other day, so it’s not surprising.

Still, she’s so cute that I couldn’t help but break into a smile. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

──The powerful magic power that Ingrid possesses in her body is sealed by a magic crest.

However, it can sometimes take a toll on the host, and like in her previous fight with Fenrir, it can put the bearer’s life in danger. Hence sometimes, it was branded as a demonic crest rather than a magical one.

That’s why…


“Fufu, please feel good with our breasts, okay?”

Me too. Let me serve you with my tits too, Lian.”

At night, Mina, Mary, and of course Ingrid were all naked with me in the room at the inn.

The three white naked bodies with their respective glossy sheen were erotic.

Mina’s naked body was thin and supple, but her ample breasts and firm buttocks showed off her feminine curves.

Mary’s body was tall, and she had well-built muscles as what was expected of a swordsman, but she also had glamorous body lines that is not reducing her femininity at all.

Lastly, Ingrid’s seductive nudity is limpid and neat, with a modest swelling of her breasts and rise in her buttocks.

The sweet scent of the three beautiful girls drifted into the room, and the bewitching excitement of a dazzling foursome about to begin began to build.

“With the size of my breasts, I’m afraid I won’t do well…”

Ingrid murmured, looking down at her chest.

Her voice was not as strong as it should have been.

I wonder if she’s feeling self-conscious in front of Mina and Mary with their big tits.

“Don’t worry, Ingrid’s tits have a different appeal and eroticism compared to the two. See, mine is already like this.”

I thrust my hips forward.

Just as I said, I already had a full erection there.

It was true that……her size was a bit modest, but Ingrid’s twin mounds were no less beautiful than the other two.

The sight of her neat, round breasts exposed to the world was already enough to excite me.

“Don’t worry about pinching it in between. Just rub them towards yours. Or you don’t want it?”

“I’ll guess I’ll give it a try.”

And so, Ingrid sat at my feet with both knees together.

I grabbed the modest bulge with both hands and placed it over my penis.


Ingrid, on the other hand, slowly rocked her upper body, rubbing my thing over the smooth skin of her breasts.

It was far different from the sensation of “being wrapped around the boobs,” like what I felt in Mina and Mary.

The feeling of being rubbed by her erect nipples, or having the glans tickled by her cute tongue,


Added to that was the fact that it was being done by a girl who had been pissy with me since the first time we met each other, the great contrast between her previous attitude and now, where she is devotedly serving me with her breasts,

It was impossible for me not to be inflamed with lust.

“Guhh…that’s it……keep it up……”

My penis pulsed with burning excitement.

A large amount of pre-cum was already flooding inside Ingrid’s mouth, wetting it more.

“Nmmm, Lian’s taste……fuahh.”

“Allow me to help you.”

“I like to assist, too!”

As if they couldn’t stand to watch any longer, Mina and Mary sat on either side of Ingrid and joined in on the titjobs.

“Ohhhh, this is……!”

It’s a triple titjob by three beautiful girls.

I breathed a sigh of bliss at the wonderful competition.

It was an incredible sight.

In addition to the physical pleasure, it was fascinating to see these cute girls all baring their tits as they tried their best in serving my rod.

For starters, Mina and Mary’s lush milk tanks pinched and rubbed against my manhood, sandwiching them in their pairs of tits.

As they do that, Ingrid’s tongue licked the sensitive bellend in the middle, poking it repeatedly in its peehole.

The sweet breaths of the three tickled my tip and rod, further heightening the pleasure I felt from the breast play.

The visual excitement and the pleasurable stimulation of the sexual senses – both of which are heightened now – caused the seed in my balls to boil over rapidly.

“Uaaah, It’s……coming out!”

I yelped at the prospect of release. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“Fufufu, ah, Sir Lian. Please feel free to let out~.”

“Lian, let me make you feel even better……nnmmm, guh.”

“…… I’ll do my best, too.”

The three girls’ faces lit up at my declaration, and they all pressed their soft tits even more against each other.

The elasticity and freshness of the three beautiful girls’ breasts, mixed with the sensation of debauchery and friction, provided the perfect stimulus for my meat stick.

The sweet pleasure from my tailbone ran up to my spine, reaching all the way to my brain with a pop.

“Ooooh, I’m gonna cum!’

I shouted as I finally squeezed the trigger of my simmering lust.

The manhood wrapped in the mounds of Mina, Mary, and Ingrid spasmed violently, spitting out semen like a white fountain on the three.

The unique exhilaration of the ejaculation that seemed to pierce through my brain.

Added to that, the conquering feeling of being milked by three beautiful girls and having cum splattered all over their beautiful faces and bodies.

The combination of the three made my heart tingle with blissful euphoria.

“Fuaahh, Sir Lian’s seed……it’s overflowing……!”

“Ahh, it’s coming out so fast……!”

“Lian, that looks so good. Pour it on me too……aaahh……”

Mina, Mary, and Ingrid squealed with delight as they catch my semen shower with their faces and breasts.

After the massive ejaculation, the three ended being all covered in white slime.

“Fuu, it has a thick taste……hey, now that you felt good with our tits, it’s about time you give it here as well……nnnchuu.”


“What are you talking about, Mary? It was my breasts made Sir Lian cum, wasn’t it, Sir Lian……Nmm, leroo.”

Mary and Mina continued to fight over me.

“Lian liked my tits best.”

Meanwhile, Ingrid, too, joined the fray.

To think even Ingrid voluntarily joined the rivalry. This was pretty unexpected.

“Just because it is big doesn’t mean it is better.”

““What do you mean by that, Ingrid!?””

“That’s because ……my breasts are beautifully shaped and look soft…… Uu, why am I saying this…… Still, I can’t lose.”

From there, their gazes seemed to emit sparks as the three beautiful girls stared at each other.

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